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May 18, 2006
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To be honest i am not a transformers fan and never watched the cartoons or anything like that i used to watch beast wars every now and again. Then you have my friend his a huge transformers fan and his been filling me in on what transformers is all about he even showed me the teaser for the film so i now am kind of interested. Could you guys provide me with more info on transformers, who is the strongest transformer and things like that.
Satel it hasn't been a good day for you at the boards. First the Sam Raimi copying thread where you accused him for stealing the Superman shirt rip :supes: to put in the Spiderman movies and now this? That's awesome.
SatEL said:
Thanks but no thanks its more exciting when people tell me about it. Its more exciting hearing it from fans and joining in on their excitment and google isnt excatly going to do that is it.

Your request is waay too vague...the Transformers have a rich detailed history that dates back to 1984. That's a lot of information. Do some research first and then come back with specific questions...lots of people here would be glad to answer them.

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