Nov 15, 2006
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Okay everyone. What would be the super hero names for each of the HEROES? We're gonna start off with Peter. What would his super hero name? And we've seen his super hero persona (or what it would have been) in the webcomics on (Issue 12).
Claire would be Invinci-Belle
Let's just not go DC and have a bunch of "Lads" and "Boys".
Considering His Power To Be Basically Limitless I Would Say Omnus Or Something In A Similar Vein
Peter= Powers of a god and in a constant state of confusion, maybe 'I don't know what's happening please tell me what to do Guy.

Matt= He's dumb and can control your mind, maybe Mindworm, or Brain Insect, or Professor D.

Claire= I think she will live forever, so maybe 'Immortal Jailbait Girl' or 'Someday I might ride your gradchildren Girl'.

Hiro= The Traveling Man ( unless they introduce a hero with space travelling powers, in which case he should get the name, and be played by Peter Stormaire)
Peter: Omni (for reaching ominipotence after absorbing so many heroes' abilities).
Nathan: Flying-man! LOL. I meant Jetstream.
Claire: Invinci-girl.
Hiro: Chrono-murai (chrono+samurai).
Matt: Psy-cop
Elle: Synergy
Nikki: Ms. Jekkyl (I think it's appropriate)
Micah: Compu-kid
Monica: Kopy-kat
Maya & Alejandro: Wonderless Twins :D
West: Aerial-teen
Surash: Punching-bag (coined by Elle)

Edit to add:
Issac Mendes: The Vision Painter
Sylar: Death Seed
DL: Night Phaser
Adam: Eternity
Linderman: The Reviver
The Haitian: Blackout (both for memory wipe and ability surpressing)
Bob: Transmuter
HRG: The Man
Forgot about Issac Mendes and Sylar.....

Issac Mendes: The Vision Painter.
Sylar: Death Seed (but I think Sylar might be more suitable as it is).
Peter: Omnus.
Nathan: Frying man
Claire: Little Miss Miracle Grow
Hiro: Kabutime (Kabuto(Samurai Helmet) Mixed with Time)
Matt: Halucagen
Elle: Hun ee (Ruthless Like A Hun And Hot)
Nikki: Crusher (Lame I Know)
Micah: Andro
Monica: St Joan
Maya & Alejandro: Yin And Yang
West: Kid Nimbus
Suresh: Doctor Dumbass
Sylar - Omega (Their Were Zombies In Omega Man Right)
Isaac - Fore-Pallet (Cant Think Of Anything)
Sadly That Also Works In Reverse So We Either Have Great Minds Or Dumb Ones LOL
Some are joke names. I'll leave it up to you to figure out which ones they are. :ninja::

Peter: Omni
Sylar: Power Eater
Hiro: SpaceTime
Matt: Mindbender
Nathan: Supersonic
Jessica: Amazonia
DL: Phaser
Adam: Vandal Savage
Claire: Painkiller Claire
Monica: we already know she's St. Joan
Micah: TechMaster
Candice: The Illusionist
Maury: Nightmare Man
Bob: Midas
Elle: Shock Therapy
Linderman: Lifesource
Meredith: Pyro
The Haitian: Cancel
HRG: Batman
West: The Annoying Teenager Who Could Fly
Isaac: Canvas Oracle
I Wonder How Many People Go Up To Adrian Pasdar And Say Frying Man
Maya & Alejandro: Alpha and Omega
Sylar: His name is kind of bad enough...
Elle: Loki (yea the god was a dude, but she fits the bill)

Hmmm all I can think of at this late hour
I edited my original post to include a few more names. Enjoy. :word:
Yeah, I dont know why people are giving supervillain names for Sylar. He already has one. It's Sylar.

Also, Monica is St. Joan.
Sylar is already a badass villain name. So that's good.

Flying Man for Nathan sticks. I dunno why. Im thinkin of making a guy on City of Heroes that looks like Nathan and call him Flying Man in honor of that. lol.

I like Invinci-Belle for Claire.

What would Hiro's nickname be?

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