FF footage leaked



go to joblo.com right now and view it there. it's pretty good. also i'm posting for the first time but i've been a long time viewer, so hi. :doom:
Damn, you beat me to it!

The pics look great, downloading it right now.
Oh... My.. GOD!

Doom seems to have a mask!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(btw, it looks awesome :cool: )

Looked Ok, don't think the FX is quite complete. That Torch shot looked to cartoonish, and the music sucked. Doom sounded good, it's good he has his mask. Need to see more footage. FOX has to fix the FX.
-Prays he didn't Grow the mask-

His human eyes, and the skin around them makes me think it is a mask, rather than his skin.

Edit: And in the interview, Julian says he will have a "steel face", but it's never made clear if he'll have organic steel skin or not. But the video clearly shows it's a mask (or a very bad "organic steel skin" ;) )

Second edit: Now, i'm hoping that Doom will have a full body armor, rather than just an iron mask. Can't wait to see the "full Doom"! :up:
wow cool! i haven't been the boards in a long time, but i'm glad i came back now! fantastic four is looking really good.
Even my hopes may perk up. Perhaps when Julian M. said in the big interview, "Now who am I playing, again?" He was humorously referring to an extreme re-write ongoing. Hope-hope-hope...
Considering most of the FX in that clip looks like it was test stuff it looks pretty damn good (The shot of the Thing tossing a car down the street should look sweet as hell once its cleaned up).

And Doom's mask, organic or not, looks fine to me.

Haven't got time right now but I'll get some stills put up a little later (if no-one else does itfirst :) )
Even my hopes may perk up. Perhaps when Julian M. said in the big interview, "Now who am I playing, again?" He was humorously referring to an extreme re-write ongoing. Hope-hope-hope...

Same here. For the first time in MONTHS, i'm beginning to have "some" hopes for Doom. :up:
whoa that was good:up:

FX isn't done yet but still looks decent. it all looks very cool. And my hopes for Doom shot up. But that footage alone made me extremely excited for this movie.
I think the whole worry about the Thing wasnt where ppl shoulda been lookin. the rest of the cast kinda seems a liitle weak. although these are clips and half of it with the actors not in character. I dont know aboot anyone else but that gospel chanting operatic music is really wearing thin. its like "here we'll play this music so you know what your seeing is gonna be epic"
Wow...even with the movie more than 1/2 a year away, the effects look pretty damn nice. I can't wait untill I see the finished product.
I keep getting error code when trying to play it. I only hear the sound. Any help would be appreciated.

It says "error downloading codec" ????
Flame on!

I mean, sorry, but yahoo... I remember hearing back when they were considering having 'just the hands' flame on for the Torch. Gah I hated that. This clip assures me that at least once, we get the full body burn.

Didn't see enough to judge the acting fairly yet.
Cant download it!!!!!could anyone post it in Quicktime format?please.....
Man that looked awesome!

I definitely want to see it with better picture but dammit does it look cool! The spaceship and space station along with the cosmic rays look great.

Reed's stretching looked really well done in what seemed to be test shots of the stretching arm. It looks like he'll be doing some of those trademark comic stretchings from the look of those placeholder storyboard pictures(Ioan has some goofy faces on them though).

The Thing...wow. Breaking a shot glass because of his huge strong hands are a nice touch and it looks like he'll be tossing police cars. The best part is watching him emote through his 'rocky hyde', Michael Chiklis in a Thing suit was a very wise choice.

Sue turning invisible was very cool. Jessica Alba seems to be playing her well just looking at the preview.

Johnny is perfect. This definitely answers the "will he flame on entirely?" question. I love the way he rose in flames and how flamboyant he was.

Doom's mask kicks ass, it just screams Doom. I can't to see him in full armor and hooded cloak.

July 4th cannot get here soon enough!
Doom looks awesome. I want to see more of the Thing in action to see how that works out. Hope it's good. That's one area I'm a little concerned about, now that the Torch appears safe. Love the comic drawing of Reed trying to restrain Ben. That was always one of my fav's. Hope this means we'll see that in the movie. Like it both from a visual, and a story line concept.

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