Five-Minute Spider-Man 3

Zev, you rock. Can I use one skit as my sig?

"THOMAS HADEN CHURCH: So, which of us gets the big battle with Spider-Man?

HARRY: I get redeemed at the end, so you, I guess.

THOMAS HADEN CHURCH: I'm having the Best Week Ever!"-Zev

Like this?
Can't see why not. Go for it... it won't be the first time I've been quoted (and it's always an honor).
DOCTOR OCTOPUS 2: I just wanna be noticed.

I called TBS and the operator said this thread was a laugh out loud but not too loud to wake my sleeping mother as I surf in her basement type of funny.

Zev said:
Oooh. Left-handed compliment. It would be nice if you gave some constructive criticism of my fanfic over on its thread, though.

I like the movies too, I'm just having a little fun with them.

And I think a Five-Minute Spider-Man Comics would look something like this.

"Spider-Man, you get your powers from magic spiders!"


"Spider-Man, Gwen and the Green Goblin had sex!"


"Spider-Man, now you have organic webbing!"

"Wh... wait, what?"

"Spider-Man, you're a member of the Avengers!"

"Wait a minute, hold it, hold it!"

"Spider-Man, Wolverine, your fellow Avenger, is hitting on your wife!"

"Who writes this ****?"

"Spider-Man, you're being tempted to infidelity by an underage girl who looks like her mother, Gwen Stacy."

"You people are sick. You're really, really sick."

"Spider-Man, Aunt May and Jarvis are gettin' biz-ay!"

"**** this, I'm going bowling."

Now that's funny ! And sad. And true. :o ;)
Some people would say that it's wrong to make fun of a movie about AIDS.

I am not one of those people.

Five-Minute Rent

Why? Because **** BOHEMIANS, that's why.
:D :D
You should e-mail it to Straczynski
Im in the minority apparently, but i didnt think that was funny.
hnm reads better than that fake script that was released a while ago...
I tip my hat to you. BRAVO!!

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