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Transformers Filming next week *Possible Spoilers*



I am not going to tell you how I know this information because it is hush hush... but lets just say I am affiliated with the air force... here is what I know.

Next week on Wednesday and Thursday a C-130J model from Little Rock AFB Arkansas is heading for Holloman AFB New Mexico for shooting on Transformers the movie. They might be taking on the roll of a MC-130. I know they are going to do attack rolls and manuevers. I also know that after Holloman they are heading on to San Diego... so there may be more filiming there.

The point of this... the film is geting USAF support and there will be C-130s in the movie. If you don't believe me. I will give you the tail number on Monday.

Believe it or not... but filming is starting next week. Hope this is not a repeat.

EDIT: Oh and I forgot... talked to the pilot... he actually has lines in the movie also! BTW I will not give the pilots name... sorry!!! Wait for the credits when you watch the movie.

Thanks for the info.

anything else you can give is much appreciated. By the way, just because there aren't many replies, don't think we aren't listening. Transformers fans are just...quieter here is all. But we DO listen.:)
Oh cool, fill us in with whatever else you hear/see etc.
Darthkush said:
By the way, just because there aren't many replies, don't think we aren't listening. Transformers fans are just...quieter here is all. But we DO listen.:)

Yes that's true... I'm sure there's dozens of innane insults and whines and fake "fuel-the-fire" artificial posts on the part of the admins going on right now at Don Murphy's forums right now. I'm sure it's a madhouse over there right now. If not, I'm sure it will be.

Keep posting here. It's civil and levelheaded.... and not manipulated.
Thanks for the info:up: any idea about this new Raptor plane they are using ?
They're big planes - I personally don't they'll be Decepticons :)

I was hoping to see a Starscream in the making - nevermind, its early days.
Venom4Life, your avatar is awesome. I love me some Galvatron from TF the movie!:up: (after that...not so much).
Wait isn't that common knowage that all that stuff was happing.
Cool Stuff.

I wonder if this is a plane that gets shotdown by Starscream? It's possible. Maybe it's a plane carrying somethign the TF's are after...mmmm....
The only thing I know is the plane is being used for a attack manuevers and the pilot will have lines. So I am thinking it might be a USAF plane sent up to attack a decepticon... not a transformer at all. Monday after I get off work I will give up the details on the tail number. I am sure it will come up in the daily status meeting. They might change it and the tail flash for the movie. Not sure. I just know that even on the base they are keeping it hush hush. At first I only knew the plane was leaving to work on a "dreamworks" movie. I got a chance to talk to the pilot and that is when he leaked that he had lines and it was transformers the movie.

Oh and I don't know anything about F-22s... my base only has C-130s... J models being the newest ones in the inventory. They are unique from older C-130s... they have six bladed props.... and are I think 15ft longer... also all electronic controls.
Ok here is the deal. The TDY for the aircraft was delayed until next week. Meaning that the filming should be on the 30th and 31st. BTW they also requested a fully mission capable aircraft. So it will probably be involved in a aerial battle. One guy in the meeting also said they want a fully mission capable aircraft because it "transforms" better. So I dunno maybe it will be used for a transformer. I have no clue... but I know it will be in NM on the 30/31.
hey i got a lil more info for ya guys on what other aircraft will be making an appearance in the movie, the CV-22 and the MH-53J we goin down there TDY tuesday morning for filming should be pretty dope will try to have pictures for ya ASAP and more info when i know it
I love the idea of Live action, however the cast is making me scratch my head. Transformers was the best cartoon while I was young and I remember watching it in the theater. Good Times-I really hope Bay does a good job. He's usually hit or miss with his movies. Bad Boys, great movies...Pearl Harbor, what was he thinking?:ghost:

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