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DTL Season 4-Week 1 (Set 1)


Jul 13, 2002
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The rules:
This is one of four threads, each containing two match ups.
The threads will be in use for 6 days.
Days 1-4 (Thursday-Sunday) are strictly setup time for owners to plead their cases, tell us their team’s strategies, breakdown the match ups, and do whatever else they can/want to do to try and convince you that their team would pull out a victory. Please, let the owners do this on their own with no help from you, the fan.

When Day 5 (Monday) rolls around, I’ll post and tell everyone that voting may begin. Only after doing so will voting start. Any votes cast before I open voting will not count.
To vote, look over the matchups and read the owners strategies and take them into consideration. Afterwards, use your best judgment to decide who you think has the best chance to win the match up and post up the teams you think will prevail.
(Note: The length of a writeup is up to the owner. Do not punish owners just for having a shorter writeup.)

To vote, give each writeup a score out of 10, with the team you feel winning the match earning the higher score. No tie votes are allowed, one team must get a higher score, even if only by a single vote.

Remember, to vote for each match up or your vote will not count!

The teams with the highest vote total at the end of the 6th day (Tuesday) will get a W while the other will get an L.

The battleground for this week is: Area-51. The psuedo-nonexistant military base 'not' located in Nevada.

Devistating Silence
Doomsday (Doomsday Wars) (DU)
Misty (Seven Soldiers) (DU)
Alex Wilders (/w Runaways' Weapons) (MM)
Tap (DR)
Northstar (MR)


Lost Flock
Mary Marvel (DU)
Atlan (DU)
Black Tom (Plant form) (MM)
Speedball (MR)
Namorita (MR)

Justice Knights
Superman (JLA/Avengers) (DU)
Martain Manhunter (DU)
Captain Britain (MM)
Batman (DR)
Captain America (MR)


Chaos & Order
Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner) (DU)
Shanzar (MU)
Silver Sorceress (DM)
Proctor (MR)
Deadline (DR)
Chaos & Order
Shanzar, Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner), Silver Sorceress, Deadline, Proctor

A cold desert night breeze whips through the air, chilling Laura Neilson's already cold skin even further. She rups her hands on her arms in a vain effort to try and warm them up. As she walks behind a small outcropping for shelter from the wind, Laura comes across a small group of dead and dry shrubs. Laura extends her hand, and with a small spell, the wood is set ablaze. Laura sits down next to it, absrobing the heat. It helps a little, but not enough.

A gust comes up and blows the already dying flames out. Laura sighs, but then gasps in surprise as a large blaze of green fire springs to life where the wood had been burning. "You look a little chilly," a very familiar voice says behind her. Lauras snaps to her feet and turns around. "Kyle!" She runs up and gives him a hug. Kyle Rayner smiles and returns it. She lets go and enjoys the feeling of warmth the Lantern's fire and presence bring.

Silver: "Looks like we're going again?" she asks.

GL: "Just what I was thinking."

Kyle: They both sit with their backs against the rock, letting the heat and green light wash over them. "So, how was your week?" he asks.

Silver: The Sorceress smiles. "Very, very good. Just like the last time. Yours?"

GL: A bittersweet smile creeps onto his face. "Really good too. Not as good as the month we got the time before..."

Silver: Laura smiles. "Well, we didn't do as good this last time."

"Then this time, we will have to better." Kyle and Laura look up to see a ghostly green-white figure standing behind the emerald fire. The light casting its glow on the normally pale skin. He calmly walks through the blaze to stand over them.

Shanzar: "Is this how you prepare for battle now, by hiding from the wind?"

Kyle: "Well hello to you too," he smirks. "Nice to see you again. How you doing? Have a nice time?"

Shanzar: Folds his arms across his chest. "What business is that of yours."

Silver: Shakes her head at the response. "We keep showing up for interdimensional tournaments, and it doesn't seem to phase you at all."

Shanzar: No expression crosses the Sorcerer's face. "Why should it. It gives me the opportunity to prove how much better I am than the rest of you."

"Oh give me a break," a voice says from above. "Won't this guy ever grow a sense of humor?" The three look up as Deadline hovers over the outcropping on his anti-grav pads.

Shanzar: Sighs in exasperation. "I should have known I would have to suffer your presence again," he says.

DL: "Ahhh, I love you too big guy," Deadline laughs.

Kyle: "Why don't you two just get a room?" he asks.

DL: "I try, but he won't come with me," Deadline says. Shanzar just rolls his eyes. This makes the others laugh. "Hey," Deadline starts, "did you guys see that base over the rise. The thing is huge. I wouldn't be surprised if thei...gkkgk"

Kyle and Laura are on their feet in a second as they and Shanzar look up to see the black blade of a sword nearly pressed against Deadline's neck. Proctor peeks out from behind Deadline's head as he pins the assassign's arm behind his back with his free hand.

