DTL Season 4-Week 2 (Set 2)


Jul 13, 2002
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The rules:
This is one of four threads, each containing two match ups.
The threads will be in use for 6 days.
Days 1-4 (Thursday-Sunday) are strictly setup time for owners to plead their cases, tell us their team’s strategies, breakdown the match ups, and do whatever else they can/want to do to try and convince you that their team would pull out a victory. Please, let the owners do this on their own with no help from you, the fan.

When Day 5 (Monday) rolls around, I’ll post and tell everyone that voting may begin. Only after doing so will voting start. Any votes cast before I open voting will not count.
To vote, look over the matchups and read the owners strategies and take them into consideration. Afterwards, use your best judgment to decide who you think has the best chance to win the match up and post up the teams you think will prevail.
(Note: The length of a writeup is up to the owner. Do not punish owners just for having a shorter writeup.)

To vote, give each writeup a score out of 10, with the team you feel winning the match earning the higher score. No tie votes are allowed, one team must get a higher score, even if only by a single vote.

Remember, to vote for each match up or your vote will not count!

The teams with the highest vote total at the end of the 6th day (Tuesday) will get a W while the other will get an L.

The battleground for this week is: Frozen Antarctic Tundra

Chaos & Order
Dr. Fate (Kent Nelson) (DU)
Exodus (MU)
Silver Sorceress (DM)
Proctor (MR)
Scarlet Spider (MR)


The Underdogs
Superman (Kal-L) (DU)
Hulk (MU)
Captain America (MR)
Blue Beetle (DR)
Booster Gold (DR)

The Incorrigible Punkasses
Flash (Walter West) (DU)
Loki ("The Reigning") (MU)
Skrullian Skymaster (MM)
Ambrose Chase (DR)
Black Knight (Dane Whitman) (MR)


Justice Society
Vartox (DU)
Beta Ray Bill (MU)
Comet Man (MM)
Valkyrie (MR)(F)
Hawkman (DR)

"Hello?" she call out, but, again, nobody answers. The icy winds whip by, chilling her to the bone. The Silver Sorceress creates a bubble around herself, and warmth returns.

"Hey pretty, mind sharing?"

Silver: Looks around, but sees nothing. Then she looks up and sees a figure clad in blue and red hanging upside down from an outcropping above her head. "Ben!"

Scarlet: Ben drops down and Silver opens the bubble enough to allow him in, sealing it up behind him. "Brrrr..." Ben Reily says as he rubs his arms to try and get the blood moving again. "What a nice place for a battle," he says sarcastically. Laura gives him a big hug. "Well, that sure warmed me back up," Ben says, mildly surprised.

Silver: "I bet," she says, giving him a punch in the shoulder.

Scarlet: "Looks like another go around, huh?"

Silver: "My second match already."

Exodus: "It is my first in this tournament."

Scarlet: "Geez!" Ben says, jumping up and smacking his head on the top of the bubble, landing unceremoniously on the ground. "...ow..."

Silver: "I thought you had a spider-sense," Laura laughs.

Scarlet: "Yeah, but it only senses danger," he replies, rubbing the back of his hand. "Not telepathic teammates that like to sneak up on their friends."

Exodus: "You are not my friend."

Proctor: "Nor am I."

Scarlet: "YOU!" Ben leaps at Proctor (this time Laura drops her bubble) as the knight takes up a defensivfe stance. Ben crashes into him, and they go rolling.

Proctor: Kicks his long-time tournament adversary in the gut, putting distance between them. "I have had enough of you!" he says, pulling out the Ebony Blade.

Scarlet: "Same here!" Ben says, aiming his webshooters.

Fate: "ENOUGH!" The sky blazes with lightening and sound.

Scarlet: "Hey! You're not Kyle!"

Fate: "No, I am not the Green Lantern," Dr. Fate says as he lands. "My name is Fate. Dr. Fate."

Exodus: "Ominous sounding name."

Silver: "Which Fate are you?"

Scarlet: "There's more than one?"

Fate: "Nelson. Kent Nelson. Pleased to meet you Laura."

Proctor: "How do you know us?"

Scarlet: "Dude. The guy's obviously a top level magician. He used his magic." Proctor just looks back with a sneer.

Fate: "Just as I know these are our opponents." With a wage of his hand, the images and names of those they will battle appear in the air.

Silver: "Superman!"

Fate: "Yet, strangely, not Superman. Something is...different."

Silver: "He looks older."

Fate: "Likely not the Superman we know. But we will have to approach him as if he is."

Scarlet: "Well I'm not looking forwad to taking on the Hulk."

Exodus: "Then I suppose I will."

Scarlet: "Haha! And I'll take on Captain America. You're funny."

Exodus: "Do you see me laughing?"

Scarlet: "Hahaha...ha......no, no I dont. And that scares me."

Proctor: "And the others?" he asks, stepping closer to the figures to inspect them. As if he could rip their secrets from them .

Silver: "Booster Gold and Blue Beatle."

Scarlet: "Blue Beatle? You're kidding, right?"

Silver: "No, I'm not. Scarlet Spider."

Exodus: "What is the phrase Rayner would use? Owned?"

Scarlet: "Yeah," Ben says glumly, "nice one."

Fate: "Since we have time, I believe we should use it to prepare." Lifting his arms into the air, the ground trembles. The other members of Chaos & Order scatter as ice bursts through the ground, reaching into the air. In just moments a structure forms around the team. Mystic flames pop up within the new base, providing much needed warmth.

