DTL Season 4-Week 1 (Set 4)


Jul 13, 2002
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The rules:
This is one of four threads, each containing two match ups.
The threads will be in use for 6 days.
Days 1-4 (Thursday-Sunday) are strictly setup time for owners to plead their cases, tell us their team’s strategies, breakdown the match ups, and do whatever else they can/want to do to try and convince you that their team would pull out a victory. Please, let the owners do this on their own with no help from you, the fan.

When Day 5 (Monday) rolls around, I’ll post and tell everyone that voting may begin. Only after doing so will voting start. Any votes cast before I open voting will not count.
To vote, look over the matchups and read the owners strategies and take them into consideration. Afterwards, use your best judgment to decide who you think has the best chance to win the match up and post up the teams you think will prevail.
(Note: The length of a writeup is up to the owner. Do not punish owners just for having a shorter writeup.)

To vote, give each writeup a score out of 10, with the team you feel winning the match earning the higher score. No tie votes are allowed, one team must get a higher score, even if only by a single vote.

Remember, to vote for each match up or your vote will not count!

The teams with the highest vote total at the end of the 6th day (Tuesday) will get a W while the other will get an L.

The battleground for this week is: Area-51. The psuedo-nonexistant military base 'not' located in Nevada.

The Incorrigible Punkasses
Thor (Herald of Galactus) (MU)
Flash (Walter West) (DU)
Hadrian (Wildcats v3.0) (DM)
Black Knight (Dane Whitman) (MR)
Ambrose Chase (DR)


Gods and Men
Cosmic Spider-Man (What If?) (MU)
Dr. Fate IV (Hector Hall) (DU)
Steel (John Henry Irons) (DM)
Mr. Fantastic (MR)
Indigo (DR) (F)

Claws of Veeshan
Quasar (MU)
Mordru (Princes of Darkness) (DU)
Iceman (Age of Apocalypse) (MM)
Zauriel (DR)
Aztek (DR)


Justice Society
Vartox (DU)
Beta Ray Bill (MU)
Aquaman (w/ Waterbearer Hand) (DM)
Valkyrie (MR)(F)
Hawkman (DR)

Gods and Men
Peter Parker... Spider-Man! (Captain Universe)
Hector Hall... Doctor Fate! (Mage Supreme)
John Henry Irons... Steel! (Man of Steel)
Reed Richards... Mr. Fantastic! (Smartest Man Alive)
Indigo! (Android Outsider)

Avengers Files
Mr. Fantastic

Fantastic Four Files
Mr. Fantastic

Doctor Fate, Steel

Outsiders/Titans Files

Hector Hall, dressed in the vestments of Fate walked quietly through the halls of his Tower, as his team prepared for the battle ahead. Suddenly flying through one of the Tower’s windows and landing before him, was a small, dark raven. Nothing to be suspicious of, had the Tower been visible to the naked eye and to be entered by anyone who wished it.

“Hello, Matthew. That paper you’re holding?”
“Yeah, your opponents.” The raven spoke as he spitted out the small piece of paper. “Boss told me to get this to you.”
“Is that all, Matthew?”
“No. Good luck. You’ll need it.”

Flying away through the window as easily as he had entered it, Matthew the raven, assistant and advisor to Daniel Hall, the new Dream, left Hector Hall, now Dr. Fate to take notice of his opponents. The paper holding the names held a simple enchantment that activated the moment the hand of Fate touched it, as life-like static holograms of his opponents appeared before him.

His opponents? The Incorrigible Punkasses:

Jack Marlowe… Hadrian! (Man and Machine)
Walter West… Flash! (Another World’s Fastest Man)
Dane Whitman… Black Knight! (Knight of Avalon)
Ambrose Chase! (Distorter of Time)
Thor! (Herald of Galactus)


“We got the info guys.”
“Well, don’t keep us in this suspense, Fate.” Spider-Man sarcastically remarked. He was perhaps the most reluctant participant in this contest, and he wanted nothing more than to return his Earth, get rid of his Captain Universe powers and go home to Mary Jane.
“Here goes: Thor, with a little designation saying Herald of Galactus.”
“Yep, we know him.”
“Herald of Galactus? Somehow I doubt that this -.”
“Sparing you guys the insightful monologue, the guy’s bad news.”
“Mildly put.”
“Okay, next up: The Flash, apparently called Walter West.”
“I’m familiar with him, thanks to the Outsiders database.”
“The JSA database will probably bring something up too.\
“As will the JLA database.”
“Moving on, guy called: Hadrian.”
“Nobody? Hadrian doesn’t ring any bells?”
“Well, it’s doubtful we will be facing the Roman Emperor by the same name.”
“What was he known for?”
“We’ll work with it. Last, but probably not least is a guy called: Ambrose Chase.”
“Again!? Damn…”


“These designs are really nothing short of amazing, Mr. Irons.” Reed Richards spoke as he entered one of the rooms in the Tower of Fate. Only moments ago half of the team known as the Gods and Men had disappeared, the others had gotten news of their opponents, and now had been left with a remaining 24 hours to prepare for the tournament’s first match.
“Thank you, Dr. Richards.” was John Henry Irons’ reply as he continued to work on his Steel armour. They had both been working on their individual works previously and now had come to ‘swapping notes’.
“If you ever have the chance of visiting our universe, I should introduce you to a friend of mine called Iron Man.”
“Man of Steel meets with Man of Iron.”


“So, you’re Indigo, right?” Spider-Man said as he jumped down from a wall and landed next to Indigo. Although she wore a look of confusion, he knew she had already spotted him the moment she had walked into the library.
“Yeah, seems we kinda missed out on each other during that whole feast thing. You want a soda or anything?”
“I am fine, thank you.” Indigo replied while Spider-Man fashioned himself a can of soda, seemingly out of thin air.
“So, you’re not weirded out by this magic thing?”
“Your world has not experienced magic?”
“Oh, we have, I mean, we do. We got a guy ourselves kinda like that Dr. Fate you have.”
“Nonetheless, you do not seem at ease in this place.”
“It’s not the magic. It’s the way we were casually ripped from our time and universe. Y’know, with no regard for what we might be doing at that time.”
“You were ‘in the middle of something’?”
“At the point of losing these damned powers. When did they pick you up?”
“As I begged my partner to kill me.”

“…You don’t want to kill yourself now, do you?”


“So, Hector, I take it you’ve already come up with a plan to deal with your opponents?”
“Nabu?” Dr. Fate questioned as he sat, brooding in one of the chairs around the chess table. “You’re dead.”
“Yes, giving my life to stop the Spectre, save the universe, all to see you wasting your time sitting at this table, doing nothing.”
“But you shouldn’t be here.”
“And this Tower, the helmet, all of it should be empty.”
“But it isn’t.”
“Because you wish it so, because you want me to be here.”
“Like you once wanted Kent Nelson here.”
“A necessity, I assure you.”
“Like you held Inza Nelson here.”
“She did wear my vestments.”
“Like you held my wife here.”
“I required her assistance… to make you worthy of this mantle. To help you.”
“Well, I don’t need your help.” and after Hector Hall spoke those words, he sat alone once more.


“This hammer, it’s similar to Thor’s in many ways.” Reed Richards mused as he held Steel’s hammer before him.
“Me and him were comparing those mallets earlier but sure enough, he got teleported away with the others. I doubt it’ll last long against Mjolnir though.”
“Maybe Spider-Man can transmute some reinforcement.”
“It already consists of some strong metals Reed.”
“Tell me, John, have you ever heard of adamantium?”


“Kent Nelson.” Hector spoke as he turned around to see the new person walking into his abode.
“Hey, Hec, what’s up?”
“You know about this whole tournament thing, right?”
“I’m a part of these vestments Hector. What you know, I know.”
“Did you ever face Thor?”
“Probably. You got to remember I wore that outfit for sixty years, Hec.”
“Any tips?”
“You know the game doesn’t work that way.”
“There’s a lot that can be learned about this guy. I read Reed’s Avengers and Fantastic Four files, but this whole Herald thing is bugging me. Not to mention that hammer of his, Mjolnir. Powerful magic artefact.”
“I see planning isn’t really your style.”
“I’m more used to the whole charge-into-battle thing.”
“The planning comes with the game and with the outfit, Hec. I don’t know how I can help you anymore than that.”
“That might be enough Kent. Thanks.”
“Don’t mention -” and before Kent Nelson could finish his sentence, he had disappeared again, taking his residence with his wife Inza within the Amulet of Anubis.


