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The Dark Knight Gotham Cab (New Message as of 4/13)

Yeah, someone else call it.
The number prompts you to enter an admin pass
How do you guys find this sh1t? Do you sit there and type out all permutations of anything remotely related to Batman or do you read them from other sites and post the info here?
I dunno wot message to leave....so I just breathed heavily and moaned.
called it, left a message i need a cab to the wayne building

I called it, that's pretty cool!
I'd call the number if my cell phone wasn't sitting on my bed and I wasn't too lazy to stand up from the couch to walk up the hall to get it.

Hold up, I'll make my daughter go get it.
I found it on Gothamcityrail.com in the news section it says something about Gotham Cab.
Called the number, it asks for a pin at the end. We need to find out what the Pin is. It allows you to leave a message. This has to be something.
so the pin might be in one of the previous viral sites I'm guessin?
We need a sticky listing all known viral sites.
Anyone notice that Gotham Cab was started by Karl and Mary Breitup? Karl Breitup was one of the cops patrolling the Festival the night Gina died.

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