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Fallout Video Game Franchise: Discussion about every single Fallout Video Game


Nov 1, 2012
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Welcome to the general discussion thread for the entire fallout franchise from Fallout 1 all the way to Fallout: New Vegas. You are allowed to discuss the PS3, Xbox 360,and PC versions of any Fallout video game. Let the discussions begin.
Fallout I remember how I discovered this game series I' was watching Old angry Joe Videos

get 3 and NV in 2011 I did not get problems That comes with the games after release

I tried to play the first one until I discovered it's Have my worst enemie in games I hate Turn-Based Combat with the power of a thousand suns

Every time I finish playing 3 I lose the ability to listen to fifties music because every time I hear an old song I feel depressed and think about world geting destroyed
So Iceman, we havent talked since July. How was the FO3 run?

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