“You want me to cough up some adamantium!?”
“Yes, is that going to be a problem, Spider-Man?”
“Nope. Just wanted to be sure.”

Mr. Fantastic, Spider-Man and Steel worked together on the latter’s armor, enforcing its gauntlets and boots, as well as the hammer Steel carried, with an adamantium layering. Now it would be able to resist the assault of Thor’s hammer Mjolnir, hopefully long enough for the others to be able to help Steel out.

“Return.” Steel said and the hammer flew from the table right onto his hand. For effect he twisted it around and swung a few blows into the air.
“Everything to your satisfaction?”
“Working like a charm.”
“Great. Bye.” replied Spider-Man as he hastily web-swung away.
“What’s with the webhead?”
“I’m just saying that Spidey is looking rather troubled.”
“Really? I didn’t notice.” Reed Richards spoke almost coldly as he continued working on his own invention.


“It’s just, I finally get hit in the face with an epiphany, everything making sense, and now this.” Spider-Man spoke, almost secretively, to Indigo, who was sitting opposite to him. The table between them was littered with files on their opponents, most notably the Flash.
“I… understand.”
“Well, enough of this depressing stuff. We got this ‘Flash’ person to deal with.”
“It seems his super-speed exceeds your own.”
“But I’m still stronger, right?”
“Based on the proficiency in which this Flash deals with his powers, that might not necessarily be true. He is seemingly capable of a move that another Flash dubbed the ‘Infinite Mass Punch’, amongst other things.”
“‘Infinite Mass Punch’?”
“Yes. It involves the Flash running -.”
“I get the physics of it. Just a lame name.”


As the 24 hours continued, the members of Gods and Men discussed about their opponents, sharing information and tactics between themselves. Eventually, the time approached that they would be leaving for the battlefield, Area 51.

“Uhm, Spider-Man, could I speak to you for a second?”
“Sure, Reed.” Spider-Man replied as he walked along with Reed to his makeshift lab.
“Since you have gotten here, you have complained about your powers…”
“What’s this about, Reed?”
“I want you to try this.” Reed spoke as he pulled out the invention he had been working on, a machine hopefully capable of removing Spider-Man’s powers.
“Reed, is this?”
“I hope so.”
“But the effect. The battle.”
“I have theorized that our ‘owner’ Dream will deem you ‘unfit’ to battle along with us, and return you to your reality.”
“I don’t want to abandon you guys.”
“That will not be required, Spider-Man.” Daniel suddenly said as he appeared in the room. “I’m afraid I can’t allow this to pass.” and in instant the device flew into his hands. As soon as he touched it, it turned into a flock of doves, that fluttered around the room.
“How could you?”
“There are certain rules that bind us, Mr. Richards.”
“To hell with the rules, then! This man doesn’t deserve this.”
“No. He truly doesn’t, but his presence is required.”
“At least… tell me if it would’ve worked.”
“Perhaps.” and with that cryptic message, Dream disappeared once more, leaving the two heroes behind, dazed and confused. Only moments later, they were teleported to Area 51 alongside their teammates, so that they could battle the Incorrigble Punkasses.
2 minutes after touchdown
While the battle between Thor and Steel had taken them outside, Spider-Man and the Flash remained inside the building of Area 51, as Peter sought to dodge and block Walter’s attacks. A task that became increasingly harder.

“Is this boring you? Do you think we should try something new tonight?” Spider-Man joked as he was narrowly able to dodge an attack by the Flash. He noticed that the levels of speed with which Walter West attacked him were varying, giving Spider-Man no sense of his timing. Then again, his spider-sense took care of that anyway.
“I bet. Neat trick you tried with my brain.”

3 minutes after touchdown
“Now, tell me, Man of Steel, did thoust truly hope to test your mettle against the thunderer?” Thor spoke almost condescendingly as he once more deflected a blow from Steel’s hammer with his own warhammer, Mjolnir.
“Nobody said I couldn’t try.”
“Your blows are ineffective, but are a noble effort.”
“Noble isn’t going to do much to hurt you, will it?” Steel replied as he tried to hit Thor once more with his hammer, only for it to be blocked by Mjolnir once more.
“Your hammer, even encased in adamantium, will not hold against Mjolnir.”
“The Webhead didn’t say you were this cold.”
“Recent events have brought forth a change within.”
“You’re not the only one.”

4 minutes after touchdown
“So, when are you actually going to run into one of my adamantium webs?”

Although Spider-Man continued to try and use his banter to guide the Flash into one of his traps, Walter West was much too experienced in these matters, and only on occasion even bothered to respond to Spidey’s idle banter. He had been gathering up speed, slowly stealing it away from Spider-Man. He tried not to make it too noticeable, so that his opponent wouldn’t be tipped off ahead of time.

“You’re familiar with the ‘faster than a speeding bullet’ joke, right?” Spider-Man may have been quipping for the duration of their battle now, but he too was working out his strategy. He only needed to get a lock on the speedster, and from there on, his matter transmutation would be able to do the trick. The locking on part was proving to be notoriously hard though.

In an effort to finally get their struggle over with, Spider-Man decided to multitask, firing with his Uni-vision, manipulating the environment and his webs around him, but it was already too late. He felt his speed leaving him and he stood motionless as Walter knocked him across the room with an Infinite Mass Punch.

“Okay, that just plain hurt.”
“Yes, yes we are.”

Amping up his speed, Spider-Man finally caught a glimpse of the Flash, who was once more charging at Spider-Man, hoping to lay another Infinite Mass Punch upon the arachnid. Spider-Man simply stood stock still and parried, shooting his webbing at the opportune time to get a hold of the Flash, and pulling Walter back towards him.

“These punches knocked the Hulk into orbit…” Spider-Man said as he laid one of his strongest blow upon Walter, who was protecting himself with his Speed Force aura. Although it was a blow that would’ve knocked anyone into space, the Flash was able to minimize the damage and flew through the walls of Area 51.

“…sucka.” Spider-Man ended his quip, slightly amused before cupping his jaw with his hand. “I hate speedsters.”

8 minutes after touchdown
Reed Richards had already situated himself nicely in Area 51’s command room when Ambrose Chase knocked down the door and immediately opened fire. He knew the bullets would be ineffectual against “quote the smartest man alive unquote”, but he had to get the man’s measure.

Predictably, the bullets bounced off a force field erected around Mr. Fantastic, who relaxingly turned around to face Ambrose.
“Dr. Richards, I presume?”
“Hello Mr. Chase. I’m afraid those bullets will be quite ineffectual, as you might have noticed.” Mr. Fantastic replied as he took a nearby blaster that he had modified before the team’s departure “This, on the other hand…”

As Reed fired, Ambrose’s powers came into play, speeding up his own time and easily dodging the blast. Not only was he capable of dodging the blast, but he was able to fire a hail of bullets, that hit the gun directly. The gun had to be outside of the force field to be able to fire.

“Fascinating. Another speedster?”
“Not quite.”
“Ah, you must be a time traveller then.”

10 minutes after touchdown
“I grow weary of this battle, Man of Steel.” Thor said as he gripped his hammer tightly and slammed it upon the ground. The resulting lightning bolt shook the earth and Steel fell back, only able to watch at this show of might, but even in the face of this power, Steel did not yield and flew at Thor again.

Charging at the God of Thunder, trying to ram into him full-force now that Thor was on the ground, Steel was surprised, although perhaps he shouldn’t have been, when Thor grabbed his hammer by its head and smiled.

“Thy warrior mettle has been proven. Yield.” and as Thor spoke the cosmic power crackled from his hands, and Steel was unable to get his hammer loose from Thor’s grip. Thinking quickly, he manoeuvred his feet into the thunderer’s face and unleashed with the full power of his boots’ jets, letting go of the hammer and flying away. “How do you like my thunder?”

