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Holiday Season


May 10, 2007
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The Holiday's are coming and I'm thinking of getting some 360 games. I only have a few and I was wondering, which do you recommend. I'm not that into Halo and all I have in mind so far is Guitar Hero III. Any suggestions?

EDIT: I'm not connected to Xbox Live so games only good for that purpose aren't helpful.
The Orange Box and Mass Effect.
2 Games with amazing single-player modes.
Infact, you could say 4 games....cause theres like 4 off-line games on the Orange Box.

You really have to give an idea of what kind of games you are into. I'd say Mass Effect but you might not even like RPGs at all. CoD4 is one of the best games out right now, if you are into more realistic FPS, get that.
If you've ever enjoyed a story-driven game, get Bioshock.

I'll also recommend Dead Rising, which is a zombie-game with a deep combat system.

Crackdown is an open-world, GTA-style game where you are a super powered Agent tasked with cleaning up the city.

Gears of War is an action shooter with more testosterone-per-square-inch than you can imagine. It's got a great campaign and excellent multiplayer.

Oblivion is a huge RPG with lots of length and repay value. You won't regret that purchase if you're into huge, highly interactive worlds.

The Darkness is a quality shooter with a great story. I suggest you look into it even if you aren't into the comics.
yeah i like rpg's, not too much fantasy stuff though, that why im not sure about oblivion, but open-world environments are always good.
looks pretty awesome. thats like all the kinda games i like in one. thanks a lot for the help.

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