Fantastic Four Radio Show: Narrated By The Man

Jul 7, 2005
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If y'all younger hypesters haven't heard these yet, take a listen they are quite good, and Bill Murray as The Human Torch :eek:

Season One:
Episode 1: Meet The Moleman
Episode 2: The Menace of the Miracle Man
Episode 3: The Coming of the Submariner
Episode 4: Meet Doctor Doom
Episode 5: Prisoners of the Puppetmaster
Episode 6: Face The Hulk
Episode 7: The Hate Monger (which seems a lot of ppl on these boards a fans of with all the hate :o)

Two / Episode 8: The Return of Doom
Parter \ Episode 9: In the Clutches of Doom
Episode 10: The Super Skrull
Episode 11: Rama Tut
Episode 12: The Red Ghost
Episode 13: The Submariner Strikes

If anyone knows where I can get the rest of the episodes (27 more apparently) as mp3s preferably I will be enternally grateful! This is an excellent series and I wish to have all episodes on my mp3 player (which I'm getting for Xmas...)
I bought these MP3s on Ebay some time ago, thanks for posting them here. They are really a lot of fun, and it's a great kick to hear Bill Murray yell "FLAME ON!"

I'm not sure, but I don't think they go past these shows. I saw an interview somewhere online with the guy who produced these shows, and apparently he lost a lot of money (including his house) in trying to put them together. (Don't have the link, but I think if you Google Fantastic Four radio show you might find it. It was someone who worked on the National Lampoon Radio Hour, also an excellent 70s radio show, also starring Murray.) It's too bad. The radio shows are campy but fun (I had my kids entertained for a two day drive with them), and if they were successful apparently there were plans to do more.
"It's okay, Sis. I just feel a little warm, that's all!"

-Bill Murray

EDIT: Is that Gomez Addams as Reed?
I have all of these. Really great to listen too while you're surfin' the net. Or at least I think so. :D

:ff: :ff: :ff:
Hell yeah. I made my contest entry listening to ALL of took 200 and something minutes rrh but they are very entertaining so it went by fast
CConn said:
"It's okay, Sis. I just feel a little warm, that's all!"

-Bill Murray

EDIT: Is that Gomez Addams as Reed?

I thought Reed sounded like Stacy Keach.


Nope, not him either. They name the players at the end of the Submariner episode.
The one with the Hulk is ridiculous. I don't remember exactly how General Ross says it, but he says somethings like "even though Sue can't really help, she can be there for moral support." To with Reed replies, "That's how we think of her, too."

They would never dare say anything like that today.

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