Standing up and throwing away Steel’s hammer in anger, lightning and the power cosmic crackled at Thor’s behest. His face was contorted with anger at this effrontery. Even though Galactus had changed him, he was still the Asgardian God of Thunder and he would not be insulted in this manner.

“I will show thee thunder.” and as thunder echoed through the heavens and lightning was called down upon Steel the ground which housed Area 51 trembled.
“I will see thy insult forgiven in the face of battle, and perhaps, if the Gods do wish it, you will enter Valhalla.”
“Mind if… I… stay where I am? Return.” Steel could only sputter as his armor was starting to malfunction, but at his word, his hammer did return to his hand, but not before striking Thor fiercely upon the head.

Even though the blow was a heavy one, Thor remained standing and approached the man laying upon the ground. Right now, Steel was practically defenceless, and he only had one hope of deflecting Mjolnir when it came crashing down towards him. His adamantium gauntlets.

Although Mjolnir was a mighty hammer, as was its wielder, Thor sought not to destroy Steel, but simply to knock him unconscious, and therefore his blow did not hold the power it could’ve had.

“Those gauntlets will no longer keep me from my task!” Thor shouted as he grabbed Steel from the floor and took apart his armor piece by piece, starting with his gauntlets, throwing away Steel’s hammer away once more. Before John could recall it, his armor’s systems were de-activated and Thor dropped him on the ground.

The Man of Steel was knocked unconscious shortly after.

12 minutes after touchdown
“Where!?” Reed Richards questioned as he suddenly found himself in the desert, far away from the battle occurring at Area 51.
“Hello Dr. Richards.”
“Yes. Although Spartan will do fine just as well.”

13 minutes after touchdown
“Dr. Richards?” Indigo questioned as she wandered into the command center. Before Ambrose had even jumped out of his hiding place to shoot his bullets at Indigo, she had thrown up her force field, easily deflecting the projectiles.

“Where did you leave Dr. Richards!?” Indigo’s eyes glowed fiercely as she turned towards Ambrose.
“More pressing matters engaged him.”

14 minutes after touchdown
Although he had engaged Hadrian in battle, Reed Richards knew he was outmatched against this physically superior foe. Had it been any of his lesser adversaries, he would’ve outsmarted them, but Jack Marlowe did not give Mr. Fantastic one iota of a chance to outwit him.

“You’re an interesting man, Dr. Richards and one of your expertise would’ve undoubtedly be useful for Halo, but it’s time to end this.”
“I concur.” Reed replied as he started to wrap himself around Hadrian’s face, hoping to deprive him of oxygen, but to no avail.

“An effective strategy, but futile.” Hadrian almost coldly noted as he fired his biomolecular blasts of energy, crippling the doctor, who fell to the ground in pain. A simple blow to the head ensured that Mr. Fantastic would not wake up soon.

16 minutes after touchdown
“Thy magics are truly formidable, sorcerer!” Thor yelled as he fought against the barrage of magical energy attacking him. Mjolnir’s blows had proven ineffective already against Dr. Fate’s mystical barriers, and now he was forced to withstand a magical assault that he had not been privy to for a while.

“Although thou has been able to hold mine hammer down, you will learn that magic is not all that fuels this God!” and with those words Thor unleashed the Power Cosmic, which gave Thor a little breathing room, and allowing him to slowly close the gap between him and Dr. Fate.

“All thy planning has been for nought sorcerer, does thou see as I approach thee?”
“You just keep talking big guy.” Hector replied as he searched in his mind for the appropriate spell to knock this Thunder God down, but to no avail. Although he searched and searched within his mind, he found that much of the spells he had used over time were the result of Nabu’s advise.

“You never learn do you, Hector?”
“Nabu!?” Hector questioned as he suddenly saw Nabu appear upon the battlefield.
“You need my help, don’t you Hector?”
“I’m sick of your games, Nabu.”
“And I’m sick to see your potential wasted in this manner. Against this false god.”
“As if you would’ve done better.”
“He would be stricken down already.”
“Like you would have done against the Curse?”

“See? Thy prattle is already resembles that of a madman.” Thor laughed as he had finally closed in on Dr. Fate. Temporarily distracted by the presence of Nabu, Dr. Fate had let down his guard and was sent flying by the force of Mjolnir.

18 minutes after touchdown
“I can only assume that you’ve hurt Dr. Richards. I’m afraid I can’t allow that to happen to any of my other teammates.”
“So you’ve got some honor in you after all?” Black Knight suddenly appeared on the scene, his breathing somewhat labored, and without his horse Strider.
“Black Knight, are you okay?”
“Better then she will be when I’m done.”
“I have taken care of Dr. Richards.” teleporting onto the scene, Hadrian relayed the new battle standings, as the three of them stood, facing Indigo.
“End of the road, Indigo.”

Suddenly, the wall on the other side of the room exploded, and from what it appeared a solitary figure.
“I really couldn’t have asked for a better entrance.”

19 minutes after touchdown
“You’re weak. Look at you, Hector. Felled even momentarily by that dumb behemoth.”
“I may be down Nabu, but I’m not out. Besides, another version of that ‘dumb behemoth’ is on our team.”
“You need me Hector. You need me to take control.”
“I do not need your help, Nabu.”
“You’ll need somebody’s help soon, Hector. My legacy will not die with you. Not here, not now.”
“Your legacy died when you did, Nabu. This is my legacy.”
“The legacy of whom?”
“The legacy of --” but Hector was interrupted once more by the arrival of Thor.

“Doest thou even know who you are?” Thor laughed as he jumped on Dr. Fate, smiting him with Mjolnir. His assault was quickly stopped though as he was launched backwards by Fate’s magic.
“Me? I’m Doctor Fate.” and as he spoke those words, Nabu, contently disappeared again, whispering only the words: “Well done, boy.”

“The God of Thunder is not defeated so easily, mage.”
“Good.” an answer that momentarily startled Thor, as Dr. Fate’s voice exuded confidence. “Wouldn’t want it to be too easy.”

23 minutes after touchdown
“I don’t like guns.” Spider-Man said as he transmuted Ambrose’s guns. “I don’t like swords.” he continued as he blasted Black Knight’s sword from his hands. “Oh, yeah, and I don’t like you.” he ended as he easily blocked Hadrian’s blasts with his force field.

The moment that Spider-Man had entered the room he was bouncing around, using his speed and agility to confound his opponents, and in some cases, disarm them. He ended up next to Indigo, and she looked towards him thankfully.

“Give me shields at maximum power, officer Spock.”
“My name’s Indi--, oh, right.” Indigo sheepishly replied as she extended her force field to also hold Spider-Man. Truth be told, he needed a moment to breathe, having successfully dealt with the Flash, and now having to deal with these three, at the same time too.

“Now, let’s kick some butt.” he said as he called upon the cosmic power flowing through him. This was the end game, they were going for a win. 2 out on each side.

24 minutes after touchdown
“You know, I’d like to have that hammer in the tower.” Dr. Fate said as he extended his magics to enclose around Thor’s hammer.
“Thou wouldst try and steal Mjolnir from me!?”
“Maybe I should just stick to my own stuff.” Hector remarked as he conjured a magical construct resembling a mace.
“Pfah! The mace, it holds no other function than to bash into the heads of an unworthy opponent.”
“I guess that’s why my dad likes it.” and Hector went on his own assault as he fought with Thor. I could solve it all with a spell, but there was nothing more satisfying to Hector to end their battle by bashing the mace upside Thor’s head.

27 minutes after touchdown
The command center was a mess. In a corner sat Indigo, trying to repair herself, while beside her lay the unconscious body of Ambrose Chase. Spider-Man was still engaging the Knight and Hadrian in combat, but their experience in combat, and their use of teamwork started to become overwhelming. It was only a matter of time before they had tired Spider-Man enough to truly unleash with their powers, bringing the cosmic champion to his knees.

