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Gotham during 52 *spoilers*


Jan 30, 2006
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it's been said that The Question will be Gotham Cities new protector during the missing year.
but it's OYL and there has been no mention of the Question by Batman or Gordon. So what happened to him?

My guess is that Harvey Dent/ Two-Face killed him
No I don't think so. For all we know he could still be in Gotham.
wouldn't he have been mentioned though?

it was a rumour that one of the main characeters from 52 would die.
It is confirmed that either Steel, Booster Gold, the Question, Renee Montoya, Ralph Dibny, or Black Adam will die in 52.
I sorta hope it's either Ralph or Renee who gets the axe, and not just because of my prejudice against people who's name begins with R.
Reneye is also rumoured to become the new Batwoman, i don't want to see her die :(
I don't want to see Question die. As I've said before, so much could be done with him do to his new popularity with fans. I only hope that if he makes it out alive, someone realizes that...
I love all of them, but if one has to go, here's hoping it's Black Adam.

With his magical background, he could be legitimately revived at some point in the future...

I hope it's not Renee. Puerto Rican chicks rule!

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