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Exam Time


Aug 25, 2006
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Am I the only one on edge and bored out of my mind having to study for twenty hours straight now?

Typing out notes to study with based on book material while having a 'Supernatural' marathon which is making the whole exam process easier.

What do you think of exams...
How do you study?....
How do you take breaks- or don't take breaks...
i go all out and study hard for a couple hours , retain what i can and then take a long break , then come back to it . if i try to remeber too much i wont , so if i feel overloaded i have to stop for a while .
I like to do mini-cram sessions...It often depends on the expected formats of the exams themselves.

I'm meant to hand up 3 projects, but I'm sick.
My first exam's today! Sciences, wish me luck guys! It begins at 12:00 so I'll be heading out soon.
I've just had a Geography exam. I spent too long on the first question and only had 30 minutes to do the remaining 2! :eek:
Good luck to all of you. its a tough time but at least you will have some long holidays to recuperate if you do well.
last exam for the semester is on monday.....am yet to start studying properly.....

really regretting not going to any lectures since week 3.,...

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