Scarlet: Sighs with relief. "Now this is more like it. So...who's fighting whom?"
Battle: Part I

Below him, Dr. Fate can see the red and blue streak gathering speed, readying to make his approach. Kent Nelson knew that given half a chance against the mage, the Last Son of Krypton would have a good chance of winning a fight. With his combination of speed and strength, he could push Fate to his limits. But the Doctor knew two of Kal's weaknesses. And one of those was magic. Fate changed his position in the sky and, using a spell provided by Nabu, ensured Superman stayed within his sight. "I am sorry Kal," Nelson said under his breath as Superman finally begins to bare down on him. Fate pulls his hands up, charging them with energy. As Superman gets within range, Fate can see the burning red in his eyes. With that, Fate unleashes twin green beams of radiation. The second of Superman's weaknesses.

The blasts strike Superman in the chest, staggering him backwards for a moment. But he presses on through the attack. "What?" Fate says, astounded. He continues the attack with one hand while conjuring another spell with his other hand. A giant rock of solid Kryptonite appears between them. Superman just bursts through it. The heat vision blasts against the shield Fate had around him. Kent concentrated on maintaining the barrier as Kal-L added his fists to the attack on the shield. "Sorry," Superman said, "but you got the wrong Kryptonian..."

"Did I mention it was really cold?" The others sigh. "Twenty times, Ben," Laura replies. "Did not Fate's spell provide your costume with thermal protection?" Proctor asks. "It's not a costume, it's a uniform. And yes he did, just not enough." Proctor shakes his head. "I am comfortable," he says. "Yeah, yeah," the Spider says back. Exodus raises a hand to the others. "Quiet! I sense something." The group waits a few moments expectantly.

"Well," Exodus says. "My telepathy is...fuzzy." Ben just looks at him. "Fuzzy? You're actually using fuzzy as a description?" Exodus gives him a withering glare. "Yes I am. Something is hampering my abilities. It is hard for me to pin down their locations. As if their is very little to read. "I'd expect that from Booster, but not from Ted," Silver says. "Hey!" a voice calls out. "That was mean!" The Underdogs explode from several direction. Booster Gold and the Blue Beatle shoot up from the ground, out of a tunnel melted by Booster's blaster. Captain America leaps down from a low ledge, narrlowly missing the Scarlet Spider. "Forgot about my spidey-sense, Cap?" "Nope, just knowing that I'd have to take you by surprise to force you off balance." From the air, Bruce Banner comes crashing to the ground, shaking the ground. But he's blasted backwards by a psionic blast from Exodus. "Keep them busy," the mutant yells behind him as he takes to the air, following the green monster. "Easy for you to say," Ben says...
Just so everyone knows, I'm swapping out Captain America for Giovanni Zatara using one of my three swap tokens. I'll have a prep-time writeup sometime tonight, hopefully.
LibrarianThorne said:
Just so everyone knows, I'm swapping out Captain America for Giovanni Zatara using one of my three swap tokens. I'll have a prep-time writeup sometime tonight, hopefully.

Except that would give you an illegal lineup since you'd only have one Marvel character.
So I'm not doing it, then. Give the win to Chaos & Order, as I have no defense against magic and I can't come up with anything against Dr. Fate.
Prep Time

The team arrives in the vast nothingness that is Antarctica. The team looks around at the landscape and see nothing except mountains of ice. They have their opponents for the week: Loki, Walter West, Ambrose Chase, Skrullian Skymaster and The Black Knight. The team find shelter in a deep valley to discuss their strategy.

Vartox looks at the list of their opponents as does Hawkman.

Hawkman: Walter West is the Flash from a different dimension. He is one of the most feared speedsters in my universe. He does not hold back.

Vartox: The Flash, hmmm.....The Flash is indeed an opponent that all of us might not even be able to take out.

Bill: Another is Loki. He is the brother of Thor. Loki is a powerful sorcerer, capable of almost anything.

Vartox: You seem to know Loki the best Bill.

Bill: Yes, I will be the one to stop him. Stormbreaker and I will do our best to stop Loki, but not many can stop him.

Vartox: I will take The Flash. If he is anything like the others he will be one hell of an opponent.

Hawkman: He isn't like the other Flashes, he might be better.

Vartox: Well, I will do my best.

The team discusses the rest of their opponents. And how they will dispose of them.

They sit in their valley awaiting the arrival of their opponents.

Valkyrie walks up the valley to look at the tundra. Bill follows her up.

Valkyrie: This team seems to be one of our toughest yet. With Loki on the team, it just makes it worse.

Bill: I know. Whether we can escape with the victory or not does not matter, it's whether or not we can escape with all our lives.

Valkyrie: And with a Flash on it too, they seem to have all their bases covered. But do not fear, for we have won in the past against teams by which we were outmatched. It's our heart and determination that will get us through to another day.

Bill: I know.....I know.....

They then go back down into the valley. The rest of the team is sitting in a cave that Vartox had made while they were away.

Vartox: I figured rest would be easier in a cave than out in the cold.

Bill: Good idea.

Comet Man: Yeah, a hell of a lot nicer in here. Man, why can't we have a battle in Hawaii or something.

Hawkman: Who knows.

Bill: Valkyrie and I were talking about our opponents and I think I have an idea......

The team then discusses some more. As they wait for the next days battle to arrive.

The team heads off the the site of their battle.

Vartox scans the area for their opponents. He can get a lock on three of their opponents. Loki and Flash being the ones he can't. Although Bill is wary of this, Vartox says they should go on, and hit their opponents quick.

Bill: This team is comprised of some dangerous members, we shouldn't take them lightly.

Vartox: But attacking them with only three of their members down there, we could take the quick advantage.

Hawkman: That might be their plan, to trap us down there. But I do agree with Vartox, if we go quick enough, we could take them out.

Bill: This is a mistake, a mistake that might cause our team harm.

Valkyrie: Bill is right. Why would only three of their members be down there.

Bill: Cometman, we have two for and two against.

Cometman: Well, if we hit them full force, we could take the advantage right away, but you never know. I say we go for it.

