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Apr 30, 2003
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Spotted some design work for FlyBy on Clint wallace's official site.He worked on the movie for about 6 months doing cg illutrations and set designs for Brett Ratner.







Nice find, Retro. :up:
Nice find Retro, but I don't think they're anything special. They look like Singer's Metropolis only darker.

That was I thinking too. When I saw the design of Metropolis there, it made me say "Singer must've taken that from Ratner's design". Just like Ratner taking Singer's X-Men. :D :D

And great find, Retroman. We could always use a little help from SHH's own Sherlock Holmes. ;)

Oh, I hate the "S" on his design btw. I mean red & blue? Where the hell is the yellow color on the "S"?? Never remove the yellow from the "S". Red/yellow "S" is too iconic to change IMHO. :oldrazz:
We would have actually had Lexcorp though.

Ratner is a hack but it couldn't have been worse than what we got. Singer is a good director when he understands what he is making. We don't know what Rats take would have been. Plus, he might have been working from a script from writers who knew who Superman was.

Alas we'll never know. Rat dropped out and freakin' McG couldn't fly on a plane so we all get Singerman instead. I'm not saying Rat or McG's would have been any better, but I doubt they would have been worse, and we might have actually seen some action in get this, a superhero film.
Thanks for sharing, Retroman.

I am always interested in any info on failed superhero projects, especially those pertaining to Superman. :up:
This is really cool but I can definately tell the similarities to Singer's Superman and this. I hope Ratner's Superman costume design gets released soon because we never had a great description of the suit he was going to go with.
No problem guys!:yay:
It does look a lot like the Metropolis in SR except the fact that there's LexCorp.
This is really cool but I can definately tell the similarities to Singer's Superman and this. I hope Ratner's Superman costume design gets released soon because we never had a great description of the suit he was going to go with.
Even better...theres test footage of it.

Monday , March 03, 2003

One actor willing to talk about testing for the part is Victor Webster, one of the stars of the syndicated science-fiction series "Mutant X." The strapping, 6-foot-3-inch Canadian, who describes himself as "a big fan of the old-school superhero stuff," is just happy to have been asked to come in for the role.

"It's a personal accomplishment for me, no matter what happens," says Webster of testing for "Superman." Asked what it entailed, he says, "Dress up in the suit; dress up as Clark Kent; stand in front of the camera."

As to whether the familiar red-and-blue costume has been updated, Webster says, "It's Spandex and tight. I probably shouldn't say anything else. I wasn't told not to say anything, but I imagine they want their concept to be their concept, and for me to spoil somebody else's thing, that's disrespectful."

He adds, "It was very cool, no question about that at all. The script is excellent. Obviously, I can't go over the details of the script, but it's really well written. It's a great character movie with tons of action, but you really feel for the characters. There's no campiness in this movie whatsoever, no campy humor, no goofy humor. This is a very serious action-drama."
Source Link:,1259,---15815,00.html
nice find. I can't get enough of seeing what might have been
Is there any links to the test footage?
Damn.. For some reason I've been getting addicted to the failed Superman projects :csad:

I wonder how Ratner would have done, that city looks pretty good and the papers look sweet aswell, I can only imagine what we may have gotten.
Months ago this artwork done by Phil Saunders was revealed on the web.

Thursday, February 26, 2009
Superman "Flyby"

Here's a random image from the ill-fated Brett Ratner-directed, JJ Abrams-written version of Superman. I was on the show for about 4 months, of which I think about 3 months was without a director. I overlapped BR for about two weeks before he left, and I think about 2 weeks before I left to get married McG took over the show. This is about as un-dynamic a composition as you can come up with, but Production Designer Owen Patterson wanted a straight one-point perspective view of Superman facing off against the Rouser (a Japa... er, Kryptonian Battle Pod, don't ask) so you could compare scale. I had fun designing the Rouser, though.

Another piece by Phil Saunders from what looks like the same scene has turned up today...


I would have loved to have seen Ratner's Superman.
None of this stuff is new, but since it belongs to the Ratner/ McG movie, I thought it would be good to post here.







awesome!who is tyzor?

Kal-El's evil cousin and one of the villains in Abrams' script. His father and Jor-El were at odds in a civil war on Krypton, which was the reason Jor-El sent his son to Earth. Ty-Zor is eventually sent to Earth by his father, to find Superman and kill him.
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some cool designs in there. but ratners superman would have been horrible.
I think WB should revisit Ratner/ McG's Superman, I liked Superman Returns, but I don't want another Donner tribute film.
For a guy who ****ed up X-Men.....His Superman movie could of been great though.

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