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E3 Champion 2006

Nintendo. While Microsoft had the best conference; according to reports on the floor practically everyone was playing Revo, and the MS and Sony lines were a LOT smaller. I think E32006 has been a huge sucess for Nintendo.

Microsoft and Sony cancelled eachother out game wise, but Sony shot themselves in the foot with the pricing, Nintendo walked away with the most enthusiasm.
Nintendo did. Not just the Wii but also great games comming up for the DS. The Wii had great lunch titles and all this showed that Nintendo is not near death but this is just the begining.
Incredibly clear-cut this year. Nintendo.
You don't think that Nintendo won E3? :confused:
Man, you should know by now that I've seen so many ii jokes that I've started screening them before they reach my concious mind. :mad:

Haha, oops. :o
i dunno wtf is wrong what ya'll...Xbox won!!!!!!

All who embrace the mushroom system that shall lead us to glorious salvation are my family.
Anyone who doesn't say Nintendo is dillusional.
Indiglo said:

seriously, Nintendo got me since Mario bros in the NES with the 'shrooms!

I mean, those japs are high all the time, but 'shrooms? Brilliance
Wii will have on online sevice that's an extension of how DS online works. :)
...meaning that online will be kind of sucky.
There was really no point to this thread you noob, but Nintendo.
Are they still doing the "Plug your ethernet cable into this device" so it makes your connection wi fi and your Wii automatically picks up on it? I think that would actually be kinda sweet.

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