Vartox: Then we go.

The Justice Society then go for the the three members. Flash and Loki appear where the Society were standing. The Society is unaware of this and charge forward. Loki and Flash laugh at each other, but get blasted from behind. They turn and the real Justice Society stand there. And with there combined energy they are able to catch Loki and Flash off guard. They also blast the other three members of the Punkasses, but that has little effect. The Punkasses regroup and get to their selected locations.

Hawkman vs. The Black Knight

Hawkman finds Dane in the confusion, and lands the first blow with his mace. Dane is knocked down. Hawkman goes for another but Dane blocks with his shield and blast Hawkman with his sword. Hawkman gets up and dusts himself off. Hawkman then jumps into the air and tried going over Dane to land a blow on his back but the Black Knight is once again able to block the blow and nail Hakwman with another blast from the sword. Dane goes for the victory and swings his sword at Hawkman but Hawkman is able to move out of the way and nail Dan wth a blow to the back. Dane desperately swings back to keep Hawkman off of him and he slices Hawkman mace in half. Hawkman drops thae mace and pulls out his sword. He realizes he cannot go toe to toe with The Knight, so he'll have be quick on his feet. He and Dane square off. Dane swings at Carter but Carter jumps and swings at Dane, Dane is able to get his shield up in time and lets out a blast from his sword, but Carter flies out of the way and then flies full force into Dane. Dane could not react in time and gets driven into the side of an ice hill. He lost his sword on the way down. Hawkman sees this as an oppurtunity to end the fight. But Dane is able to scramble out of the way of a Hawkman attack. He slides towards his sword, he grabs it and slices wildly up, taking off Hawkman's wings. Hawkan then realizes he is the one in trouble now, but he regains his composure. Hawkman and Dane once again square off. Dane swings but Carter moves, Carter swings but Dane moves. This goes on for a while. Dane is getting the upperhand. But Hawkman once again gains it back by ducking a full swing by Dane and nailing him with a massive uppercut that sent Dane reeling. Hawkman goes in for the final blow but Dane blocks and returns the blow with his sword, but Carter ducks to the ground throws his shield at Dane who react by catching it, Hawkman runs and nails Dane with his axe sending Daen flying to the ground limp. Hawkman hit Dane with the flat side of the blade so as not to kill him. Hawkman walks over to the Knight and checks to see if there is still fight in him. There is none to be found so Hawkman goes off to fight nother battle.

Cometman vs. Skrullian Skymaster
Cometman scanned the area to find the Skrull. He found him and went to attack right away. He nailed Skymaster with a few blasts of energy, but Skymaster shrugs them off and fires his own ball of fire at Beckley, but Cometman is able to teleport out of the way, and behind Skymaster as he nails him with a blast from behind. Skymaster falls to the ground and disappears. Beckley knows he went invisble and scans the area again. He finds Skymaster and throws a ball of energy at him but Skymaster moves and dives at Beckley tackling him to the ground and pummeling him. Beckley again teleports out of the way. Stephen tries using his telepathy, but no luck, as he Punkasses have a TP block on. Skymaster lunges at Stephen again, but this time he is met a huge block of ice and rock the Beckley had ripped out of the ground using his TK. Skymaster is down. Skymaster breaks through the pile of rock and ice only to be met with a blast of energy as he pops out of the pile. Cometman then flies at Skymaster picking up debris of the ice and rock pile and nailing Skymaster with those pieces, add to that Cometman's concussive blasts. Skymaster goes down for the count.

Stephen then talks telepathically with Hawkman: You have beaten that Knight guy right.

Hawkman: Yeah. I wanna meet up with Valkyrie to see how she is doing.

Vartox vs. Walter West

Vartox and West have been battling for a while all ready. Not so much battling as much as it's been West just playing with Vartox. West knows Vartox can't keep up with him, so he's just been running circles around the Valeronian. Vartox has tried everything from his heat and cold blasts. To his liquifying beams, but nothing is working. West's aura has been too much for Vartox to break through. Vartox thinks he knows a way to stop West, but he can't lock on to where he is. Vartox, uses his superspeed, but he can only catch a glimpse of West, not nearly enough to attack him. West is laughing at him and with Vartox's acute hearing, he can hear it. Vartox is too much of a warrior to get mad at this and just goes on. Vartox again goes for his superspeed, but can't even catch a glimpse of West. He doens't realize that West has been slowly stealing his speed. Vartox then stops and wait to see is he can see West with his infrared but in the split second that he stopped, West nailed Vartox with a 100 punches to face sending Vartox to his knees. Vartox then sends up a wall of ice around him, with his TK, as soon as he hits the ground. Even West doesn't have time to react and nails the wall of ice. Flash is dazed, his Speed Force Aura was up and absorbed most of the blow, but stopping dead at near the speed of ligh hurts. Vartox then gets up from his knees and flies full force into West, slamming him into an icy rock face. He then uses his heat blast to liquify to icy rocks sending the ice and molten rock onto West. Before it hits West, Vartox uses his cold blast to freeze it all into a solid block of ice and rock. West breaks out with ease and is once again invisible to Vartox. West charges at Vartox, but Vartox's precog kicks in and he is able to quickly move out of the way. West turns around and see dozens of Vartox's, realizing only one is real, he zooms through the illusions looking for the real Vartox. Gets his TK punch ready for impact, not knowing where West is he holds back until he senses him. He thinks he senses him so unleashes with the punch only to have West be behind him nailing him with more punches to the back before Vartox is able to react.........

