Fashion Editor Walks Into Propeller

Yeah... it's not that simple. Propellers are loud. When you're near one, that's all you hear. And depending on the conditions, there could be a lot of wind on the airfield not being produced by the plane.
Even so, common sense should have kicked in and said, "Don't walk that way!!" I've gotten off of planes on the tarmac before. They park the plane perpendicular to the building. You just exit the plane and walk straight to the terminal. Very easy to do. Kind of like, when you get out of a cab, you don't walk in front of it.
Apparently she was trying to walk around to wave at the pilot or something.
This is no time to be sarcastic. I'm glad she's alive.
Yikes...that's a really bad accident. I hope she went unconscience because really...being awake as blood gushes out of your head and seeing your severed hand on the ground is not something you want to remember.
i feel bad for her.. But how did she not see or hear the engines?
This is no time to be sarcastic. I'm glad she's alive.

I'm glad she's alive too, maybe this will be a lesson in paying attention to one's surroundings for her, but let's be serious for a moment here, it's ALWAYS time to be sarcastic.

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