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Sci-Fi Gareth Edwards's Jurassic World Sequel

Tobin Bell will use raptors and before releasing them asks his victims "would you like to play a game". :o
Love that casting involves more emerging yet recognizable and talented actors than just big celebrities (and Tobin Bell who's a veteran act). If they secure Johansson, she's can be both a draw yet with some indie credibility. Loving everything so far.
Yeah he's not doing Blade. But this is excellent casting.
There's a more interesting vampire show and interesting movies on the way anyway. This is better.
Blade won't even have started filming by the time this movie hits theaters so Mahershala can do both. :o

As far as returning characters, I actually liked Pratt somewhat in Jurassic World because his character served more of a purpose but he was basically a cardboard cutout in Fallen Kingdom and Dominion so I don't need to see him back at all. After Dominion I don't really have much of a desire to see any of the previous characters return, though I'd always welcome the OG three (Neill, Dern and Goldblum). Maybe they could bring back Vince Vaughn as a villain so he can finally answer for all of the deaths he caused in The Lost World. :o

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