Valkyrie vs. Ambrose Chase

Valkyrie and Chase meet up. Valkyre charges Chase who easily evades her. She swings Dragonfang at him but again he is able to evade. He then unloads a round of bullets at her but she is able to dodge the bullets. Valkyrie then throws her spear at Chase who is able to redirect the spear. Valkyrie has never seen anything like that before and is hit by the redirected spear in the shoulder. She pulls it out and throws it to the ground. She runs full force at Chase again who dodges and unloads a barrage of bullets onto Val. She is hit quite a few times and she falls to the ground. She grabs Drangonfang and slams it into the ground carving up the ice it is in. She turns the sword and flips up a chunk of ice. She throws it up into the air, slices it with Drangonfang and kicks the few pieces at Chase, who slows them down and goes to redirect them, but Valkyrie runs behind him and goes to nail him in the back but Chase realizes this and ducks down, letting the ice nail Valkyrie. At this time Hawkman and Cometman show up. Hawkman dives at Cometman but, Chase stops Carter, moves and Carter fall to the ground. Cometman throws a concussive blast at Chase who is able to slow it down, but doesn't know how fast Cometman can teleport and Cometman is able to get behind him and nail him with a blast from behind, with that, Chase lets down his guard allowing the first ball to hit him also, sandwiching hims between blast and knocking him to the ground, unconcious.

Hawkman and Cometman find Valkyrie, who is unable to continue, so they move her out of the way and go to find their teammates.

Beta Ray Bill vs. Loki

The two meet.

Loki: Bill.

Bill: Loki, brother of my friend, enemy of all.

Loki: That's me. So you and your hammer can leave now, and spare yourself the embarassment of defeat.

Bill, lashes out at Loki with a flurry of blasts. Loki easily dodges and returns his own mystical energy, but Bill absorbs though and nails Loki with them. Loki was able to get a shield up in time, but the brunt of the blow was taken by Loki.

Loki: Well, I see you are able to actually use that hammer.

Bill: I'm good enough to destroy you, you foul being.

Bill then charges Loki and nails Loki's shield with all his might. Loki can feel his shield draining of energy. So he lets the shield down and blast Bill right away. Bill gets up but is met with a few more blasts. Loki flies at Bill, picking up rock with his mystical powers and nails Bill with everything he has. Bill lifts Stormbreaker and nails Loki with a massive bolt of lightning sending Loki back. Bill gets up and unleashes a massive light attack on Loki, blinding Loki for a few seconds. Bill unloads with his bolts of energy draining force. Loki is nailed with them, but he is much too strong. Bill charges at Loki and is ready to deliver a death blow, but he is stopped dead in his tracks by a blast of energy from Loki. Loki then levitates Bill and repeatedly slams him into the ground. before tossing him onto a massive cliff. Loki, goes up after Bill, and continues the assault. Loki nails Bill with such force, that Bill actually loses his grip on Stormbreaker and drops it. Loki sees this and unleashes even more. Loki himself is being drained of his energy from the assualt he is giving Bill. Bill is on the ground and is helpless. Loki again levitates Bill, but he drops Bill, when he himself is driven to his knees by a blow in the back caused by Hawkman. Hawkman is the knocked back by Loki. Cometman quickly knocks Loki back down with a quick blast of TK, Cometman then quickly levitates Stormbreaker and send it towards Bill. Bill snatches it out of the air and nails Loki with a massive blow, and another. Loki tries fighting back but at this point he is drained of quite a bit of his energy. He has not much strength left. He unleashes all of it at one time sending the three members of the Society into the air. The three members get up only to see that Loki is down on the ground motionless. He had used his last remaining energy to try and stop the three but to no avail.

Beta Ray Bill, Cometman, Hawkman and Vartox vs. Walter West

The other three members of the Society come upon a scene that is not a pleasant one. Vartox is on his knees bloody. Bill realizes that if this Flash can do that to Vartox, who knows what will become of them.

Vartox calls the members of his team over. They go over but are cut off as they run over by a wind that knocks them all down. Bill uses his hammer to sense for West, while Cometman uses his telepathic powers to search for him. Bill thinks he gets a lock on West, and shoots a massive blast of energy, that does not connect with Flash, but instead Flash ran by Vartox when the bolt was shot and the bolt nails Vartox possibly takin him out of the fight. West then starts running around the other members of the Society.

" Do not move at all, give me a second to think." says Bill to his team.

The team hears a voice say: " You don't have a second!"

Hakwman is then nailed with a flurry of punches. Bill and Beckley blast energy in his direction but miss. Beckley is the next and again Bill cannot find his mark.

Bill uses all that he can to locate West, but he cannot and West is able to nail Bill. Bill falls to his knees. Vartox, is able to crawl over to Bill.

Vartox: Bill, if I can locate West......could....you take him out.

Bill: I think so.

Vartox then stands and uses all he can to locate West.

Vartox points to the round and says:"Shoot......NOW!"

Bill then shoots his bolt of energy, and Walter falls to the ground crashing into the ice and rock. Vartox also falls to the ground having used the last of his might.

Bill then knows what he has to do. He takes Stormbreaker and swings it as fast as he possibly can creating the nullifying vortex. Walter jumps up and runs towards Bill, but cannot run as fast as he used to. He tries again but this time he is no faster than any normal human.

West: Oh crap.

And with that Bill lowers Stormbreaker, and one bolt of draining energy later Walter West is laying on the ground gasping for airl, until he falls completely, out of it.

Bill looks on at the carnage that has happened today, and realizes his team is lucky that it has won but have also escaped with their lives.
Voting may now begin....

Battle: Part II

The surprise attack forces the group to scatter. Ben backflips away as Captain America pursues. Silver rises into the air as Proctor and Blue beetle square off. Booster remains on the ground, but fires a device above Silver. Laura ducks, but the device is aimed high. Once it is directly above the Sorceress, a small antennae extends out, blastic Silver with high frequency sound. "AHH!" she screams as she hits the ground. "Sorry, Laura," Booster says. "But Ted promised it wouldn't injure you, just keep you from concentrating enough to cast any spells." The words are mostly drowned out by the ear-screetching noises encircling her...