And he would’ve been lost too, were it not for the timely intervention of Dr. Fate, who, combining his magics together with Spider-Man’s powers of transmutation was able to completely make Hadrian harmless, transmuting some of his key parts into other types of objects.

At that point the Black Knight was not even a threat to the still remaining might of Dr. Fate, who was able to swiftly deal with the Knight, giving his team the win.

Gods and Men win.
****ing finals!!!

Mine will e short but be up here in a few hours.
Aztek vs. Hawkman

Both meet in the air. They know of the others abilities. Aztek's suit and Hawkman's Nth metal. Both men clash with Aztek gaining the advantage. He tries to end the fight quickly with a plasma blast but Hawkman was able to dodge it. Aztek then tried another blast followed by an entrapment net but again Hawkman dodged. Both men met again, this time Hawkman nailed Aztek with a couple of mace shots. Aztek's suit was able to abosrb most of the impact. Hakwman went for a massive blow, but Aztek moved out of the way. When Hawkman turned to react, Aztek was nowhere to be found......

Mordru vs. Beta Ray Bill

These two beings have never met. Both know of the others abilities from their teammates, but neither is sure what to expect. Bill knows Mordru is no match for his strength, but he also knows that Stormbreaker is no match for Mordru's magics. Mordru is the first to attack with a blast of energy, but Bill is able to get out of the way of the energy. Bill retaliates with his own blast. Mordru simply sidesteps it. Mordru once again tries to take out Bill with a blast of energy, but Bill is able to dodge and nail Mordru with Stormbreaker. Mordru mystical shield ae able to hold under the pressure. Mordru is able to shrug off Bill with a bolt of energy, giving himself enough time to get his shields back up to full stength. Another bolt of energy hits Bill and he goes flying back and crashes into a warehouse. Mordru hovers above while Bill is on the cemente......

Quasar vs. Vartox

Both men can sense the others energy. Vartox knows he has to avoid being dazed by Quasar or suffer from losing his Hyper powers. But he also knows he can match Quasar in almost every feat. Quasar does not wait and opens up with an energy blast, but Vartox puts up a TK shield to block it. Vartox then throws his own blast at Quasar but he quickly moves. Quasar again throws an energy blast but follows it up by flying full force into Vartox. Vartox and Quasar land on the side of a hill. Quasar gets up but is met with a TK punch that knocks him back. Vartox immediately uses his TK to throw a boulder at Quasar. He then liquifies the boulder and uses a cold blast to cool the molten rock around Quasar. Quasar is able to easily break out of the boulder, but Vartox took the time to nail Quasar with a full force uppercut that creates shockwaves that all the combatants can feel.........

Valkyrie and Aquaman vs. Zauriel and Iceman

Valkyrie and Aquaman both know of their opponents as do Iceman and Zauriel.
Iceman and Aquaman face off. Iceman throws a huge wall of ice at Arthur, but he is able to break through it with his strength. Arthur then nails Iceman with an uppercut. Iceman is able to put some ice between he and Arthur and it is able to take some of the blow. Iceman is dazed but makes a vital mistake in going at Arthur full force. Arthur is the superior in hand to hand and it shows through as he is able to dispense of the inexperienced Iceman. He goes to Valkyrie to see how she is doing. She is holding her own against the angel. Aquaman has told Valkyrie to avoid his sword and sonic scream. Aquaman is able to distract Zauriel long enough for Valkyrie to plunge Dagonfang into Zauriel. He is wounded but not out. Aquaman then charges at Zauriel, Zauriel dodges, but he cannot dodge Valkyrie's spear, with two massive wounds Zauriel is too wounded to continue.

Beta Ray Bill vs. Mordru continued....

Mordru is hovering above Bill, and he goes to throw a bolt of energy at Bill but Bill absorbs the energy with Stormbreaker and adds to it with his own energy and nails Mordru. Bill has the advantage and has Mordru reeling. One attack after the other. Bolts of energy and swings of Stormbreaker, he looks to have the match in hand but Mordru is able to dodge a massive attack from Bill, and he lands one of his own. Bill is down again and Mordru goes to nail the final blow in this fight but his bolt of energy does not reach Bill. Aquaman appears and his mystical hand had negated Mordru's blast. Mordru is astonished for a second, giving Bill enough time to give Mordru a massive blow to the head with Stormbreaker. Not even Mordru could hold back to massive blasts from Stormbreaker. Mordru lays on the ground motionless.

Aztek and Hawkman continued.....

Hawkman stil could not find Aztek, he has gone invisible. No matter to Hakwman, he has been able to see the Flash while the Flash is vibrating fast enough to be invisible. But Hakwman can not see anything, but then he knocked out of the sky. He gets up and looks around but nothing. He gets knocked from behind. He looks around......again nothing. He then turns around and nails the air with his mace. Aztek falls to the ground and lays there.

Justice Society vs. Quasar

Vartox and Quasar were at a stalemate, but Quasar was able to take the advantage with some massive bolts of energy. The rest of the Justice Society appears and Quasar realizes he is the last one left on his team. But there is no quit in him. He dodges attacks by all of them, when he gets hit, he justs fights more. Hawkman is down. Valkyrie is down. Aquaman is on his knees he is so weakened. Bill and Vartox are battling with Quasar. Quasar nails Vartox with a blast of energy that sends him to the ground. Realizing his teammate is injured, Bill swings Stormbreaker creating a nullifying vortex. Giving he and Vartox enough time to talk strategy. The longer the nullifying vortex is up, the more it drains Bill. They come up with a strategy. Bill brings down the vorex, Vartox jumps up and nails Quasar with his TK punches. Quasar shoots bolts of energy at Bill and Vartox, but Bill is able to absorb the energy in Stormbreaker, Vartox then shoots his own energy blasts into Stormbreaker, amplified by Stormbreaker's power, Bill nails Quasar the amalgamtion of energy from the three. Even the poweful Quasar could not stand the power.

Justice Society is alive and victors, but the rigors of war are being felt.
Im editing although i dont think ill be voting in this weeks battles as i havent a clue how to do the rating system so either UJ can vote or ill just watch to see how it works

Flash (Walter West) (DU): 1 2
Thor (w/ Power Cosmic) (MU): 1 2, Mjolnir: 1 2 (Add to any mention of his powers internalized flight and the standard energy projection abilities common to Power Cosmic wielders.)
Hadrian (Wildcats 3.0) (DM): 1 2
Ambrose Chase (DR): 1 2 3 4
Black Knight (Dane Whitman) (MR): 1 2 3

Prep Time

Somewhere in Nevada sits a military base. Only, the base isn't there--not really. If you asked anyone about it, they'd laugh at you or write you off as a conspiracy theorist crackpot. The base thus takes on something of an ethereal nature, trapped as it is in its own existential quandary. Its name is classified, as is its function, but despite the government's best efforts people have come to know it as "Area 51." Inside this phantom base works a staff of people, rather impressive in number given that they, too, do not officially exist. They are the people the world forgot, but they work no less hard for their lack of existence; nor are they any less surprised than another person--of the group that does exist, of course--when a large, bright, and dazzlingly bluish-white flash deposits five strangers in their midst.

At this point there exists a strange phenomenon of mutual uncertainty between the two groups. On one side: a group of scientists who don't exist, performing entirely deniable experiments in a building that doesn't exist. On the other: a group of heroes whisked from their lives under mysterious circumstances and brought to said building under more mysterious still, unsure of whether their present location is real or, indeed, whether they themselves are real or simply something imagined.

Then, one of the scientists--perhaps predictably, given how well-versed he is with objects and persons of questionable reality--breaks the stalemate and brings some certainty crashing down into the midst of their little confusion competition.

"Intruders!" he yells. "Sound the alarm! We've got intruders in the facility!"

"Who the hell are they?" another worker finally wonders in astonishment, as if the first scientist's words break the spell of silence on all.

"Who cares? How the hell'd they get in here?" another frantically responds.

"Would you idiots shut up and get to your emergency posts?! We'll figure things out later, just move!"

"Um... moving would probably be a good idea for us, too, don't you think?" one of the strangers remarks.

