Stand-Alone Movies Ewoks: Caravan of Courage and the Battle for Endor

i remember watching these movies when i was a kid. Disney Channel would often play them. and yeah, that second film is pretty dark for a family film.
Gosh... I remember so looking forward to seeing the first one. I recall the simulcast gimmick. I also recall feeling somewhat frustrated that we didn't learn much more about the wider world of STAR WARS during THE EWOK ADVENTURE. Like, the family, were they loyal citizens of the Empire, or did they have Alliance leanings? Why were they in area of Endor and it's moons anyway? Was this taking place before or after ROTJ? These were questions even as a little kid that I had. The second film clarifies that, yes, this is taking place after ROTJ (the villains used broken and repaired blasters left behind by the Imperials and Rebels), but that feeling of disconnect always held the first one back from being a good SW tie in product. And the killing off of the family in the second just felt off. That being said, having not seen them in a LONG time, I do remember them having a certain level of quality, production wise, and since I actually like the Ewoks, it was cool to spend some more time with them.
I love this movie bought the dvd 2 pack a few years ago.

Was just catching up on wiki, it claims the films took place between the empire strikes back and return of the jedi... which doesn't add up considering Wicket shared no signs of knowing english in rotj...
Some fun stuff from wiki...

Since the release of*The Battle for Endor*in 1985, several elements from the film have gone on to appear in other works from theStar Wars*Expanded Universe. Many times, the characters, locations, or other elements are elaborated on in greater detail.

Star Wars: Ewoks*(1985–1987) was an ABC animated series featuring the Ewoks that ran for two seasons. A follow-up to the two films, it incorporated several elements introduced in the two Ewok films, such as the appearance of Queen Izrina of the Wisties.

Star Tours*(1987) - When Disney and Lucasfilm joined forces for the Star Tours ride, Lucasfilm suggested that certain characters be included in the Safety Guide video before the ride began. However, an Ewok costume from An Ewok Adventure (opposed to another Ewok costume from Return of the Jedi) and Teek were included in the instructional short.

Tyrant's Test*(1996) - According to the official continuity of the*Star Wars*Expanded Universe, the character of Cindel Towani went on to appear in*Tyrant's Test, the third book ofMichael P. Kube-McDowell's*Star Wars*book series,*The Black Fleet Crisis Trilogy. In the novel, set over ten years after*The Battle for Endor, Cindel is shown to have grown to become a reporter on*Coruscant. During the Yevethan crisis, Cindel received the so-calledPlat Mallar*tapes from Admiral Drayson, and leaked the story of the only survivor of the Yevethan attack of Polneye. The report was meant to garner sympathy among the people of the*New Republic*and the Senate and it worked. The Expanded Universe timeline states Cindel decided to join the New Republic and go into*journalism*after witnessing theBattle of Endor

The Illustrated Star Wars Universe*(1997) by*Kevin J. Anderson*explains the origins of Charal the witch who kidnaps Cindel in*The Battle for Endor*in relation to*The Courtship of Princess Leia, in that it reveals that she was once one of the*Nightsisters, a dark side force-using sect of the witches of dathomir from the planet

Dathomir.HoloNet issue #49*(2002) was an issue of the in-universe news report. In the "regional" section of this issue, the article "Moddell Starship Search Abandoned", explains that the search has been called off for the rescue of Salek Weet and Noa Briqualon, which had been funded by Salek's father, Jimke Weet. The search was said to have been called off due to the fact that Jimke had to file bankruptcy due to his expenses in the search.

Star Wars Galaxies: An Empire Divided(2003) is a*MMORPG. In the game, when exploring the*forest moon of Endor, the player can run across the base of the Sanyassan Marauders, who were originally seen in*

The Battle for EndorGeonosis and the Outer Rim Worlds*(2004) was a*sourcebook*for the*Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game. In it, Terak's son Zakul takes over rule of his Marauders after Terak's death. The book gives Terak's bio and stats. It explains his death, and the rise of his son, Zakul.
Are these films worth picking up? I know they are cheesy, but is it in an interesting kind of way for fans of the original trilogy? Or is it more like Holiday special in the sence that it's realy cheap and boring?
I love them and if you're a fan of the Ewoks you will as well.
I know these films! I thought I was the only one who knew about them! I first discovered them while look at alien pictures on the Star Wars wikia, I came across the Teek:

charming little beastie isn't he?
I was confused and wondered what movie it came form, I did more research and learned about the two Ewok films. I looked them up and low and behold I found them on Youtube and watched them.
I LOVE these films!:woot:
They are so so cheesy, you can see Lucas flexing some of his Willow ideas all over these films especially the first movie. The production design is actually better then your average made-for-tv movie but beyond that you can tell Lucas is trying to do...something. I like the Sanyassans (the ape guys, yes I'm nerdy enough to know what they're called) from the second movie; they're an entire race of idiots; like the scene when two of them are entertaining themselves by pouring water on a motherboard and watching sparks fly.
And the villains in these movies are bizzare; the gorax from the first is a troll or giant straight out of a fantasy movie from that era, the witch from the second movie is probably the most incompetent witch I've ever seen and the leader of the Sanyassans from the second movie has a voice that makes general grievous sound healthy.
Truthfully I kind of like the second movie better then the first one, the first one is Willow with Ewoks narrated by Burl Ives :woot: while the second one kills off all the family and becomes space heidi with alien maurauders.
These are not good movies but I adore them; they're not really 'so bad they're good' movies like the Holiday Special. These are guilty pleasure films; I know they're not good but gosh-darn it they're fun!
Also in that category are: Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, Jupiter Ascending, and Frank Miller's The Spirit.
Are these films worth picking up? I know they are cheesy, but is it in an interesting kind of way for fans of the original trilogy? Or is it more like Holiday special in the sence that it's realy cheap and boring?
They're somewhere in between; they're shorter then the Holiday Special and have more going on but they're not as genuinely good as the original trilogy. If you like fun-bad movies or 80s sci-fi and fantasy then they're worth a watch, if you like fun-bad films then these are an own.
I remember that the little girl was adorable and the Giant creature in the cave in one of the movies was creepy af
Anyone remember these movies?


I have to admit, I loved these movies as a kid, though I haven't seen them in a long time. The first one in particular was good, cheesy fun. I do think it is odd that only the Ewoks, of all things, got spin-off live-action films after the original trilogy.


Not at all. The Ewoks were quite popular as I recall.

I love these movies and I wish Lucasfilm would release them on iTunes in HD with some extras.

The hell with Rogue One, Han Solo, Obi-Wan Kenobi - an epic Ewok trilogy on the scale of the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings directed by Mel Gibson with their dialogue completely in Ewokese and no humans. That is what I want. :drl:

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