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Dec 6, 2005
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I don't know about you guys but I thought it was cool how in the end of As the Crow Flies we basically get a whole new villain to add to the Rogue's Gallery; Fright.

Incase you guys do not remember she is the assistant to Scarecrow in that storyline and in the end sabotages his experiments and also takes advantage of his knowledge that makes her more agile, stronger, and can even exhale the fear gas toxins stuff.

Wouldn't it be cool to see her in the comics? I would like to see Bats go up against her. It could be so huge and be like an 11 issue storyline or something. :up:
She has potential, but she seems completely unnecessary given that she is pretty much just a female version of Scarecrow.
But is is different she can actually put up a fight and can exhale the toxins.
Well, so can Scarecrow, now that he can turn into the Scarebeast. Plus, his toxins are so extreme that not even prep-time Batman could stop them.
Either way, they could so something. Not like she would be entirely replace Scarecrow. :/

Btw, about the Scarebeast thing...that is pretty cool; the whole Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde kind of thing going on.
I dunno, I guess I sort of got excited lol. As the Crow Flies was such a good Scarecrow/Penguin story.
No, the Scarebeast thing is not cool. It may well be the worst idea that the Bat-writers have had since pink batsuits.
droogiedroogie2 said:
No, the Scarebeast thing is not cool. It may well be the worst idea that the Bat-writers have had since pink batsuits.

Not like that whole Scarebeast thing has to be final. Most likely in stories later on you will see Scarecrow try to cure himself and most likely not be successful the first few tries. That would be a perfect time to bring Fright into the comics cause he could "hunt" her down and Bats could be tracing him or something.

I can imagine it now: Crane finds Fright and argues with her and in rage or something (whatever causes him to transform) attacks her and Batman has to stop him cause you know, Bats doesn't let the Villains die.
The Scarecrow should just be back to his old self by his next appearance. The Scarebeast was only worthy of one arc. He's the type to just get worn out.
Well for that to happen he would have to cure himself since Fright messed with his experiments. Which is why I said what I thought would be cool to happen in my previous post.

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