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*googles my name* WTF???


Apr 13, 2002
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Have you googled your name? With quotes? If you haven't, you should, it's an eye-opening experience. You might rediscover that old blog you used to update when you were an idiot. You might find that someone talked about you in THEIR blog... and that they are an idiot. You might find a google image of you that is very unfortunate... yet hilariously fortunate for everyone else who knows you.

I've personally discovered that there is a little too much of my personal information out there... and apparently someone thinks I used to look like Keanu Reeves mixed with Mike Shinoda. I've also discovered that I'm forever associated with this horrible drawing that my brother and I drew of what we thought the characters in Batman Begins were going to look like before we knew anything...



... I digress...

What are some of the surprising things you've found?

*disclaimer: if you googled your name and you didn't find anything, your ninja skills are at their peak... or you are that boring.
When I google my name the amazon/barnes&noble links to my book are the first hits.

Unfortunately mine is filled with a d-list actor. Everything from a wiki entry, facebook page, to IMDB, etc...
Old google account.
There are other people out there with my name.......

Nothing in the pages... but in the image results my facebook image (not my face) is on page 4
Yeah it pulls up other people with my name.

I know what I must do...

Tax list after tax lists.
Just all the pages that deal with my books. Sites they're sold on, author pages, a blog I used to write a year or more ago. Nothing unexpected.
I only found my Facebook, and a +Address listing that I'm having removed, which only has my old address anyway but still.
I've done this before. There's some English Renaissance scholar with my name that several people have written essays about.
there are a few other people with my name..........
I share a name with a registered sex offender.
I get my art websites and a couple of links to some of my artwork.
A bunch of articles I've written, a listing for an award I was nominated for, and my Journalisted.com page.

Weirdly enough, my Facebook didn't show up. :hehe:
nothing really comes up under my name (nothing about me) a few others with similar names but no exact matches

I like to keep under the radar, never use my real name on line (at least nothing that could be viewed publicly)
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Let's see, there's an author, an educator and an artist all with my name none of which are me and then there's a link to "linked in" where I would probably find myself.
This was the only interesting pic that came up when googling my name (with my first name and surname actually together).

I feel priviliged.

Geyser Data Entry's that I've put onto a Geyser Study site. Big Surprise there. :whatever:
I thought I deleted myspace , but the page is still up.

Also I'm registered on jerk.com. It's a site where people can vote and make comments based on whether they think your a jerk or not. So far I'm doing pretty good.

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