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DVD Collection Rating Thread.

Pretty good but some of those movies are complete crap (i.e. Spawn, Mortal Kombat, Resident Evil)

But you have some awesome ones (i.e. Aqua Teen, Terminator 2, etc)

I give you a 7/10
And why would you waste your money on the Deluxe Version of Resident Evil :mad:
My friends and I have a thing for zombie movies, and Resident Evil would be the one my mainstream fellows could swallow, plus I thought it was decent.

Mortal Kombat was 5$ and I love the end fight.

Spawn was a gift my brother.

Now post your collections dammit. :mad:
the onl dvd collection i own to date is spider-man the 67 collection tho i've just put GI JOE SEASON ONE on layaway
Extra Points to - Waking Life, Eternal Sunshine, Adaptation, Equilibrium
Score - 35/46

Extra Points - none
Score - 22/95

Extra Points - none
Score - 65/175

Go Web Go!:
Extra Points - none
Score - 2/36

My Collection
Clerk: 7/10
Movies 205: 8/10
QGJ: 9/10
Go Web Go: 8/10 (needs to be bigger)
Robozilla: 9/10
I just added Adventures of Baron Munchausen!
Note I don't buy a lot of dramas(though those are probably a lot of my favoriteS) because there not much replay value.
also, why did no one tell me that they were releasing another universal monsters legacy collection set!?!?!? god damn it!
Spidey-Boy523 i'll give you 7/10. you have some quality titles there

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