ESPN's "The Greatest Highlight"


Apr 24, 2007
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ESPN has started a tournament of sorts to determine, by vote, what is the greatest highlight of all time. Right now the voting is open for Hank Aaron's home run to pass the Babe vs. Fisk's home run that he "willed" fair. Do the right thing, vote Aaron.

The Greatest Highlight
Yeah, Aaron's home run being less voted for, and therefore not as "great" as Fisk's home run would be pretty absurd.
Even if you're from Boston, I don't see how it is possible to vote for Fisk's homer over Aaron record breaking feat. I'm a huge Jordan fan and I wouldn't be able to vote for MJ's shot over it. It may actually come down to those two in that bracket.
I voted Aaron without I will vote Laettner(personal favorite)
and I will vote MJ's shot the next time...
Stupidly limited list. :down

Muhhammad Ali knocking out George Foreman in round 8 of the Rumble in the Jungle. :up: Or Buster Douglas knocking out Mike Tyson to pull out the 42-1 upset.
Aaron definitely, alot of subtext with that whole highlight & feat. but one of my other favorites is Christian Laetners gamewinner at Duke
I missed the chance to vote for Hank Aaron.

But out of the 2 available now, I chose the Cal vs. Stanford one
Yeah so did I. I liked Laetners shot but it just can't beat one of the, if not the, greatest college football play of all time.
As long as Aaron's home run takes out that damn Hail Flutie play in the next round. :up:

The left side of the bracket is stacked. Aaron's dinger, Jordan's shot and the Cal-Stanford play are all top notch choices for a highlight. Nothing on the right side would seem able to compete, with the top probably being Buckner's gaff or the Immaculate Reception.
I don't think I can give an error the title of greatest highlight (or in this case lowlight). But still, even then it's bull****. There was another game to be played. Jordan's was pretty important because not only did it win the title, it was a turning point in the NBA. After that shot fell, things changed forever. It's going to be a tough choice between that and Aaron. I still give the edge to Aaron right now.
If Jordan hadn't have come back after winning that title, it'd be a closer call for me. That's just such a perfect moment. All things considered though, I'm gonna go with Aaron. It's an outstanding sports moment that carries a social significance as well. Plus, watching that takes me out of all the crap that baseball is currently mired in.
I just kinda ignore those 2 years with the Wizards,even though considering his age, he was still having 30, 40 point games which was amazing in it's own right as well as averaging over 20 points for those two seasons. It wasn't the same though.
Oh damn, I just noticed this right now. The Cal vs. Stanford play beat out Laetner and I was just about to vote for Jordan's shot, but I decided to watch it for the hell of it. It's not the jumper in Game 6 that did win them the title, it's the one where he hit it at the buzzer a game or two before that earlier in the series. Unless they got the video wrong or something, but I can't believe that highlight would be in over his last shot as a Bull that won a title. I haven't voted yet. I guess I it still beats out the Boise State Statue of Liberty play, but now it's a no brainer if it comes down to Jordan's shot and Aaron's homer. Hopefully they just goofed up or something.

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