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Help with a Driving CD!


Oct 29, 2004
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Ok, I've got a bit bored with the current driving CD I'm using, so I was wondering if you guys could give me some advice on some good songs to put on the new one im making.

Anything rock/metal/punk etc is appreciated. Preferabely fast and loud :)
Expecting, Black Math, Black Jack Davey, Icky Thump, Hotel Yorba- The White Stripes

Steady As She Goes, Intimate Secretary, Store Bought Bones- The Raconteurs

Tomorrow Never Knows, Helter Skelter, All Too Much- The Beatles

I'm sure Wilhelm will have plenty of Led Zeppelin choices, so I won't go there.

Back In Black- AC/DC

Chelsea Dagger, Henrietta, Creepin Up the Backstairs- The Fratellis
The Other Side - Aerosmith
No Particular Place To Go - Chuck Berry
Radar Love - Golden Earring
Paranoid - Black Sabbath
Crosstown Traffic - Jimi Hendrix
Thunder Road - Bruce Springsteen
Go Your Own Way - Fleetwood Mac
I Can See For Miles - The Who
Back In The U.S.S.R. - The Beatles
Trampled Underfoot - Led Zeppelin
Jumpin' Jack Flash - The Rolling Stones
Highway Star - Deep Purple
Runnin' Down A Dream - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
Authority Song - John Mellencamp
Panama - Van Halen
Promised Land - Elvis Presley
Back On The Chain Gang - The Pretenders
Fun, Fun, Fun - The Beach Boys
Bat Out Of Hell - Meat Loaf
Polysics: I My Me Mine
The GazettE: Filth in the Beauty, Rich Excrement, Crucify Sorrow
Stance Punks; Charol wa Blue, No Boy No Cry
Sambomaster: Seishun Kyousoukyoku
Asian Kung-Fu Generation: Damn near everything, but mainly Haruka Kanata
Beat Cursaders: Everything

That's all I got.
Turbonegro - the age of pomparius is a MUST for any driving cd. Actually, alot of Turbonegro songs are great to drive to.
The entire Rage Against the Machine catalog . . . Mars Volta . . . System of a Down . . . . Doggystyle (Snoop) . . .
Any song from the albums Morbid Tales and To Mega Therion by Celtic Frost should satisfy your "fast and loud" requirement, as could Motorhead or High on Fire
The vines: Get free (Great for pulling away from traffic lights at speed! :D)
Helmet: Driving Nowhere
Sponge: Plowed
Fu Manchu: Evil eye
Kyuss: Thumb
AFI: Days of the phoenix
Pearl Jam: Rearviewmirror
Alkaline Trio: Armaggedon
CKY: Frenetic Amnesiac

All great for driving :up:
The entire Rage Against the Machine catalog . . . Mars Volta . . . System of a Down . . . . Doggystyle (Snoop) . . .
Now we're talking! Inertiac ESP FTW! Also...At the drive in: Napoleon solo :cool:
Thunderstruck: AC-DC
Hollywodd Nights: Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band
I can't drive 55: Sammy Hagar
Knockin' at your back door: Deep Purple
You really got me: Van Halen
You've got another thing Comin': Judas Priest

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