Help! looking for Alex Ross hi-res covers


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Aug 17, 2004
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hey there folks, i was wondering if you guys can help me out on this:

i'm on the hunt for the following Alex Ross artwork featured as covers for a paperback novel done a while back:

i'm looking for the versions that has no text on them and are of good size and quality. i was thinking of doing something for the holidays and these images would be perfect.

thanks! :)
checked his website?
yup i did, i only found a medium sized version of the Wonder Woman work above
Hmm, I have tons of pics of Alex but don't recall any pics without the texts
how big are they? will it be ok if you could post them?
how big are they? will it be ok if you could post them?

I don't have any pics of those books

Do a google search or use another engine and see if any pans out
ok i misunderstood, i thought you had some of these.

i've tried searching the net, it would only take you so far.

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