Blue beetle pulls a gun on Proctor as the dimension-hopper calmly stands there. "And what is that supposed to do?" Proctor asks. "Like I'm really going to tell you," Ted replies. Proctor shrugs. "Have it your way." He disappears. "...oh shi...!" Proctor reappears behind the beetle, holding his head back with one hand, and using the other to press the Ebony Blade against his opponents neck. "No...one told me...you could teleport..." Ted eeks out. "That is unfortunate for you." Proctor looks at Booster Gold who has his back turned to them. "Release her!" he demand. Booster spins around, arm cannon at the ready. "TED! You don't let him go, you're not going to have a face left." "Really," Proctor says, "a hero like you, killing someone?" Carter's aim doesn't even waiver. "If you kill my friend, damn right." Proctor maintains his stare. "And he will still be dead. So I say again, release her." "Don't..." Ted squeeks out before Proctor brings the sword closer. "......Fine!" Booster says. He presses a button on his arm, and the sonic attack ends. Laura sighs in relief and quickly fires off a bolt that destroys the device. "Thank you," Proctor says. He pulls his sword away from Blue beetle's neck, who sighs in relief. Then, with a quick twist of his other hand, Proctor snaps his neck. Ted Kord's lifeless body slumps down into the icy snow...

Dr. Fate smashes into the ground. Well, technically, his shield ha smashed into the ground while he remains protected withing it, for the moment. The Superman of Earth-2 continues his superspeed onslaught, not allowing Kent Nelson a moment to gather his senses and do anything but maintain the barrier between them. "I don't want to hurt you Fate," Superman says. "Surrender now, and I'll be on my way." Nelson drops to one knee under the pummeling. "Funny...I was...going to...say the same...to you..." A distance away, but still within Fate's eyesight, is n explosion of green, quickly followed by a flying body...

Bruce Banner is on his feet in a second, just as Exodus let's loose another blast. This time, he counters with is famous Hulk thunderslap. The sheer amount of energy in the concussion reduces Exodus' attack to just a tickle. But the mutant isn't done yet as he rises into the air and starts a more subtle battle. Banner pauses for a moment with an odd expression on his face. He shakes his head a couple of times before realization dawns on him. "You've found a way past my telepathic blocker." Before the buzzing in his head grows, Banner punches the ground, cracking open a large sheet of ice. "Then block this!" He tosses it at Exodus who easily grabs it in the air telekentically while continuing the metal pressure. "Pathetic," he says. "Need...help," Exodus hears in his mind. He turns towards the direction of Fate, seeing the doctor slowly succumbing to the Kryptonian. Damn, Exodus thinks to himself. He makes up his mind and shoves the ice back at Banner as a distraction, then turns his telepathy on Superman. Banner jumps through the ice and grabs Exodus, slamming him to the ground. The mutant's eyes roll back as he passes out...
Battle: Part III

"Whoa, close one. Nice try. Whoops, gotta be faster than that. Ouch! That's more like it," Ben Reily says as the Captain's shield explodes against a patch of ice, sending the frozen shrapnel into Ben's back. "Lucky I've got a thin skin," the Spider says as he flips and fires off a couple of rounds of compression webbing. Cap deftly evades the attack. "Give up Spider-Man, we can stop this now." Ben fires off some stinger darts that bounce harmlessly off the shield. "Hey, let's get one thing straight. I'm NOT Spider-Man. Ben leaps forward, landing a kick on the shield, which pushes Cap onto the ground. Steve expertly rolls back a couple of times and is on his feet as Ben flips and lands. Steve runs up, tossing his shield to the side, and sends a flying kick Ben's way. "Not this old gag," the Scarlet Spider says as he leaps above both the Captain and his shield. But Cap lands short, letting his shield pass infront of him, and reaches up, grabbing Ben's leg. Yanking down, he slams the Spider on the ground, and catches his shield on the second bounce. But Ben pulls his legs towards his chest, pulling Rogers off balance, and kicks away, sending Rogers backwards. Ben gets up just as Cap throws his shield. Bending backwards from his knees, Ben lets the shield pass over him, whips out a webline to snag it, and rights himself, pulling the shield into a spin. It swings around, connecting with Captain America's head. Ben jumps in the air, lands next to Cap, pulls up his head, and lands a few punches for good measure. Steve Rogers lies on the groun with a broken nose. Ben rubs his aching knuckles. "Damn it's cold."

"NOOOOOO!!!!" Laura Nelson and Michael Carter scream as the Blue Beetle falls to ground. Proctor blasts Booster with beams from his eyes as he teleports the Ebony Blade next to the Sorceress' throat and holds it there telekentically. Booster is blasted backwards, hitting the ground hard. "You bastard! WHY?!?" Laura demands. "Because they are our enemies!" Proctor says in disbelief. "That is all the reason I need." "No it's not!" she replies. "I'LL KILL YOU!!!" Booster says as he sits up and takes aim. ButtTwo rounds of compression webbing explode over his body as the Scarlet Spider leaps into action. A few punches, and Carter is down. "Now what's all this abo...!" Ben starts to say. Then he says the body at Proctor's feet. Ben pulls of his mask, the shock plain on his face, soon replaced by anger and rage...