"Moving's my specialty," another says with a smile. In the blink of an eye and a flash of deep crimson, the scientists are tied up in a corner and the strangers are, for all intents and purposes, alone. The red blurs moving about the room converge into a single figure.

"Nice work, Walter. All right, team, we know why we're here and we've been briefed on what to do.* First up: figure out where we are and make sure no innocent bystanders get caught when the superpowered fists start flying. Walt, you're on the latter while we attempt the former."

"Got it." Walter zips off with the incapacitated scientists in tow, leaving a streak of red and a few sparks in his wake.

"So? Any ideas on what this place is, team?"

"We have seen but this one room, friend Dane," Thor says, holstering Mjolnir behind his belt. "Mayhap we ought to explore a bit--"

"No need,"
Ambrose interrupts. "We're in Area 51."

"How can you be so sure?" Hadrian asks.

"Come on, 'Marlowe.' I lead the Planetary strike team; we're in the business of secret locales." He leads the others to a control room adjacent to the lab they were just in. "There are some minor differences, presumably because we've jumped the Bleed into yet another dimension, but everything about this place screams 'secret government installation.' I've seen enough in my day to know."

"Good enough for me," Dane replies.

A rush of air signals the Flash's return. "The building's evacuated. I tossed every living soul I could find out into the desert before they even realized what was happening. Also, I got a sense of the layout of this place and, with the desert outside and all, I'd almost believe we're in--"

"--Area 51. Yeah, this is it. Ambrose covered it. You sure you got everyone?"

"I checked every room three times. Wow, so Area 51 really exists? And this is it? That's just... weird."

Lights flash and the sounds of sirens and metal grinding against concrete fill the air. "Weird or not, it's now under lockdown. If this dimension's Area 51 is anything like mine, nothing is getting in or out from this point on."

"Perfect," Dane says, patting Ambrose on the shoulder. "We'll be free to cut loose against whoever our opponents are. Job well done, Mr. Chase."

"Aye, and what of our opponents?" The numerous monitors in the control room flicker to life, displaying the identities of the opposing team.

"That was convenient,"
Dane remarks. "All right, it looks like we've got Spider-Man from his short period as the holder of the Captain Universe powers to contend with. That's full-scale cosmic power there, meaning we'll need to take him down hard and fast. I also recognize Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four. He's a good friend of the Avengers where I come from, but he's also just about the smartest man in the world, which makes him a dangerous asset to the enemy. He's relatively low-power, however, so if we isolate him his big brain won't be able to cause too much trouble in the field."

"He'll be the least of our problems," Walter replies. "Steel and Dr. Fate are two major threats. Steel's probably about as smart as this Richards guy, plus he's got a suit of armor with capabilities that are not to be taken lightly. Fate's even worse, though. He's a sorcerer of unimaginable power. The one I knew was Kent Nelson, an old-timer from way back in the Justice Society's days, but his costume was slightly different from the one in this image. It might be a new guy or just Kent in some new threads, but if he's got the power to justify calling himself 'Dr. Fate,' he's sure to be trouble, whoever he is."

The Punkasses gather around to analyze their opponents more specifically and brainstorm strategies, waiting all the while for the moment they will no longer be alone in their plausibly deniable hideaway...

*I'll write a gathering of my team type of thing soon, like I did last season, but for now just assume that they've been through all that and they know the deal with the DTL.
The Battles
The Punkasses make a stop at the Halo corporate headquarters for communication devices and a few extras and Walter gives Thor a speed boost, since they know they'll be facing super-fast opponents. Then they set up their comms system, return to Area 51, and set out amidst the halls of the now-desolate facility to find their opponents.

"Remember, everyone, just like we talked about," the Black Knight calls from Strider's saddle. "Walter, don't be afraid to cut loose against Spider-Man. I have a feeling you'll need every trick in your book to keep up with him."

"I remember from the first twelve times, Dane."

"Thor, same to you; from what Walter tells me, this Dr. Fate character may even put Loki to shame."

"Put your mind at ease, friend Dane. The sorcerous prowess of such as Loki, the Enchantress, Karnilla, and e'en cold Hela herself have versed me well enow in coping with any sorcerous onslaught this Fate might level at me."

"All right. The rest of you, try to stick together."

"He certainly likes repeating himself, doesn't he?" Ambrose asks Hadrian.

"Hey, Chase, there was a time when you would've followed my orders without question!" the Knight shoots back.

"Oh, really? When was this? I must've missed the memo."

"Come on, it was..." Dane grasps for the memories, but they slip away like water. "I mean, there was that time..." He looks at the puzzled faces of his teammates. "Ah, to hell with it. Whether it's with the knights of the Crusades or the Knights of Wundagore or the Avengers, experience has taught me that teamwork's always the key. Just watch each other's backs."

No sooner has Dane uttered those words than a blast of cosmic energy rips through the wall to the Punkasses' left. As the smoke clears, the glow of Spider-Man's fists lights the visages of the rest of their opponents.

"All right, team. You know what to do," Dane says, charging.

Hadrian vs. Mr. Fantastic
Hadrian's eyes flash and he and Reed Richards vanish. They reappear in an abandoned warehouse in Australia.

"Wha--?" Reed remarks, confused. "Oh. Oh, yes, I see now. You're a teleporter!"

"I apologize, Dr. Richards, but we identified you as the smartest and most capable field leader of your team. It was imperative to cripple their teamwork by removing you from the equation."

"Well, I'm flattered, but in the words of an old friend, 'It's clobberin' time!'" Reed pulls a pair of goggles over his eyes and fires the strange, alien device he holds in his hands.

"I assure you, that will do you no--AAAA100101001100011001RRGH00101!!" Hadrian doubles over in pain as his highly acute optic and audio receptors are bombarded with dazzling lights and ultrasonic waves. He instinctively initiates a reboot of all his sensors and takes to the air, but he finds Reed closing around his torso, pinning his arms. Hadrian's audio receptors recover first, and he hears his opponent's words.

"--were at a loss for information on you, so I decided to use some of the technology at our disposal in Area 51 to build this. I reasoned that no matter who or what our opponents might be, so long as they could see and hear, this device would be effective."

"I--Impressive, Dr. Richards. I see now that the Knight was not exaggerating when he called you the smartest man on your world."

"Well, I'm not one to brag--"

"As well you shouldn't be," Hadrian interrupts as his optics flicker back online. "Remember--I'm not from your world." Superheated plasma pours out of Hadrian's eyes and onto Reed's elongated midsection. Reed cries out as the intense heat of the plasma breaks down his malleable body's molecular bonds, literally vaporizing him. Hadrian teleports the goggles and earpieces off of Reed, then teleports Reed's gun into his own hands. One blast and Reed collapses to the floor, grasping his fluctuating midsection and vomiting from the nausea caused by his own weapon. "It's too bad, Dr. Richards. In another life, I would've loved to have you on Halo's staff." A few super-strong punches later and Reed is unconscious. Hadrian teleports back to the rest of the action.

Black Knight vs. Steel
Black Knight urges Strider on as Steel, unable to dodge in time, raises his hammer to brace for impact. The collide and go tumbling through the hole Spider-Man made in the wall. Strider's hooves clang ineffectively against Steel's armor while Steel pushes his hammer against Strider's neck, trying to keep the Knight's position awkward and shifting on Strider's back so he can't skewer him with his sword.

"All right, Mr. Knight, I've had about enough of this!" Steel summons up the armor's reserves and pushes with all his might, breaking the lock Strider has on him. Horse and rider tumble backwards and the Black Knight is unseated. "My blitz now!" Steel's bootjets switch on and he flies to the opposite wall of the wide, open room he and the Knight ended up in. A large, black mass sits below him, and he thinks that if his eyes aren't playing tricks on him, it's actually hovering. He'd heard the stories of alien spacecraft in Area 51, but he admits to himself that he never thought he'd actually get to see them. "Time enough for that after I take home the win," he reminds himself. With sufficient distance between himself and the Knight, he hurls his hammer. It strikes the Black Knight's shield with a crash so loud it leaves a ringing in both heroes' ears. "Bet you felt that, Knight. The farther my hammer goes, the harder it hits."

