Free Comic Book Day last Saturday


Sep 26, 2003
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I didn't see a thread about this. Did anyone pick up anything good on Free Comic Book Day last Saturday? I came away with a stack of stuff. Most of it was pretty forgetable. Marvel put out an X-men Runaways, which I didn't care for. It did have a synposis of the entire run of Ultimate Spider-man which I thought was kind of cool. Dark Horse had a Star Wars/ Conan issue which was equally forgetable. Image had some stuff and DC put out two issues. One was a Justice League Unlimited which was really for little kids, the other was the first issue of Superman/Batman, which I thought was the best read of the bunch. Good writing and art. It made me want to pick up the trade.

Anyone have any opinions on what was offered for Free Comic Book Day? Did anyone go to any creator events or meet anyone cool. I didn't go but here in Dallas they had an event with Bryan Hitch, Ultimates artist, among other creators.
i got that Superman/Batman #1, i thought it was great, loved the art, Leob is king :)
If that was the only one you picked up, then you made the best choice.
It was a reprint, DC was really lazy this year
The "Bongo" sampler of Simpsons comics was pretty funny. Besides that the Superman/Batman was best. It made me go buy the trade.

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