.::Heroes Original Soundtrack::.

I don't think that's what we're waiting for.


This isn't a musical score - it's a collection of songs from popular artists.
TheCompanyMan™;14001149 said:
so?...just be happy we're getting a soundtrack at all...
Why do I care about a handful of pop/rock songs that I can download anywhere? :huh:

It's the musical score which one can't get their hands on.
It says "New Recordings from Panic at the Disco and More"

That means that it will have new songs on it, which means songs other than the soundtrack we've heard on Heroes. Additionally, it says PatD "and More" suggesting strongly that popular artists will be featured as opposed to composers.
It'll probably be what was played during episodes. Cause if they weren't, then what would be the point of calling it a Heroes soundtrack ?
Sometimes they do put 1 or 2 songs from the score with it, if we're lucky...

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