"Wow, that must've hit me with a lot of force, then." Dane rises from his crouch and dusts his shield off. "Unfortunately, my shield absorbs everything just the same, no matter how far it's thrown or how hard it hits, so I can't really say how much force. But hey, you're a scientist too, right? Why don't you tell me?" Dane raises his sword and a blast of kinetic energy equal to that of the hammerstrike on his shield rams Steel before he can evade. He slams into the wall behind him and slides to the floor, armor sparking. "Ouch. Looks like it was pretty damn hard. Uh... good for you?"

"I got your 'good for you' right here, smart-ass," John Henry mutters under his faceplate. "Return!" he yells to his hammer. It levitates and zips back towards Steel, hitting Dane in the back along the way. Now it's Dane's turn for his armor to take a beating. He can feel the slight dent the hammer made pushing into his back.

Dane groans as he picks himself up off the floor. "You know, it was in very bad taste to strike a man in the back during the Crusades."

"Well, lucky for us chivalry's dead."

Dane rolls out of the way as Steel brings his hammer crashing down onto the floor. Another hammer blow lands on Dane's shield. He turns it away, throwing Steel off his balance, and fires the energy through his sword as he slices along Steel's chestplate. The fine line his enchanted sword makes widens as the force of the energy blows it into a warped hole, exposing his chest. Blood drips down the armor.

John Henry bites back the pain and shock and resumes control of the situation. "All right, son. Hardball time." Dane thrusts his sword again, but Steel dodges and swats the sword aside with his hammer. His other hand comes up to punch the disoriented Knight in the face, knocking him over.

"Gah!" Dane splutters blood from his mouth. "Feels like my jaw damn near came unhinged through my helmet. I was taking it easy on you, but it seems you're packing a lot more power--and much better moves--than I gave you credit for."

"Don't beat yourself up over it, man. Allow me." Steel swings his hammer again. The Knight performs a low spin and knocks Steel off his feet. He bashes Steel's head into the ground with his shield on the way down.

"You seem to have misunderstood. Your gadgets and brute power aren't going to save you. All I meant was the kiddie gloves are coming off."

"So it seems." Steel rolls over backwards, placing his feet near the Knight's shins, and sets his bootjets to maximum burn. The Knight's armor protects him from the heat, but the force blasts his feet out from under him. Steel uppercuts him on the way down, sending him into an awkward aerial somersault. Dane manages to shift his weight so he touches down on his hand and springs off to what would have been a graceful landing on his feet--if not for Dr. Fate. The Knight's mind feels like it's coming apart as Fate releases a mystical assault on the Punkasses' minds. Dane tries to shrug the mental blast off, but it's too late. Steel's trademark rivet gun pops up from his left gauntlet and fires a couple of rounds at Dane. Dane shakily blocks the projectiles with his shield, but between blocking the rivets with arms that feel like lead and trying to push the pain of Fate's mental assault out of his head, he leaves himself open for Steel's hammer. It slams into his face and knocks him out cold. "Return." The hammer flies back into Steel's hand and he slumps his weight onto it, exhausted from the fight. "Damn... for a guy who looks like he's stuck 700 years in the past, the man's got some spunk."

Flash vs. Cosmic Spider-Man
"Reed!" Spider-Man shouts, preparing to teleport after his teammate. But Walter is on Spider-Man before anyone else can even twitch. A thousand punches in a second, cushioned by a few extra layers of Speed Force aura, and Spider-Man, cosmic or not, is left reeling mere moments into the fight. He's ready for the next barrage, though; he shifts his own speed up a notch and focuses on his spider-sense, allowing himself to feel out where Walter's next attack will come from. When the first punch is thrown, Spider-Man's hand shoots out and catches Walter's fist.

"Hi there, sunshine. Didn't your mom ever tell you that violence never solves any problems? You've gotta talk things OUT!" Spider-Man pushes a pulse of cosmic energy through his fist, blasting Flash through a wall into some sort of laboratory with equipment all around. Walter speeds himself up by stealing Spider-Man's speed and accelerates everything in the room into Spider-Man, vibrating them subtlely to turn them into floating mines. The chain of explosions that the scalpels, test tubes, flasks, computer keyboards, and other instruments create upon hitting Spider-Man is truly devastating. The walls are reduced to a metal imitation of swiss cheese and the ceiling groans under its loss of support. Spider-Man crouches, huddled in a ball after the smoke clears. The explosions took a lot out of him, but not enough.

Walter tries speeding up parts of Spider-Man's brain but Spider-Man counters it with his transmutational abilities. Finally, Walter starts going to extreme measures. Still crippling Spider-Man's speed by stealing it to amplify his own, Walter zips out of Area 51, across the globe, and slams his fist into Spider-Man in an infinite mass punch. He comes around again and hits Spider-Man with another, knocking him off his feet. Walter can see blood darkening the inside of Spider-Man's mask, but he doesn't let up. He hits Spider-Man with another, and another, and another. But finally, Spider-Man manages to catch Walter off guard. As Walter speeds in for another infinite mass punch, Spider-Man focuses on his spider-sense and, at the last possible second, throws his weight away from Walter. Walter swings and misses, throwing his balance off, and Spider-Man snags his legs with some webbing. Tripped up at the speed of light, Walter plows through wall after wall of Area 51, instinctively struggling to amplify his Speed Force aura so that his bones don't shatter from the impact.

When Walter finally comes to a rest, he's a mess. His costume is torn and he can feel the bruises beginning to sting. At least two of his ribs are broken, from the feel of it. After Walter's barrage of light-speed punches, however, Spider-Man doesn't look much better. Still, Spider-Man hobbles to his feet and limps over to the Flash. "N--nnng..." Spider-Man cups his side; it seems Walter's ribs aren't the only ones broken. "Nice try... but not good enough." Spider-Man draws back but the speedster convulses before he throws the punch.

"My head!" Walter yelps. He passes out from the mental pain on top of his physical injuries.

"Hmm," Spider-Man wonders as his body begins recovering from the fight. "I smell a Fate whammy. Speaking of whom..." Spider-Man flies off to find his sorcerous compatriot.

Ambrose Chase vs. Indigo
"Well, well, well," Ambrose says with a confidence born of years experiencing all the strangest his world has to offer. "What have we here?"

"My name is Indigo," the petite young blue woman before him replies.

"I know that much. Trouble is, no one could seem to find much more about you."

"Would you like to trade stats? Like with baseball cards? Shift showed me baseball cards and I found them entertaining!" She smiles so innocently Ambrose almost feels too guilty to do what he's about to do. Almost.

"No, thanks, sweetheart. I think I'll just say, 'goodnight.'" Ambrose whips out two VAD plasma pistols--one of the extras from Halo--and blasts at Indigo's arms and legs. The blasts disappear harmlessly before reaching Indigo. Some kind of force field, Ambrose realizes.

"You attempted to shoot me, yet you aimed for areas that would be nonlethal on a human being. Why?"

"What can I say? I've always been a softy for a pretty face."

Indigo smiles and--to Ambrose's astonishment--actually blushes. "That is sweet of you, but unnecessary. I am fully capable of defending myself." Her eyes glow and Ambrose gets the message. Energy spews forth from her big, doe eyes and Ambrose barely manages to put up a field in time. He slows time before himself so that the blasts creep at a snail's pace and reduces gravity, leaping over the blast and Indigo herself. He lands behind her and tests his theory--that maybe her force fields are line-of-sight--but he is dismayed to find his blasts equally ineffective. "Shooting people in the back is not nice," Indigo says. She flies at him but he speeds himself up enough to dodge in time.

