Horror Friday The 13th Reboot | WB/New Line??

Aka we’re starting over from scratch but we’re still going ahead with something eventually for this cash cow.
Ideas? It’s a summer camp where a lady goes mad and kills people… it isn’t hard.
Maybe there's truth to what he reported but he constantly seems to find excuses over things that he gets wrong.

It's perplexing when various sites or sources claim to have insider knowledge. Something is either cancelled or it's not. It's puzzling how one entity can declare something cancelled and then almost immediately, another contradicts it. This inconsistency is quite troubling.
It's pretty nuts how cursed this franchise has become. 2009 feels so long ago and I still have my doubts we'll see another entry in some form or another anytime soon.
It's remarkable to consider that 15 years have elapsed without any new ventures for a promising franchise like Friday the 13th. After the legal battles, there was a glimmer of hope for fresh content, yet now, it appears we've hit another snag. Indeed, 'cursed' seems an apt description for the current state of affairs surrounding Friday the 13th.
Probably means Fuller's getting replaced with a new producer.
Which has ended so well for other shows in the past! :funny:

Even before the harassment allegations I'd accepted there would never be another Bryan Fuller series.
It's truly astonishing how a franchise can gain such positive momentum after years of stagnation, only to find itself halted once more. It resembles the classic scenario of Lucy withdrawing the football just as Charlie Brown is about to kick it.
How the hell can Friday the 13th be so hard to develop stuff for?

Its about a big dude in a Hockey mask that goes around a lake and kills people.
Thats not Rocket science.
Set the movie in the present day and keep all the movies as a vague history that is mentioned and argued by the characters in the movie. Have the movie to be set at a newly developed resort on the camp site. Jason is found in the lake and we just do from there.

It appears there are multiple factions involved in the Friday the 13th situation, and they are not in agreement. It's quite unsettling. One faction does not anticipate a movie being produced for another two to three years, while another is announcing the creation of an entire universe around the franchise. It seems as if these groups have never met or had discussions in the same room to formulate a cohesive plan.
10M an episode for a Friday the 13th series is probably why it got the axe right there lol

Though Charlize Theron as Mrs. Vorhees is mouth watering. Though, nothing says she would've done it.

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