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Favorite Bond Soundtrack


Jul 14, 2002
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John Barry did an amazing job with all the Bond films he composed. And, Marvin Hamlisch did a pretty cool job with The Spy Who Loved Me.

But. . .if I were to pick a favorite it would be Goldfinger. That's the one score that perfectly fits the image. The other Bond scores you can use as temp music. And they have! Barry's 007 score (seperate from the James Bond theme) was used a lot. Goldfinger is the one you can't you as temp music unless you re-arrange it because it fits the footage so perfectly. You can't seperate the film from the music.

As for the song. . .it was great. The franchise has offered some other great stuff including that Duran Duran song. But, this one is top 5.
"Nobody Does It Better", with "Live And Let Die" an oh so close second.
As far as score AND song, I like YOLT. Score alone I like OHMSS and song alone LALD of course.
My favourite score is The Spy Who Loved Me, but one piece of Bond music I have always loved, but has never been on a soundtrack is the James Bond heme from the Goldeneye trailer!......
A.V.T.A.K sounds awesome, as well as T.W.I.N.E. The good thing about The Living Daylights it's like 007 meets Michael Jackson's "Bad" album
I love 'The Living Daylights' by A-Ha :up:
Greenshirt said:
A.V.T.A.K sounds awesome

AVTAK is the most exciting Bond song. It just makes the whole movie so much more dramatic.
1. For Your Eyes Only
2. A View to a Kill
3. The Living Daylights
4. Nobody Does it Better
5. Live and Let Die
Score wise it would have to be John Barry's The Living Daylights and Bill Conti's For Your Eyes Only...
Garbage - The World Is Not Enough

But not one of them is realy bad.


Keep in mind for Gf,TB,Yolt,Ohmss,Daf and LALD that i don´t have the edition´s with more music,but the old one´s.

1/2. For Your eyes only / The Living Day lights
3. The World is not enough
4. Tomorrow Never Dies
5. Die Another Day

I can´t realy choose between Four your eyes only and The Living Day lights
I like the theme songs for "Goldfinger", "Thunderball", "OHMSS", "The Spy Who Loved Me", "Octopussy" and "Moonraker".
"Live and Let Die" followed by "Goldfinger"
i've voted for FRWL, though GF's score was a close second for me... both had extremely memorable music that shaped the scores of future films...
YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE, without a doubt. It's a stunningly beautiful song with gorgeous lyrics, and the score is John Barry's masterpiece. It has no competition for the title, I think.

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