Hottest President in the World?

Majin Boo

Nov 11, 2003
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This Candidate is named Cynthia Viteri, shes is in her 40's and already a grandmother.
She is a congreswoman, and a very prepared smart woman.

She is a Presidential Candidate for Ecuadors elections next year, and according to Polls, she is currently #2, she is also representing the Biggest Political Party in the country so it wouldnt be to outlandish if she managed to win.

Do you think she could be the Hottest President in the World?

How would you rate her???

Well, she seems ready to do some sexual activities anyway. *note the hand*

I love blondes. Is she a real blonde?
Did that come out during the debates?
I thought this was going to be a contest where we post pictures of presidents of different countries and decide who is the hottest.

I'm dissapointed.:(

Oh, and I give her a 7.
How am I supposed to judge until I've seen her ass?:confused:
I'm not gonna google this chick when a fight about Joker vs. Venom is only a mouse click away.:rolleyes:
There should be a separate poll for her ass.
She looks like some dude,....some dude in B-Movies maybe?

There's a definitely masculine tinge to her face....I can't judge, need more info.
She isn't that good, but she is definitely the best female politician.
Hmmmm, 7 or 8.............for a government girl :o
Oh God so sexy right there, 10

I just wanna tickle her wrinkley ears with my tongue mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I'd hit a tripod.
That picture is misleading since sh was obviously a lot younger when it was taken. this is what she looks like now.



and she is not rated number 2 in the polls. in the republican side guilliani is number one and McCain is number 2. on the democrat side Hillary is number one and john kerry is number 2.
ewww, i voted a 7, but wish i would have seen the post above first. i withdrawl my vote. and i was about to move to ecuador.

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