Proctor: "Where the hell is my team?" he hisses.

DL: "Ni...nice moves...slick," Deadline eeks out. "Did...didn't even hear you...coming."

Proctor: "Shut up!"

Kyle: Puts both of his hands up. "Listen, just listen. I think you're on our team now."

Proctor: Tightens his grip on Deadline, bringing the sword a hair closer to his neck. "Don't lie! We've fought enough times. I know my enemies."

Silver: "You idiot!" Laura shouts. "The battle hasn't started. And you know the teams never interact before the fight. So you have to be on our team."

Proctor: Considers her words. "...That is true. But I how can I trust you?"

GL: "Because we haven't attacked you yet."

Proctor: "That is because I have this man as a hostage."

Shanzar: "That would not stop me."

GL: "He's right. It wouldn't."

DL: "He's got a point. Besides, I could phase through this and take you out with no problem."

Proctor: "My sword cuts through anything. Anything. Do you really want to take that chance?"

DL: "He's got a point."

Proctor: Pulls his sword away and sheathes it. "It does not matter. You've convinced me."

Silver: "Well, that's good. So, if we can all calm down..." The others just stand there. "Fine. You were saying something, Deadline?"

DL: Rubs his throat as he steps away from Proctor. "Yeah. There's a big military-type base a couple of miles that way," he points. "But it's top secret, or something. No markings, no names. The road signs just have warnings, but never say what the base is or where they are."

GL: "Let me get this straight. A secret military base in the middle of a desert?"

DL: "Yep."

Shanzar: "What is it?"

GL: "I'll be sure in a second." A beam of energy shoots into the sky from Rayner's ring and scans the surrounding landscape from the upper atmosphere. "Yep, we're in Nevada."

DL: "I was right."

Proctor: "Right?"

GL: "Looks like we're gonna fight in Area-51."
great first game against the big cheese!!

I'll have mine up sunday ish....

: The Danger Room

Devistating Silence
Doomsday (DU)
Misty (DU)
Alex (MM)
Tap (DR)
Northstar (MR)


Lost Flock
Mary Marvel (DU)
Atlan (DU)
Black Tom (Plant form) (MM)
Speedball (MR)
Namorita (MR)

Devistating Silence

Captain Marvel: They appear and no one moves.... puzzled... I enter information... Faces turn from this :confused:, to this :eek: and this :yellow:

Alex: Stop him!

Bye the time he said stop Doomsday has NorthStars' head paperthin against the X-men Danger Room Wall!

Misty: !potS

Time around Doomsday is frozen, Alex: Yes!

Tap: Um! Um! Um!!!!!

Alex: Settle down.

Tap: HOW?!?!?!? ITS DOOMSDAY!!! He already killed NorthStar(Even though I would've, because hes gay) and hes going to kill!, AGAIN! And AGAIN!

Alex: Shut! Up!... Magic a major trump card.., Doomsday is suspended animation until she says so.

Misty: And only I could've done that, because. Your only a... Medium?

Captain Marvel: That is Correct.​

Everyone looks upward, Alex: Who are you?

Captain Marvel: I run things around here.(Figuretively).. get used to it.. or you just might die(For Real), like NorthStar there.

But, more to the point. Alex, you will lead this group of, now 4, to victory tomorrow.​

Alex: Why me?... Why do I know these people?... Why do I know how powerful they are?...

Captain Marvel: Cosmic Awareness. I 'lent' you my awareness to speed things along... In all actuallity, if I wouldn't have gave you all the awareness, Misty would've stopped Doomsday seconds after he killed, you, Alex. Then I would have shown up anyway to inform everyone of the situation that you all now face with 5 other people.

But its only temperary... After you leave this room tomorrow, the 'Awareness' will ware off. So you must come up with a strategy by then and find a way to make Doomsday... "Compatable" with the team.​

Alex: Then why is there only 5 of us here, if there are ten altogether?

Captain Marvel: This is how it has been "divined".

Each team of 10 people will have 5 people start each Battle(Limitations of Power - 2 Uber, 1 Medium and 2 Regulars.), of which, 2 must be from the Marvel Universe and 2 from the DC Universe. Each teams' creator will choose the roster as they see fit.​

Misty: Creator?

Captain Marvel: If you believe or know of any god. Then you get the point. Only one creator has the power of 'God' throughout this whole shpeel... He is to be referred to as, "The Commish".

