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Jun 22, 2005
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Everyone and their grandmother is trying to cash in on the "super hero" craze. From Disney, to Pixar, to DC, to Marvel...etc..ETC.

And really, you can't blame them. Comic books are cool, and comic books as movies have the possibility to be incredibly entertaining. Batman Begins, X-Men, and Spider-man are just a few to proove that.

But those are just movies. What about tv shows? Justice League Unlimited is doing well, Smallville is going into it's 5th season? The Batman is pretty popular I guess. So why aren't companies going into the venue of tv series?

My question is...Why don't they bring back "Freakazoid!"? It was a show on the WB about 10 years ago or something. I must have been 7 or 8...But what I do remember is that the show was very funny. This guy named Dexter's cat typed in (what he typed in is actually in my sig), and so Dexter tried to delete it all and was sucked up into his computer and got powers.

The show I think got bad reviews or something and was canceled. But I think at this point there is a lot more for writers to parody. They could mock the whole super hero genre, like the show was originally doing...and yet also parody pop culture and such. (Which it was also doing along the lines as Animaniacs did)...

Someone is probably asking why I mentioned super hero movies and such above before discussing the thread's namesake. Well, there is good reason. This show already has a growing audience. Comic books and Superheroes are everywhere. how many kids are going to be Batman for halloween this year? how many kids were Spider-man last year or whenever? So someone somewhere probably wants to see the cornier more comedic side. The show could be something like the Tick (in terms of popularity for it's lampooning).
Freakazoid owned all dammit!

"I should hever never told you about my weakness to metal cages!"

"You probobly shouldn't have helped us build it either"
Freakazoid and Earthworm Jim were awesome
at this website you can get Freakazoid plus Thunder Cats the whole series (Vapor)

They also have Spider-Man(90s/60s) X-Men: TAS and Evolution, Batman Beyond and much more okay quality.

This website is for shows not released on DVDS

I would think they'd release it on DVD soon, along with Tiny Toons and Animaniacs. I know the commentary and footage they couldn't use due to Fox censors is probably crazy. Freakazoid was more for adults to be honest, and even then you had to get the really obscure references. I mean, REALLY obscure.
Right. So who thinks that "Freakazoid Returns" would be an awesome show? It was so funny, I just think that part of the reason that it didn't do so well was because the time wasn't right. People I guess just weren't ready...But now would be perfect. They could even put it on Adult Swim. Or maybe back on for a Saturday morningthing.
Man, I remeber loving this show, but the only memory that really stands out is the fact that everyone thought that the older brother was crazy because he was the only one who saw Freakazoid.

I would love to see this show return in some form or another.
Freakazoid was mad funny cartoon! Those were the days
I couldnt wait for saturday mornings to watch freakazoid!
"He's still got that boogie."
I don't remember the line but he was captured by the bad guys and inside of a cage.. and he says "I should never told you about my weakness to being inside of steel cages" and then one of the villains replies "You probably shouldn't have helped me build it either."
Freakazoid: Please, please, leave me alone. I'll give you anything, anything you want, if you'll just go away. How about the just-written script of Batman IV?
Fan Boy: Plucked it off the internet last night.
Freakazoid: An autographed picture of Stan Lee?
Fan Boy: Who's that?
Freakazoid: No idea. How about your very own Harlan Ellison?
Freakazoid: Cosgrove, why didn't you ever get married?
Cosgrove: Because I like meat too much.
Freakazoid: You can get married and still like meat.
Cosgrove: You can? I didn't know that.
A Lawn Gnome: We are wise and cunning.
Another Lawn Gnome: We stole man's fire and then tried to hide it in our pockets.
A Lawn Gnome: That was painful and dumb. So we became even more cunning.
That was one of the last GOOD cartoons WB ever showed in this neck of the woods. Ah, the memories...

"A cloud that turns people into clown zombies??? What were you thinking???"

"Duh...I am Mo-Ron!"

"Hey, Freakazoid! Wanna check out the Great Hall of Spackle?"

*sings* "Everybody down/ down/ down/ Caveguy's underwear is brown/ brown/ brown."
I remember one episode that seriously scared the crap out of me when it first aired. It was one of those segments they do before the title theme, the one where it fades into this extreme closeup of his face and he goes off on this rant about the apocolypse, then goes on about the weather. I seriously jumped back the first time I saw it because it was cartoony looking, but so detailed. :eek: Kinda goofy now that I think about it.

http://www.soundamerica.com/sounds/themes/Cartoons/F/freakzod.wav - theme song
You can thank Time Warner's Jamie Kellner for the killing of Freakazoid, replacing it with...Hysteria.

"I don't understand it so why would kids?"
TheVileOne said:
You can thank Time Warner's Jamie Kellner for the killing of Freakazoid, replacing it with...Hysteria.

"I don't understand so why would kids?"

Freakazoid was awesome. If they brought it back, I would start watching the WB again. If Hysteria was what I thought was, a show that spoofed history, then I wouldn't mind it's resurrection, either.
I remmeber the campfire story one well.....We're they're all like "DON'T SAY HIS NAME!"
And finally Freakaziod does, and he's like "I always wanted to do that!".

Yeah, I loved this show as a kid. I really would like for it to get the DVD treatment.

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