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Discussion in 'Green Lantern Corps. Sequels' started by nemo7, Feb 2, 2015.

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    Okay, most can agree the first GL sucked. Ryan would've been okay to play Kyle Rayner perhaps, but Hal Jordan? No way. Hal is more serious & mature.

    His suit was overdone. No need for all the Liberace lights. His lantern was over designed also. A less pretentious treatment would work just fine.

    Hector hammond was dumb.

    The yellow Parallax monster was STUUUPID and UNNECESSARY in the comic series and the movie. Geoff Johns should be slapped silly for trying to "exonerate" Hal for what he did to the GLC and why he did it. That was a terrific storyline, shot to hell by a poor editorial decision.

    I know it's ALL ABOUT THE ORIGIN STORIES with these first runs, so I'll just have to wait to see the EMERALD TWIGHLIGHT/ NIGHT story lines hopefully one fine day.

    Meanwhile, I'd like to see MORE GL Corps interaction, including Soranik Natu, Iolande, Arisia, Brik, Boddika, Stel, Peneloian, Kilowog.

    I think the nemesis of choice is MONGUL.





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    Ryan Reynolds was the best part of the movie, and could've been a great Hal Jordan, if the material he had (or didn't have) to work with had been better.

    Anyway, Geoff Johns should've been kept far away from the movie, and they should've focused on the other decades of comic book stories, and specifically Emerald Dawn. That would've made a kick-ass movie with modern sensibilities, which could've attracted a large audience to the character and his sci-fi fantasy world.

    Johns' material is often too silly and only for die-hards.

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