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Aug 16, 2005
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There's a short video attached to the article with a sneak of the carnival mentioned, plus Hugh talking to the crew. There really isn't much sound.,22049,23300667-5001021,00.html

Wolverine Hugh Jackman roams city at night
March 01, 2008 12:00am

HUGH Jackman clawed his way through Sydney's urban jungle last night, sinking his teeth into filming for his new movie Wolverine.

The filming of the first spin-off from the hugely successful X-Men series gave the normally quiet streets of Glebe in Sydney's Inner-West a taste of Hollywood on the back of the Aussie actor's star power.

Glebe's Federal Park - one of Sydney's off-leash dog areas - was the setting for the one-night shoot.

Jackman and his wife Deborra-Lee Furness were seen laughing and chatting with crew and extras as they inspected the purpose-built carnival set. However, Jackman disappointed bystanders by not ripping off his shirt and getting his claws out.

The carnival scene was fitting for Mardi Gras eve but the storyline was set in the 1970s. In what appeared to be a flashback sequence, extras wore afros, flairs and bad sideburns as they rode the ferris-wheel.
I haven't seen him wear his glasses in a while!

The guy in the baseball cap walking with Deb is John Palermo, a partner in their production company Seed Productions.
Will.I.Am was supposedly there. I d'know, AICN reported that much.
Carnival scene huh? I think this is where we see Blob's first appearance.

The set was pretty cool. They had sealed off a fairly large section of the park and done it up as a carnival with lots of bright lights, some rides and a Ferris Wheel and various attractions. There were a lot of extras milling around in typical carnival attire such as mimes, clowns etc.

We made it past security and into the restricted area and were wandering around through the trailers and such but couldn't really get close enough to the set to see much, although we did go past Ralph Winter and John Palermo's trailers. We doubled back around and discovered there was an area where we could get quite a good view of the set and that was actually open to the public with security letting us stand quite close. Unfortunately all of the lights really messed up my camera and none of the photos turned out very well.

We saw someone who looked like from the Black Eyes Peas wearing a purple jacket and sporting an afro walking around the carnival set and conferring with the director, but what I found most interesting was the set dressing of the sideshow attraction. There was one that had a picture of a man with a beard in a top hat called Dr Freak advertising his freak show with a woman called 'Elastina' who I assume is going to be a mutant. There was also a three headed baby. It'll be interesting to see how this ties in to the film.




Beak appeared in a carnival scene in the 06 script, too.
That was the lamest video ever.
There's a short video attached to the article with a sneak of the carnival mentioned, plus Hugh talking to the crew. There really isn't much sound.,22049,23300667-5001021,00.html
The first bit of footage from the set i think. Thanks.
Carnival scene huh? I think this is where we see Blob's first appearance.
Casting call for the carnival scene....

feature film SYDNEY need CARNEY ACTS
This just came in,
I'm not an agent so just putting it out there for all. If you get anything from it buy me a drink (if you want)... it's only a passing camera shot. So don't expect to be flown in from New York but if you are in Aussie ,,, give her a tinkle

Dear Nick,

Thank you having a chat with me this evening. As I mentioned I am working on a Feature film that will be shot in Sydney. I am looking for featured extras to perform in a carnival style scene.

If you could put me in touch with any of the following that would be great.

1. Fire Breather
2. Snake Charmer
3. Contortionist
4. Ventriloquist
5. Sword Swallower

$500 per day

If there is any other I should be looking at that I am not... Please let me know.



Alanna Perry
Extras Casting Director
Wolverine Films Pty Ltd
Unit 14 & 15, Stage 2
(Postal: FSA#3)
Fox Studios Australia
38 Driver Avenue
Moore Park NSW 2021
E: ***************
Ph: **.**** ****

02-13-08 11:56 PM
Beak appeared in a carnival scene in the 06 script, too.
And what do you know Monaghan was spotted on set.:woot:

From the Rekords Rekords Forum:
Hellb0und Yesterday, 02:13 Post #35

I just walked by the set, and the only star i've seen was Dominic Monaghan. I got there in a bad time, they were all inside a big tent having dinner.

He is shorter than me... ah!

I did a search, and apparently he is playing Blackwing (Barnell Bohusk) formerly known as Beak

"Monaghan has been confirmed to have been cast in the X-Men movie spinoff Wolverine as Beak (comics)."

He seemed like a really simple guy, he walked passed and said "hey what's up?"
I didn't even recognized him before he said that, because i was talking to a friend while we were leaving the set.
From a distance he looked like any other guy working on the filming site.
Hellb0und Yesterday, 03:41 PM Post #37

I did not walk onto the film set, i walked around it, because they are filming a scene in a park 500m from my house in Sydney.

Aparently it's a scene in a circus/amusement park, probably where Blackwing is... I have a couple of pics, but i can't be arsed to upload them now.
Another Beak reporting from this set:

I managed to find the filming location at Glebe Point Park on Feb 29th and saw some pretty interesting things. Although I didnt see any of the actors (which I was devastated about!) I did see the set and the extras etc. The park was set up like a carnival equip with rides etc and judging by the extras costumes and the vintage cars it looked like it was set in the 50's or 60's but I cant be sure. Also I think the scene had something to do with the character Beak because I saw a trailer with Barnell Bohusk on the door and word from the security guards was that Dominic Monaghan was coming on set.... but as I said I didn't see him. Just thought I would share what I saw
Elastina? Beak? Three Headed Baby? I really really hope this circus scene is very short or hits the cutting room floor. There's so much more that a Logan story should be focusing on.

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