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How much space do you have on your computer/laptop?

The Spawn

Better Than You
Aug 10, 2002
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You only have a hard drive with a little over 110 GB?
My old laptop literally had like 14.9 GB of space on it, and I always struggled to not fill it. My new iMac was 300GB and I have 265GB left. :cwink:
Well, I had 11 KB of free space before posting here but couldn't do **** until I got rid of something.

110 GB????? Where????
Between all of the drives, I have just under 2TB. But I'm a professional photographer, I keep most of my customer's images on a physical drive for 1 yr. (space permitting), and I don't really have as many vids/music/crap as I used to. Most of it is archived off on a DVD somewhere in my place.
When you say 'all the drives' you mean external's also?
We have like 10 computers at my house so I keep a WD portable hard drive 250 gig I have used like 60 gig of it so far.
geez what do you guys have saved on your comps to where you've used like 100 gigs of space?
geez what do you guys have saved on your comps to where you've used like 100 gigs of space?

C: Music/Programs/Pictures/Home videos
D: Downloads (67.1 GB)/Movies&TV (64.7GB)
H: Back up (24.1 GB)/Porn (15.6 GB)/Magic (42.1 GB)

the alarming thing is that i have most pictures video's and music on a seperate drive to c.

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