Help with art project (please!!)

The Llama

Jul 13, 2005
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Anybody, please help....

I've got this art project, due tomorrow, and I can't think of anything to do for it.

The assignment is to (you don't actually do this, you just draw it) take an object, take it apart, and use some of the pieces to make a new object. You have to look at the function of the object, i.e. a banana peel. The do they stick together? Could you use them for something else, like a jacket zipper, for example?

Please help. As quickly as possible. I'm short on time and really desperate.

Thanks in advance.
[Hype crowd] Do your own homework! [/Hype crowd]
Get a big truck, turn it ino a robot.

i call it a 'trannysforma'

you can usethat if you want.

Nothing like last minute work, lol.

Just say you had artist's block.
You cant fecking bump it, people arereplying you went 3 places down, stop bumping and get your homework done.

or you'll fail school and end up like your uncle keith.

a stripper.
You should put this thread in the Fan Art section...
Kids are lazy these days, to your own work. Or, at the very least pay someone to do it. Like I did. :whatever:
I'm guessing this is either a high school or required course, because I cant believe an actual artist would wait this long to even come up with an idea.

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