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Hong Kong Billionaire Offers 120 Million Dollars To Turn His Daughter Straight

I've heard that rumor before. It sounds plausible and believable but I'm not sure whether there's any truth to it.
I have not a whiff of evidence, I just find it difficult to believe someone is that crazy obsessed with homosexuality without having some personal issues.
It does make sense. I don't remember what they call it exactly but there's a term for it when someone goes from a -phile to a -phobe. I've read about it before with people who try and fail to adapt to the culture and customs of another country for instance.

The rejection sends you into a complete 180 of loving it to hating it. Phelps fits that perfectly even though no one has come forward with a claim he used to be gay or experimented.
Some people just have a need to fervently hate something and/or find something to be fanatically devoted to, just to give their lives a sense of purpose.

Roland Freisler was a foaming-at-the-mouth German Communist until he did an about face and became an equally foaming-at-the-mouth Nazi. He's the judge who presided over the kangaroo court for the "Valkyrie" conspirators who tried to assassinate Hitler. He forced an elderly General among the accused to appear in court without his dentures and belt, then screamed "stop playing with your pants, you dirty old man!". There was also a video clip I saw on an old WWII documentary where one of the accused is trying to explain why he turned on Hitler, and he mentions "the many murders" (referring to the Holocaust), and Freisler just goes ballistic and starts screeching at the top of his lungs that the guy is lying, treasonous scum, etc., like the very suggestion that the Nazi regime would commit murder is the most outrageous thing he's ever heard of (this despite that Freisler was at the Wannsee Conference where the Holocaust was hammered out and planned in sickeningly laborious detail). He was nicknamed Raving Roland. Freisler was nuts.
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This guy should keep his money, but if he wants to spend it give it to a charity.

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