GR as a demonic bounty hunter???


Apr 8, 2002
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With this new update on the plotr I am not to sure about this plotline to Ghost Rider. What do you guys think?
Well... technically, that's what Ghost Rider is... but with out reward, execpt the satisfaction of vengeance being served.
Yeah, I don't see how his change in title will affect the character. In fact, I think the concept of the "devil's bounty hunter" sounds awesome, something I would never have considered.
Flamehead is right...
In a way GR (the 70s GR) did work for for Mephsito by creating havoc on Earth and destroying souls w/ Hellfire. something Mephisto approved of greatly....
both Blaze and GR (Zarathos) hated Mephisto....both wanted their own individual freedom from the other. blaze wanted his normal life back...Zarathos wanted to roam the Earth freely to destroy....but when he remembered he was worshiped as a demon god centuries ago he started to want to get that position back. this was near the end of the 70s/early 80s series.

more than likely the "bounty hunter" aspect will be Blaze (as GR) going after someone that is a danger to Mephisto. which will probably be Blackheart....Blaze's payment will be the health/safety of his girlfriend/wife Roxanne. kindve like you do me a favor....ill do you a favor. but naturally when you deal w/ the Devil you ALWAYS get screwed in the end...
Yeah, and because of that, I'm glad MSJ used "Faust" as a reference in writing the script
I guess they're trying to connect Mephisto with something that is more recognizable to the outside world. Outside of comic world, I mean.

So Roxanne is gonna be in this movie eh? The kids too?
OK-I can buy that. In the comics he didn't really have a mission; he just meted out vengeance as he saw fit. This has the devil keeping a bit of a tighter reign on him. But does he still get to punish independently?
dont bounty huinters get paid?....... what does GR get out of it?
I suppose it's to give him a specific mission, a person to go after instead of just riding around hoping to bump into a bad guy to stare at

xwolverine2 said:
dont bounty huinters get paid?....... what does GR get out of it?

Perhaps with each soul he takes back to hell he comes closer to getting his own back.
maybe he doesnt GET SENT TO HELL if he does what Mephisto tells him...less payment, and more being forced into it
I think the payment would be the favor he was granted by Mephisto prior to his becoming GR. More like paying him back, but still bounty hunter sums it up well.
MarvelMovies said:
I would assume that there are a few baddies that he gets to beat down, but am not entirely sure on that one.

I mean, I'd guess that he is sent by Mephisto to "retrieve" and stop Blackheart and his goons from taking over Earth, but I'm not sure if the movie would have some thug in an alley who gets the penance stare.
In the recent article of AICN Harry talks about a scene where GR does use the penance stare on a thug. Not to mention the prison scene, plenty of random hellfire punishment :D
IS that GR's chain in your avatar? If so can I see a bigger image?
In the teaser:D
Go at MM site, he's got plenty of captures :D
MarvelMovies said:
Oh yeah!

I rememeber in Goyer's script that he had a similiar scene, one of the few.. really.. amazing scenes in that version I must say.

Utter. Relentlessness, on the part of Ghost Rider taking some criminals DOWN!

Should be a phenomenal scene to watch on the big screen.

Thanks for the reminder IV :)

It's all going to be phenomenal on the big screen I say. That image just draws you in, I can imagine.

I'm so ticked that the teaser wasn't attached with X3 today. I wanna experience that. I wanna be drawn in... as if I'm not already. Sheesh.
MarvelMovies said:
The script (and 6 part comic series by Ennis and Crain) have made Ghost Rider a "bounty hunter" for the devil / Mephisto.

Basically, Johnny Blaze makes the deal with Mephisto.

Mephisto then puts the spirit of vengeance into Blaze's body.

Then, Ghost Rider is supposed to be the Devil's bounty hunter and bring back souls that have escaped from Hell.

So, if a demon were to escape from Hell and live on Earth, it would be the Ghost Rider's duty to bring him back.


That's the updated storyline anyways.

It's a new look, and trying to be "less confusing" then what the comics often get into.

Sounds like Brimstone.
Abaddon said:
Sounds like Brimstone.
I was going to post that exact same thing a couple of days ago. Glad to bump into someone else who knows the show.
Yeah and with just a small hint of Good Vs Evil about the dead people whose job it is to hunt demons/morlocks
Crowley9 said:
I was going to post that exact same thing a couple of days ago. Glad to bump into someone else who knows the show.

A friend of mine had it on DVD,so I caught a few odd eps.It was decent.
MarvelMovies said:

I'm not familiar with this TV series.

When did it air, and for how long?

think it was only for a few episodes...13 maybe?
it was just a few years ago...sure it was listed on imdb somewhere.
that show actualy gave me the idea about making Blaze work for Mepisto to hunt down his son Blackheart.
it was pretty good...dude had to send some souls back to hell or he would have to go there himself.

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