All right, Ambrose thinks, I think a change of strategy is in order. He runs up a wall onto the ceiling, shooting at Indigo as he goes and dodging her return fire. He knows none of his shots will make it through that force field, but this is all just a distraction for the real show. Finally, when he has her in position--floating right in the center of the room--he cranks his plasma pistols up to max and starts shooting through critical points of the ceiling. He bobs and weaves around Indigo's fire, which strikes the ceiling as he dodges--he's making the Outsider inadvertently help him defeat her. The ceiling gives way and he drops down. The entire ceiling crumbles onto Indigo, but she expands her field to protect her from any damage. Meanwhile, Ambrose lands beneath Indigo and uses her force field to shield himself from the debris as well; he focuses intently on his field. Gravity begins to pile up around Indigo. The added weight of the ceiling and the floor above pressing down on Indigo's field and the fact that Indigo has her field stretched over a larger area than normal help, and soon she has the equivalent of Jupiter's gravity pushing in on her from all directions.

"What are you--?" Indigo looks around at her force field worriedly. Her android brain begins to comprehend the scenario and her eyes go wide. "Subtle field... disrupting the laws of physics... Shield at 20% and dropping! Rerouting power..."

Her external monologue continues while blood drips from Ambrose's nose, but he keeps pushing. Soon the pressure is up to the equivalent of three suns' gravity fields. For all of Indigo's power, even she has limits. Cracks begin showing in her force field and Ambrose lets loose with his plasma pistols. Her field shatters and the blasts tear through her android body, leaving gashes filled with sparking wires. Her energy reserves are so depleted from bolstering her force field that her normal auto-repair functions fail to kick in. Ambrose drops the gravity field and slows time around himself. He dives out of the way just as Indigo comes crashing down, followed momentarily by the ceiling and the lion's share of the equipment and computers that were on the floor above.

Ambrose Chase and Hadrian vs. Steel
Ambrose doesn't get a moment's rest, however, because Steel's hammer comes spinning out of the next room to annihilate the floor below him. He's thrown into the air, but he lands gently thanks to a light application of his distortion field. Steel flies through a hole in the wall and lands before Ambrose. "Looks like I'll be batting two hundred today."

"Not if I have anything to say abAAAARGH!" Fate's mental assault hits Ambrose and he falls to his knees. Steel takes the opportunity to recall his hammer to himself, then raises it to knock Ambrose out--more to put him out of his misery than for any malice at this point, in John Henry's mind.

But Hadrian emerges from a bright flash of pink before Steel can deliver the blow and blasts Steel with plasma energy from his eyes. "Damn, two on one?" Steel says ruefully. "Let's see if we can't even those odds, shall we?" He focuses intently on Hadrian, looking at him as if he sees something no one else can. Hadrian's head begins to turn towards Ambrose.

"Ambrose...kkk...I can't...kkk...stop myself!" His eyes pulse and plasma energy flies at Ambrose. Ambrose frantically throws up a field and barely turns the plasma blasts back towards Steel. They hit the Justice Leaguer in the shoulder, damaging his armor.

"Don't... worry, Marlowe," Ambrose says, shaking off the effects of Fate's painful but brief psychic bolt. "I got you." Ambrose turns to Steel. "Overriding his computerized mind? Come on, man, look at your tech and look at his. You know that's not gonna last."

"You're right, he's already wrested control back from me. But I've left his systems so corrupted that he'll be locked up for the next half a minute; plenty of time for me to put you down." He throws his hammer but Chase redirects it right back at him with his field and puts an extra bit of gravity behind it for good measure. Steel manages to move but the hammer strikes his arm, leaving the armor around it irreparably damaged and his arm itself broken. "Return!" The hammer floats back over to his good hand.

"Not too bright charging in when you don't have the slightest clue what I'm capable of, now is it? But I know all about you, courtesy of a friend." Ambrose throws a field up around Steel, slowing time down, then runs up the wall and pushes himself off. Shifting gravity around himself to be lower, he fires a barrage of plasma pulses at Steel. Their extreme heat warps parts of his armor and tears through in some spots.
Steel pushes himself and struggles, and finally Chase--still weak from using his field so heavily against Indigo--can no longer hold the time distortion field. "Aaaah, free!" Steel walks over to Chase. "Looks like whatever it is you do, you're out of juice."

Chase replies. "But," he taps his watch and smiles, "that's half a minute right there."

Steel looks behind Chase and finds a very angry Hadrian sparking as his systems finish their emergency reboot and he regains full control of himself. Hadrian's eyes flash and John Henry's armor is suddenly gone, teleported into the sun. One punch from the super-strong android later and the brilliant engineer and scientist called Steel is down for the count.

Thor vs. Dr. Fate
"You must be Thor," Dr. Fate says.

"Aye, I be the thunderer."

"This should prove interesting. Dr. Richards spoke highly of you. He claims you even believe you are the actual god of thunder."

"I claim nothing, arrogant mortal. I simply am what I am."

"Very well. I think we've delayed this long enough, don't you?"

"Aye. Come, let the battle be joined!" Thor throws Mjolnir at Dr. Fate, but it bounces off his mystic shield. Fate returns his fire with a blast of magic energy that hits Thor squarely in the chest, knocking him through the wall. He follows with a pair of manacle constructs that hold Thor's hands firm. Unfortunately, that doesn't last long; Mjolnir unerringly returns to its master's hand, shattering the manacles. They dissipate into nothingness. Fate tries another blast, but Thor absorbs it with Mjolnir and fires off a blast of anti-matter to counter it. The anti-matter eats at Fate's shield as Thor flies closer to Fate, closing the gap between them. He strikes the shield with Mjolnir, absorbing some of its power on contact and battering it simultaneously. The shield breaks after just one more hit. Fate releases a 360-degree pulse of energy, pushing Thor away. They continue trading blows without much effect for several minutes.

"Perhaps a change of strategy is in order," Nabu finally whispers through the helmet to Hector as Thor's hammer shatters another shield.

"Agreed. Maybe something from my old friend Brainwave Jr. might do the trick." Hector's eyes glow and a mystic burst of psychic energy shoots outward from the Helm of Fate. It strikes all the members of the Punkasses. Fate notes its ineffectiveness on Hadrian, but is more shocked to find that Thor himself does not seem to be affected.

"Surprised, young wizard? Aye, I can see it in your eyes. My mind has withstood the likes of far greater than that, and Galactus' gifts further bolster my resistance. Nay, you'll not best me with your psychic magicks."

"So I see," Fate concedes. "Another strategy, then." Fate casts a spell and Thor feels the Power Cosmic and his own magic energies draining from himself. "You spoke of gifts? Thanks to the spell of Onyx Hunger, they're now becoming mine."

"Craven thief!" Thor shouts. "You would cast aside honor to attain a hollow victory with power not your own?!"

"Whatever works," Fate replies. He slams a battering ram construct into Thor, pushing them both outside. "I'm not in the habit of doling out compliments, but I must say, your power is astonishing! I need room to utilize it fully, so I thought I'd take our little dance outside."

"Indeed. Unfortunately, overconfidence and your disrespect for my divine station shall be your undoing. Within that building, the advantage was yours. Here, with the open sky above and the elements at my beck and call, mine is the superior hand!" Thor's face twists into a scowl and the clouds overhead seem to mirror it. Feeling his energies slowly draining away, the god of thunder spares no effort; every imaginable weather effect bombards Dr. Fate simultaneously. Dozens of bolts of lightning increase to hundreds as tornadoes and gale-force winds bombard the magician. While his will pushes the weather ever harsher, Thor himself channels more and more energy into Mjolnir. Finally, he releases it all in a monumental blast that creates a blinding display of light and heat upon striking Fate. When the smoke clears, Hector Hall lies powerless and unconscious, the Helm of Nabu resting dormant several feet away. Thor feels the energy Fate's spell stole returning to himself--and just in time...

Thor, Hadrian, the Black Knight, and Ambrose Chase vs. Cosmic Spider-Man
"What was that blast--Doc!" Spider-Man cries as he emerges from Area 51. He knocks Thor down with a generous blast of cosmic energy. "Y'know, goldilocks, I actually liked you. You used to take down baddies I could barely even keep up with before breakfast. But times have changed; now I'm the one with more power than I know what to do with, and I'm thinking you're not as tough as you look." Spider-Man lets another blast of energy fly, knocking Thor back farther. "Oh, and speaking of which, I don't know what the deal with the new look is but it totally sucks."

