G.I.Joe 25th anniversary figures question


Dec 3, 2004
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Got a question for any of the other toy collectors here that live in Canada..

any of you having problems finding these at retail places?
I live about an hour away from Toronto so it's not like I'm in the middle of nowhere, but I have been all around mine and surrounding citys trying to find these. Been to a TON of wal marts,zellers,toys r us' and absolutly NONE of them are carrying these. It's not that they are sold out it's that they simply arent carrying them.

Anyon else having this problem?

(One comic shop in my town does carry them but only have the same 5 figs (serpentor,beachhead,shipwreck,buzzer and cobra trooper) and yes I know I can look on ebay (already doing that))
When they first came out they were rare to find but I've seen numerous amounts of the figures in my area (central North Carolina) as of late, as well in and around Richmond VA. Looks like you should head south.
yeah even though I set up an ebay account I'm still contemplating a run across the boarder to the states to buy these in an actual store..(its kinda cooler to dot hat..the whole hunt aspect which honestly, not many toys have done that for me for a LONG time.)
Does anyone have the pics from the con with all the mock ups and customs?
You seriously created another thread for a question?
No biggie, I was just wondering why there were two threads right next to eachother with the same exact title but this one having "question" at the end :p
Honestly I was probably in a rush and posting before heading out or doing something and didnt have time to look around for the first g.i.joe toy thread.

this one can be closed though I won't mind.

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