Superman throws yet another punch, and the barrier yields, bending inwards. He's...almost...through...Nabu... But Kent Nelson receives no response. That's when the Clark Kent of his world grabs his head in pain both hands as Exodus punches through the interference Banner's device in his ear is creating. In less than a moment, the pain fades as Exodus falls to the Hulk. But when Kal-L looks back at his adversary, he sees a furious Dr. Fate, energy rippling around his body. Twiin beams of pure magic lash out, flinging Superman backwards in pain. Smoke rising from his chest, he sits up as twin spears of energy pierce his shoulders, pinning him to the wall. "I am sorry," Kent says, "but I cannot allow you a moment's rest." A whistle of air sounds from above, and Fate looks only to see a green shape decending towards him. "You're friend is coming to help. You should go meet him!" Fate says as a mystical hand reaches out and grabs Superman by his neck. Fate adds magical speed to the Kryptonian as he swings him into the air right at his teammate. Banner's face is crossed with surprise as his gamma-charged body collides with his ally's solar charged body. The sound of impact rings out, and two bodies drop to the ground. Fate arrives to find an uncounsious Superman, and the Hulk as he struggles to sit up. With an incantation, both men are rendered asleep, and another spell binds them in energy.

"RRRAAAARRHHH!!!" Ben yells as he jumps. Proctor teleports to the side, and Ben misses. He fires off two weblines, but Proctor teleports again. "I should have put you down for good all those other times we fought!" the Spider shouts. "But you didn't," Proctor says, "so here we are." A blast of energy strikes Proctor in the back, and Laura hits him with another one, putting him on his knees. Ben grabs Whitman by the throat and pulls his fist back.

"ENOUGH!!!" Fate's voice rings out. "The battle is won. The costs may be high, but our fight is over." The teams remains motionless for a moment. Then Ben shoves Proctor onto his back and turns away. "Not by a damn longshot," Ben says.

Chaos & Order troubledly move on.
Well hurry it up man... I'll hold off voting for this bracket for you, but I can't wait all day! :mad:

Flash (Walter West) (DU): 1 2
Loki (The Reigning) (DU): 1 2 (Dr. Strange's spells, tools, and records are also available to this version.)
Skrullian Skymaster (MM): 1 2
Ambrose Chase (DR): 1 2 3 4
Black Knight (Dane Whitman) (MR): 1 2 3


A bluish flash signals the Punkasses' arrival on their frozen soon-to-be battlefield.

"Good Lord, it's freezing!" Ambrose notes, futilely trying to warm his hands with his breath.

"Tell me about it!" Dane agrees.

"How the hell are we supposed to fight in this?!"

"Not a problem for me," an empty space with Walter's voice laughs. "I'm vibrating fast enough to keep myself warm. Sorry, it's so damn cold out here that that also happens to make me invisible. Bet you wish you had yourself some super-speed right about now."

"I too will be able to cope," Skymax says. His shape changes into that of a polar bear. "Earth has many native creatures that feel right at home in this environment."

"You mortals are frail and pathetic creatures," Loki sneers. "This so-called cold is but a passing chill to one who hails from the mighty bloodlines of the frost giants."

"Thanks a lot, guys," Ambrose shivers. "Just you and me, I guess, Dane. Freezing our butts off together."

"Uh... not quite. Strider!" The majestic white stallion appears beside Dane and Dane mounts him. "Ah, much better. Strider keeps me nice and comfy in any environment. Thank you, Lady of the Lake."

Ambrose shoots Dane a look icier than their surroundings while his teeth chatter.

Loki rolls his eyes. "Here, worthless vagrant." He waves a hand and a subtle flow of magic energy transfigures a patch of snow into a finely crafted, thick blanket in the Asgardian style.

Ambrose rushes over and wraps it around himself. "Ooooooh... much better. Thanks, Loki--"

"Save your prattling for someone who cares. The only reason I bothered is because you'd make far less effective cannon fodder to distract our foes as a frozen corpse."

"Just remember that, Loki," Dane interjects grimly, "you need us to weather this tournament. I know you allege to come from a future where Thor actually--by some inconceivable twist of logic--trusts you for some reason, but I swear, if you turn on us, you'll see just how well your magicks stack up against those of Avalon--"

"Your threats are wasted on deaf ears, little knight. I have bested Dr. Strange, the finest warrior-mystic your pitiful realm could produce, and taken his power for my own. You are an ant to me--less than nothing. But you are also somewhat correct. The god of evil 'needs'--" Loki's mouth twists around the word "--no one. But I would prefer to spare myself some effort in the coming battle by tolerating your continued existence, that you may serve to distract our foes while I crush them."

"Blah, blah, blah," Walter sighs. "Jesus, you villain-types and your monologuing. Can we get on with it already? Where's the information on our opponents?"

The very earth rumbles an answer to Walter's question, and five sculptures grind and tear their way skyward through the ice.

"Right on cue," Ambrose remarks. "Let's see what we got here..."

"Beta Ray Bill and Valkyrie are known to me. E'er were they thorns in my side before Thor and I had seen the error of our disagreeable ways. Bill possesses all the powers my foster brother did in his youth; Stormbreaker was crafted by the dwarves and enchanted by Odin to be Mjolnir's equal. Brunnhilde is as great a warrior as Asgard has e'er produced, save Thor himself, and her sword Dragonfang can cleave any substance. She uses one of Asgard's flying mounts for greater maneuverability."

"I remember Valkyrie from the times Doc Strange and the Defenders helped me out with my Ebony Blade problems. She was definitely fierce on the field. This 'Comet Man' sounds familiar to me, too..." Dane rubs his chin in thought, then produces his Avengers ID card. Its mini-computer searches through the Avengers database until: "Got it! She-Hulk logged a report about him; she met him during her time with the FF. He got his powers from an alien race--not really an uncommon occurrence in this line of work, it seems--but apparently he lucked out on the aliens. They granted him the total package: increased strength and durability, teleportation, telekinesis, minor telepathy, concussive force blasts, force field generation, and flight."

"His powers are indeed impressive," Skymax remarks.

"True, but he's not without weaknesses. His teleportation requires some kind of device that Reed Richards invented in order to work consciously, and we can easily counter telepathy."

