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EA Lose 007 rights

Yeah, Activision might be able to make a half decent game.
Yeah hopefully we will get agood games from them and make Bond game for PC as well.
EA's games sucked anyway.
Activision will do a better job.........hopefully.

Nintendo should get rights and make another Goldeneye-calibur game.
GoldenEye is the Best, get Nintendo and Rare back together. :up:
Yeah the only stand out after Goldeneye was Everything or Nothing which was a good start for a better style but then FRWL, was very fun but was a step back and dumbed down and shortened the style of EON instead of making it longer and better. Hopefully they can make a Goldfinger game with Connery too though.
I always thought it'd be cool to make updates to the GoldenEye game the way they have with Halo2. While Halo is a great game, GoldenEye was revolutionary.
With Everything or Nothing, it's a decent game, but it doesn't capture the espionage and cool of James Bond the way GoldenEye did.
C'mon......EON was the best Bond game ever made.

It captured everything about Bond, Goldeneye couldn't. It was and still is an incredible game.......incredible fps. But EON just delivered the Bond stuff.

I'm surprised. EA was doing great work. I imagine it'll take about 4 or 5 years for Activision to "get it right". Sigh......here we go again.

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