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Food, Sex, and Men


Oct 4, 2002
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I was having a convo with one of my guy friends, and he was like "I'd marry the girl that after a great round of smexin, got made me a sandwich, and brought it back to bed."

This led to me wondering, "are all guys like this?"

So men, of the hype, if the girl you were bangin brought you food in bed, after a round, is she the one for you?
I would only say yes if it were a year or more into the relationship. Not before.
Hell no. Nothing turns me off like a submissive woman.
Depends on what type of sandwich it is.
If she leaves after, then she's my kinda woman. :o

Honestly, I want someone that can be assertive, yet still treats me well in the same breath. You can do both, you know. One guy I know was dating a girl that would act sarcastic as hell towards him, yet he'd tell me that alone suddenly she's all demure and asking if he wants a back rub, breakfast in bed, etc.
I would be thoroughly impressed and would not want to let her go.
Tough one to answer, the fact that she would bring food to you after sex is definetly a plus. Don't get me wrong I thoroughly enjoy sex but I could never understand how people can eat right after it.
That friend of yours wants a slave, not an equal partner.
This is going to sound wrong, but I'd rather have my mom make me a sandwich.
There's always full-scale oral as soon as you walk in from a hard day's work. :o Though I've heard women say that even that is demeaning to women. Good God, damn that suffrage movement.
My new g/f likes ice cream after making out. Pretty freakin' awesome if you ask me.
What if you get her some Haagen-dazs after?
Get her some Haagen-daaz after she gets me a sandwich? I'm having sex with a woman? I have dreamt of that many times actually...

Anyway, I prefer sausage before, during and after sex.
Get her some Haagen-daaz after she gets me a sandwich? I'm having sex with a woman? I have dreamt of that many times actually...
do tell.
I'll be banned if I do.

But anyway, if you get her Haagen-daaz after she makes you a sandwich, that seems like a fair deal. If she likes Haagen-daaz. If she doesn't, you can give that Haagen-daaz to me.
while my girlfriend/fiancee/future wife has never brought food to bed after sex (a pack of crackers that was on my pocket jacket does not count as "food" it's merely a snack), she does have a fine cooking hand, we both love cooking also

but we rather have the cooking and the eating before the sexing, we've had edibles in bed, but not as the main course
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