"The next guy," Walter continues, "is Hawkman. On my world, he was a warrior with thousands of years' worth of lives and experience under his belt." The others look at Walter quizzically. "It's a... resurrection... reincarnation... thing. Look, it's complicated and even I never really understood it; the point is, he remembers living as various people--mostly warriors--for over 5,000 years, so he knows some moves. He's a weapons expert and he prefers ancient weapons--things that've been around as long as he has: swords, axes, shields, stuff like that. He's got some high-tech alien gadgets too. But the main thing is his Nth-metal harness. It allows him to fly and increases his strength, durability, and senses."

"Sounds like separating him from that harness should be a priority."

"Absolutely. On my world he had Nth-metal running throughout his costume because he realized the harness made too easy a target, so getting it off of him won't take away his powers completely. It should be enough to keep him grounded and weaken him to a more manageable level, though."

"All right, and the last guy?" None of the Punkasses speak up. "Looks like an intelligence gap. We'll just have to figure him out in the field."

The Punkasses continue planning...
The Battles

Dawn breaks over the frozen tundra the Punkasses will call their battlefield today. They have pooled their resources and stand ready--Loki's mystical psi-shield protects them from telepathic attacks and one of the Avengers' jetpacks designed by Hank Pym adorns Ambrose's back, Dane is atop Strider, and the Skrullian Skymaster is already invisible. The Punkasses' opponents crest an icy hill nearby and the match is on.

Loki ("The Reigning") vs. Beta Ray Bill
Loki meets his foe in combat and, in true Asgardian style, they exchange their obligatory pre-battle trash talk.

"Though your appearance has changed," Bill says, "still will I vanquish you in Thor's name, Loki!"

"Far more than my appearance has changed, alien. I possess all the power of Dr. Strange, Sorcerer Supreme of Midgard, in addition to my own. But you shall find that out in time, as you realize you are no match for me."

"Stolen power," Bill spits, "I should have known. Even if you defeat me, trickster, know that your victory will ring hollow for it was not achieved of your own might!"

"You, false thunderer, would chastise me for stealing power?"

"My power was granted me honorably by the All-Father himself!"

"Aye, and it shall be your foolish honor that proves your greatest foe this day." With that, Loki mystically duplicates himself, each clone possessing a portion of his power. They attack Bill simultaneously, swooping around him on all sides. When Bill absorbs one Loki's mystic blast with Stormbreaker, three more hit him from other directions. He has no hope of countering them all, so he adjusts his strategy. The clouds over Antarctica grow black and lightning shoots forth. As each bolt strikes a Loki doppelganger, it disappears and its power returns to the true Loki, though the pain of its death does not. Loki changes his strategy as well, recalling his duplicates and regaining his full power. Bill fires a blast of mystic energy at Loki, but Loki summons the Shield of the Seraphim to block it.

Finally, Bill makes the move Loki, ever the schemer, was waiting for. He spins Stormbreaker and hurls it at Loki with incredible speed. Loki is ready for it, however: He dodges the hammer and summons the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak to imprison Bill, then Loki dodges the hammer a second time as it returns to its master. His arms pinned at his sides by the unbreakable bands, however, Bill is unable to catch Stormbreaker; Loki has turned its enchantment to return to its wielder into a weapon. Stormbreaker strikes Bill and both hammer and wielder fall from the sky and crash into the icy ground below. Loki lands and takes a moment to gloat. "'Twould seem you spoke too soon earlier. For all your wishes to be of the divine ranks of the Aesir, it seems you are still a mere mortal after all." Loki waves a hand and a dimensional portal opens under Stormbreaker; the mystical weapon falls in. "Your hammer should lay unperturbed in the Crossroads until such time as you can retrieve it. Oh... but wait, it was not thrown when I teleported it, so its return enchantment will do it no good; and, without its master to spin it and create a portal, it cannot pierce the dimensional vale under its own power." Loki's mouth curves into a wicked smile. "It seems the two of you will be separated for some time."

As if on cue, Bill's sixty seconds run out and he returns to his weaker, native Korbinite form. "No!" he howls. The gallant alien struggles against his bonds, but the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak have held against far more than the feeble resistance his Korbinite form can produce. Loki unleashes a blast of several thousand volts of electricity, savoring the irony as mystical lightning knocks the thunder god's only true peer out.

Flash (Walter West) vs. Vartox
Walter speeds towards his opponent but, to his surprise, Vartox manages to dodge. He rounds on Walter and throws a haymaker. Walter tries to drain as much of the kinetic energy from Vartox's punch as he can, but it still slams into his protective aura with almost unprecedented force. Cripes, this guy's as strong as Superman! Walter thinks. He composes himself as he gets back up. But I know how to deal with Superman. Vartox charges at Walter and Walter stands still, waiting. He dodges at the last moment and accelerates the molecules of the ice Vartox lands on. A patch of the ground explodes upwards, showering Walter with snow, and Vartox falls through the resultant hole into the freezing water below.

Vartox bursts out of the ice behind Walter and snarls, "It will take more than mere icewater to stop Vartox, the champion of Tynola!"

"Speaking in the third person, huh? Great, you're one of those." Vartox charges again and the Flash dodges again, but this time Vartox throws his hand out and releases a blast of hyper-energy that knocks Walter flat. Ow! Walter thinks. All right, as strong and fast as Superman, plus energy blasts. Walter gets up and experiences a strange sensation--it feels like something battering against his skull. He looks at Vartox, whose eyes are squinting with determination, and he puts two and two together. "Holy hell, you've got telepathy too? How many powers do you have?!"

"More than enough to finish you!"

"Not with your mind games. I came protected." He taps his head, silently thanking Loki for the psi-shield. "I wonder if you did too, though..." Walter reaches out through the Speed Force and accelerates portions of Vartox's brain, giving him a crushing migraine that not even he can ignore.

