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Grave digger...when you dig my grave...

I know of graves that are like 2 ft deep :confused:

I'll give the grave digger a call if you like :)
Originally posted by Ryoko
I know of graves that are like 2 ft deep :confused:
and big, deep holes literally feet from actual graves:o
thats what happens when your college is bordered with 2 cemeteries :D:D

It always worries me when the top of a grave has sunk deeper than the rest of the ground.
2 cemeteries and a cremetorium.:D

There's a Hugh Grant film in here somewhere.:o
I kinda like the idea of being stuffed....just pull me out every year at Halloween and use me as decoration.
I'm planning to be cremated :p
Originally posted by the_ultimate_evil
i wanna go to your school
All the staff in the cafeteria moaning about the smoke from he crematorium first thing in the morning :D

And why is it that every morning last week there were grave diggers finishing up when we were arriving??!?! They are supposed to be finished by 8 :rolleyes: :D

Oh, and you get to see a new funeral every other day!!:D
fun, huh?!
[Homer]We're gonna go with the Wolves.[/Homer]
Originally posted by The Spawn
Pick one.
When I die. I'm gonna get stuffed and my folks will hang me from a tree on Halloween.:p
...when I die I want to be put in a big metal tube until I go all liquid like...then funneled into a large peach can and put in the closet...that's the only way to go.
a shallow grave...

just in case i'm still alive. i can claw my way out. lol.
Only Americans would make the mistake of burying you alive.
as long as my servants are buried with me.

and my pets too. lol.

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