"Aye, you know nothing of my current status; of this I am sure. But I know that your raiment betrays your current ownership of the Enigma Force, the wellspring of power to those chosen to bear the name Captain Universe. I also know that I can take that power for myself!" Thor throws Mjolnir and it moves into a spinning pattern around Spider-Man. The webslinger feels his power draining. He tries to web the hammer and sling it away, but its speed turns his webbing to ribbons. He makes sure the next batch he fires is made of adamantium; that snags the hammer effectively and he tosses it away. It returns to Thor's hand while the sky, still thundering and raining heavily, begins to send lightning forth at its master's command once again. The lightning strikes Spider-Man, shocking and burning him, but he manages to focus enough to absorb the energy of the lightning instead of being hit by it. He shoots a 100,000-kilowatt blast at Thor's feet, showering dirt and rocks up around him, then transmutes it all to adamantium in an attempt to trap Thor. "This prison shall not hold me!" Thor prepares to batter his way out of the adamantium but suddenly finds himself outside of it with no effort.

"You're right, it wouldn't have held you anyway," Hadrian says as he and Ambrose emerge from the building. "I just figured I'd speed the process up a bit."

"Let's see how you handle a more direct approach, then!" Spider-Man shouts. He tries to transmute Thor's arm but nothing happens. "What the--?"

"I feel the tug of your transmutative powers upon me, arachnid. But it shall do you no good."

"What, did you super-glue your molecular bonds or something?" Spider-Man tries another energy blast but finds himself inside the building again, facing the ceiling. "Whoa, how--?" The energy blast is released before Spider-Man can stop and the next thing he knows, he's buried himself under its debris. Ambrose runs in, pushing down on the rubble with a gravitic field. Spider-Man is too powerful, though. He breaks free and the feedback hits Ambrose like a fist. Before he can make a move against Hadrian or Thor, however, his spider-sense tingles and he's forced to throw himself aside to avoid Strider's charge and the Black Knight's sword.

"Dane," Hadrian says, "you were unconscious when I came back. How--?"

"My helmet absorbed most of the impact from Steel's hammer. I came to a couple of minutes ago and just heard the commotion. I would've nailed him, too, if not for that dodge. How'd he hear me coming?"

"My scans showed that he was moving even before he could've heard you. The logical extrapolation is that he possesses some degree of precognition."

"Spider-sense, red. Never leave home without it." Spider-Man releases another blast of energy, forcing the others to scatter.

"I believe I have a solution to this problem," Hadrian broadcasts over the Punkasses' comms feed without speaking aloud. "Make no move to acknowledge this broadcast. We can't risk tipping him off. I will coordinate the attacks; just do what I tell you when I tell you."

"Awful quiet all of a sudden. What're you--"

"Ambrose, a field to slow him down; Dane, your sword--now!" The Knight, though confused, remembers his own words about teamwork and begins his swordstrike, though he is well out of reach of Spider-Man. Halfway through his swing, the world flashes pink and suddenly he feels his sword slashing through muscles and grazing bone. Another flash of pink and he sees Spider-Man whipping around and firing in the opposite direction, one arm bloody and immobile at his side.

"Thor, throw Mjolnir as hard as you can--now!" Thor hurls Mjolnir at superluminous speed and Spider-Man throws up an energy field in time. Mjolnir vanishes in a flash before it reaches the field, however, and reappears behind Spider-Man, slamming him into his own energy field with a painful crunch.

"Guerilla teleportation? Of all the dirty, rotten, cheating--" Spider-Man is cut off as Dane flashes to his left and slashes another wound in his leg. The hit-and-run barrage continues until finally, Spider-Man gets lucky. He focuses on his spider-sense, amplifies it with his cosmic powers, and sees the next attack before it happens just in time to throw his arm out and tag the Black Knight with a backhand. The Knight goes flying and crashes into a wall.

Dane groans as he struggles back to his feet. "Uh..." Spider-Man flies towards him. "Change of plans, guys? Guys??" Spider-Man swings again and Dane barely raises his shield in time. Mjolnir intercedes on his behalf, slamming into Spider-Man's temple and sending him careening off to the side. The Punkasses work as a team--Ambrose focuses on keeping a time distortion field on Spider-Man, slowing him down, while Hadrian and Thor muster a frontal assault. Dane circles on Strider, catching stray energy blasts or merely bashing his shield against nearby walls to build energy, and he redirects it all at Spider-Man through the Sword of Light's blasts. Hadrian keeps up his teleportational frenzy, hurling shrapnel and debris at Spider-Man, then teleporting it to approach him at different directions. Through it all, Spider-Man manages to score some hits of his own; the Knight is unseated from Strider by a transmuted hand of titanium-reinforced wall, Hadrian loses an arm and a chunk of his midsection, and Thor--whose fearsome power naturally draws most of Spider-Man's blows--is a mass of bruises and tattered clothing and blood before long. But for all his cosmic power, Spider-Man is just one to his opponents' four, and the old adage about strength in numbers proves true.

Finally, when the cosmic powerhouse is weakened, Thor delivers the final blow. He spins Mjolnir faster and faster. The hammer breaches light speed and he pours what he has left of the Power Cosmic and his divine energy into it; the energy shooting out of Mjolnir vaporizes the rain and blasts the landscape. Finally, Thor hurls his hammer at his overwhelmed opponent and the energy release of Mjolnir's unfettered might rocks the earth for miles in all directions. Spider-Man falls and Mjolnir returns to Thor's cracked, bleeding hands. He lets its weight drag him down. "'Tis done," he breathes.

Their opponents vanquished, the Incorrigible Punkasses--though battered and bleeding--are removed from the field of battle to fight another day.
Well, I edited in my battle, even though it hardly lives up to the usual standard I can at least muster for a Corp-match. In the end, this is what I got out of it, and hopefully, next week I'll be back on the game.
Ahura Mazda said:
Ahura, like I said in the other thread: Read the Discussion thread. New voting method amongst other things.
Harlekin said:
Ahura, like I said in the other thread: Read the Discussion thread. New voting method amongst other things.

Ok sorry, am being very lazy, :o you couldn't tell me on which page the vopting method will be could you?

Edit:sorry finally saw the new rule
Voting may now begin....

Well, since we're doing this ranking thing and I have no one elses votes to get an idea of how we should rank... I'll just give it my shot based on write up (or lack there of), team members, etc.

Justice Society 6/10
Claws of Veeshan 3/10

Gods and Men 8/10
The Incorrigible Punkasses 7/10
Brave man JH. Heck, and I actually agree with those votes too.

Set 4
Claws of Veeshan: 3
Justice Society: 6

And of course, no voting for myself with the new system.
The Incorrigible Punkasses 7/10
Gods and Men 8/10

Claws of Veeshan 3/10
Justice Society 6/10

Hmm I am glad to see that I'm on the same wave length as others...my votes are the same as my PM yesterday so it's weird to see them correlate with others...
Only Corp's writeup left to read . . .
The Incorrigible Punkasses: 8
Gods and Men: 7

Claws of Veeshan: 3
Justice Society: 6
Question: Adamantium coating on Steel's armor would make him an uber, wouldn't it? Ultron's got nothing more than an adamantium body and energy blasts, and he's an uber. It seems odd that anyone with durability so high that you'd need at least a Hulk-level bruiser to even dent them would be anything but an uber, especially considering everything else Steel can do along with it.
Well, I'd say it depends on how it's portrayed. If Harl portrayed the adamantium-plated armor as making Steel uber level, then I'd object, but given that he still had Thor kick his ass (just a bit more slowly than he otherwise would have), I think he could defend it as still being medium level. Unless you want to say anyone who could last ten minutes against Thor in a physical fight must be uber. (Actually, you might have a point there . . . )

Nevertheless, I'm a bit surprised that Harl was ahead on the early ballots. I thought both writeups were good, but Harl's chronological thing left me feeling that a lot of the action was happening "off camera". Plus, his ending seemed a bit rushed.

EDIT: Not trying to rag on Harl's writeup, which I still thought was good, but I thought I should justify my vote above since I hadn't yet posted any explanation.

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