"AAAARGH!" Vartox wails. "What... have you done... to my head?!" Before he lets his foe answer, however, he releases another blast of hyper-energy, more powerful than the last. He fires wildly, however, and it tears up the ground beneath Walter's feet, distracting him. "Ha!" Vartox sneers as he quickly comes to his senses without the pain in his head. "Let's see how well you speedsters operate without any ground to run on!"

"Who needs ground when you can run on water?" Walter follows through and zips across the water, his feet touching the surface so quickly that he doesn't break the surface tension.

"Impressive," Vartox comments.

"That's nothing; any speedster can do it. Here's something I can call my very own." Walter throws a punch, pouring kinetic energy onto his arm as it moves. When it strikes Vartox, it is a full-on, physics-bending infinite-mass punch, and the alien hero is sent flying. He recovers and hangs in mid-air. Ok, add flying to the repertoire, Walter mentally notes. Vartox unleashes a volley of energy blasts, but Walter dodges them with ease. Finally, Vartox kicks himself into high gear, ignoring the dangers of the sonic booms his super-speed causes, and charges through the air at Walter. Walter erects a null-inertia field a few feet in front of himself and just waits patiently. Vartox screams through the air at breakneck speed and slams straight into the field; his strength is so great, however, that he bursts through the field and hits Walter anyway--albeit with much less force than he would have. Walter hits the ground and bounces backwards a few feet while Vartox collapses from the shock of crushing his body against what appeared to be nothing. The two opponents slowly rise to their feet and ready themselves for another round, each taking stock of the other and reminding themselves not to be so cocky this time...

Skrullian Skymaster vs. Comet Man
(All right, I was gonna do a full write-up, but I started late and I'm going out of town on a whim, so I'll just do summaries for the rest of the fights.)

- Skymax's first order of business is destroying the psi-amplifier, which removes Comet Man's ability to teleport consciously.
- Skymax and Comet Man fight for a while, Skymax uses his invisibility to elude Comet Man's telekinesis and concussive blasts.
- Skymax possesses the Thing's strength, so he's much stronger than Comet Man. He uses hit-and-run tactics to wear Comet Man down a lot.
- Comet Man tries thought pitching but finds Skymax's mind blocked by Loki's psi-shield.

Black Knight vs. Hawkman
- Dane uses Strider, who can break the sound barrier, to outmaneuver Hawkman and slice his harness off. Hawkman's flight and the majority of his physical enhancements are gone.
- Dane hops off Strider and they fight on the ground. Even though Hawkman is freezing his ass off (the Nth-metal harness protects him from the elements, but without it he's basically a bare-chested man in the middle of Antarctica), Hawkman's prowess with weapons matches Dane's, and Dane realizes they're getting nowhere.
- Dane calls Strider back to give himself an advantage (cavalry vs. infantry) and disarms Hawkman. Strider's powerful hooves trample Hawkman unconscious.

Ambrose Chase vs. Valkyrie
- Ambrose flies around on his jetpack, trying to make Valkyrie dismount. Valkyrie is too fast and blocks all of his bullets with Dragonfang before they reach her.
- Valkyrie manages to damage Ambrose's jetpack, but he manages to take it off and slow his fall so he's not hurt.
- Valkyrie lands and dismounts because the Asgardian honor code demands that she face her opponent on even ground. Ambrose uses his distortion field deftly, but Valkyrie has too much of a physical advantage on him.
- Help arrives for Ambrose, since his time distortion has drawn his battle with Valkyrie out longer than the others'...

Black Knight, Ambrose Chase, and Skrullian Skymaster vs. Valkyrie and Comet Man
- Dane shows up to help Ambrose first, blocking a would-be fatal swordstroke from Dragonfang with his own Sword of Light.
- Skymax and Comet Man's fight comes close enough to the Knight, Ambrose, and Valkyrie that they can help each other out.
- Dane defends against the more powerful Valkyrie, barely fending her off, while Ambrose helps Skymax so that they can use Skymax's strength to counter Valkyrie's.
- With Ambrose to slow Comet Man down and leave him open, Skymax uses his powers in conjunction: he sneaks up on Comet Man with invisibility, pins him with his elongation/shapeshifting, and flames on, burning the crap out of Comet Man.
- Some super-strength punches knock the weakened Comet Man out.
- Skymax and Ambrose return to the Knight just as Valkyrie disarms him and knocks him out. Her warrior skill and physical advantages were too much for him.
- Ambrose distorts gravity around Valkyrie while Skymax uses Dane's sword to disarm her. With Dragonfang out of the way, Skymax constricts around Valkyrie, squeezing the air out of her. He finishes her off with flame-enhanced, super-strong punches while she's dazed.

Flash (Walter West) and Loki ("The Reigning") vs. Vartox
- Having defeated Bill, Loki helps Walter out while the rest of the Punkasses handle Valkyrie and Comet Man.
- Vartox has been turning the tide in his favor slowly, but Walter's been fighting doggedly. Vartox's versatility is simply too great, though.
- Loki comes by and fixes that deficit in power.
- Vartox is powerful, but with an unparalleled speedster and a high-powered mage bearing down on him simultaneously, he doesn't last long.

The Punkasses win. Huzzah!
The Incorrigible Punkassess 8
Justice Society 6
Just to ask but dont Justice Knights have Captain America? If so which incarnation do the Underdogs have?
Chaos & Order 6/10
Underdogs 2/10

The Incorrigible Punkassess 7/10
Justice Society 5/10
The Incorrigible Punkassess 8
Justice Society 7

Chaos & Order 7/10
Underdogs 2/10
The Incorrigible Punkassess: 7
Justice Society: 6

Chaos & Order: 7
The Underdogs: 1

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