Oh, By the way. Let Doomsday go. As you will see, Doomsday has developed a lesser, more appropriate adaption, without your help.​

Misty: .eunitnoC

Standing Boldly, Doomsday: Even though I have evolved in a more appropriate manner., I still scare the **** out of you, don't I?

Tap: Yes..

Disappearing, Captain Marvel: Well. I'll leave this to you now, Alex​

Alex: First things first.. We need information... Computer.... Computer!...

Tap: Wow. Your good.

Alex: Shut-Up.... We need a way to access the Danger Room Computer so we can pull up any information 'The X-men' may have...

Misty: But how? NorthStar was the only X-man here...

Doomsday: Take the Queers voice....

Alex: Misty...

Misty: ecalpeR 'sxelA eciov htiw sratShtroN.


Alex: Computer.

Computer: X-man, designate, NorthStar.

Alex: Computer, display in a 3D hologram with information beside them, our opponents tomorrow.

Computer: Holographic Images, Engaged...

Profiles, Engaged - Black Tom (Plant Form), SpeedBall

Alex: Any other ideas?..

Tap: Mary Marvel is a part of the Marvel Family. Meaning she is Majorly strong, fast, smart, durable and magically imbued with the power of 'Shazaam'...

[ To Be Continued ]
AnnoyingSilence said:
(Hey, wie, I dropped thunder for Tap)

Devistating Silence


Lost Flock
Mary Marvel (DU)
Atlan (DU)
Black Tom (Plant form) (MM)
Tempest (DR)
Namorita (MR)

When was the last time Trop was around?
I checked his posts, and the most recent ones listed were from about 2 months ago.

Also, note that Tempest has been replaced by Speedball (since Tempest wasn't actually a reg.)
Im editing although i dont think ill be voting in this weeks battles as i havent a clue how to do the rating system so either UJ can vote or ill just watch to see how it works
Voting may now begin....

Man I was hoping to hear how you brought back Northstar....:(
Well, since we're doing this ranking thing and I have no one elses votes to get an idea of how we should rank... I'll just give it my shot based on write up (or lack there of), team members, etc.

Devistating Silences 6/10
Lost Flock 3/10

Chaos & Order 6/10
Justice Knights 4/10
Devastating Silence: 4
Lost Flock: 3

Justice Knights: 2
Chaos & Order: 5

Summary: No one gets that many points, since they didn't do the battles. But something is better than nothing. (Still, even the teams that did nothing get points for throwing together a decent lineup.) I scored AS's match a little closer, because I thought those teams were more even. (I don't think UJ's team has a good answer for Shanzar.)
Set 1
Devistating Silence: 2
Lost Flock: 0

Justice Knights: 0
Chaos and Order: 2

Automatic two points because of having prep-time.
Devistating Silence: 5
Lost Flock: 4

Justice Knights: 3
Chaos & Order: 6

Superman with Mjolnir is a pretty decent answer for Shanzar, I think, which is why I gave them a few free points for the line-up alone. Whether Superman could actually use Mjolnir very well is debatable, but Mjolnir itself can suck up magic energy with ease, so that'd at least take the edge out of the battle for the magic-vulnerable Supes.
I kind of figured Supes wouldn't have the experience to do much with Mjolnir (beyond the basic stuff like bashing people or shooting lightning), but I haven't read the JLA/Avengers crossover, so I wouldn't know.
He only held it for like ten minutes before his exception was lifted and he was rendered unworthy again. But who's to say he couldn't make it absorb energy? Part of the reason uru was chosen as the material for Mjolnir is because it retains magic so well.
Devistating Silence 5/10
Lost Flock 3/10

Justice Knights 4/10
Chaos & Order 6/10

BTW I think I was the only one who voted by PM which was a pain in the ass. I kept my votes the same since nothing new was added. I thought voting was over this morning so I wanted to make sure I voted late last night.
TheCorpulent1 said:
He only held it for like ten minutes before his exception was lifted and he was rendered unworthy again.
Wait, so Superman is normally unworthy? Who the hell from DC is worthy then?
Wonder Woman was during the DC vs. Marvel that led to Amalgam.
Yeah, but that's the same series that had Wolverine beat Lobo, so what the hell do they know? (Yeah, fan voting, but still...)

Anyway, I just don't get how Superman is any less worthy than Captain America. They both have the same indomitable spirit, they both stand for the same basic ideals . . . the main difference is that Supes is a hell of a lot more powerful. (Plus he's an alien, but that's neither here nor there.) How does that possibly lessen his worthiness?
Superman's not a warrior like Cap is. Remember, Norse worthiness. ;)
And Wonder Woman is an Amazonian warrior.

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