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Duh.....I'm an Editor.


Aug 30, 2003
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Doesn't it piss you off when they cant find ****? I'm not talking about continuity errors and stuff (we all know editors miss that **** all the time) I mean little details like......oh i dunno. Today's Ultimate Spider-man #94.

one Panel Jean and Storm's faces are in Said Panel. Two smal Pices of Dialogue:



"I-I don't know."

And they put the word baloons on the wrong people? WTF? I can understand if it was Jean and Kitty, they kinda look somewhat the same. But it's Red Haired White Girl Jean and White Haired Black Chick Storm. Should they not have caught this?

List other examples and how it makes you feel when Editors don't care whatsoever about thier jobs.
Its disappointing, cos who doesn't want to get paid to sit and read comics??
wait what happened? I didn't get, I have read the last two arcs...
It's nothing that spoils it.

Just in one Panel the Letterer mixed up the dialogue between Jean and Ororo. It happens a lot but this particlar one has Jean saying "Jean?"
Ah man, thats great.
In the latest Savage Dragon, really is spelt wrong, and in one of last week's Marvel comics they put between between.

Those little Comic Shop News papers are the worst when it comes to correct spelling and grammar. They had an interview with Greg Rucka that had at least five mistakes in it.
I remember once about a year or so ago they did a stand alone issue of DareDevil about the song of Don "the Bomb" who built the bomb that destroyed Matt Murdock's house (in Born Again)...it was during the bendis run. In the issue they said Don built it to avoid DD's supersenses (i.e. so he could not hear it ticking). This is really problematic because in the beginning of "Born Again", the Kingpin who ordered the destruction said Matt Murdock was so determined that "he would fake blindness in everyday life"...later it was revealed Karen had told no one about Matt's senses...meaning he would have not bothered to neutralize the sound at all. Furthermore Matt Murdock was out of his apartment all day contesting the charges brought against him....any simple research of Born Again would've revealed this...they need editor's bad.
ShadowBoxing said:
"he would fake blindness in everyday life".

Matt murdock does fake blindness in every day life, his acute senses mean that he reacts differently to outside stimuli than a blind man does therefore he has to 'fake' being a blind man. (he's done it numerous times in the comic).
I don't remeber the issue number, but I remember an issue of ultimate spidey where he and MJ were talking and in one panel they colored peter as if he were MJ. Thats right, Peter had lipstick, green eyes and red hair. How stupid can you be?
ampersand said:
Thats right, Peter had lipstick, green eyes and red hair.
Young Avengers, now this...
Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but wasn't Uatu taken out at some point? I'm pretty sure I remember readin' somewhere that Uatu was no longer th' Watcher or somethin' to that effect.
IC #7 had a spelling mistake that stuck out like a sore thumb

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