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Justice League How to fix Justice League (2017) as a film

That's right. They should have let Zack finish what he started.

I can only imagine the white noise Zack had to put up with. Then the studio went and sh!t the bed by hiring the Josster.

"Make us a billion dollar movie, dude!" "Sure. How much you gonna pay me?" "We'll make it worth your while. Believe it."

Imagine the looks on their faces when presales plateaued a bit early for everyone's comfort. Well, they didn't care at that point, did they? They got their stinkin' bonuses.
Time machine back to before the Hollywood writer's strike. Let George Miller make his Justice League. The end.
They could've, yes, let Snyder finish his version uninterrupted and tried to please, instead of no one, at least that fanbase. But why is that the best that could've been aimed for? I see BVS as a deeply bad film, mishandled to the bone. MOS is often weak and packed with problems. There's little reason to assume JL would've been a drastic turnaround. The "lighter tone" they advertised never meant much to me, the problems would always have been more deeply rooted.

I think any way out of their post-BVS problem would've come attached with PR nightmares no matter what, initially at least. For one, they could've: let Snyder go as director, then hire someone competent with reasonably good buzz to their name. But hand script duties and full control of the story to folks with comics and live-action chops. Ideally Geoff Johns and Allan Heinberg, guys who can run circles around Terrio or Goyer with superhero storytelling. Johns has done stuff in comics that's friggin herculean, and set the tone for the modern interpretation of several properties. He could've handled a three-hour script based on plot threads from BVS for sure. They could've made it their vision and sold it as such; make THEM the creative headliners, and advertise them alongside the director as a package, or "dream team", like Snyder, Goyer and Nolan had been for MOS. People don't attribute Rogue One's creative success to Gareth Edwards exclusively. They think of Tony Gilroy and Chris McQuarrie and Chris Weitz, John Knoll and more. It was a team effort, folks are fine with it and think only of the good film that came as a result. It could've been the same with JL.
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We’re on the same wave length. I’ve always felt that the original version would have been a more coherent and tonally consistent film, but I’m not convinced it would’ve been received any better.
I would have loved for them to have released Snyder and Terrios film, but I agree that it may not have performed better.
Though without the cost of reshoots it could've been more financially successful even with the exact same ticket sales.
Honestly I think all this could've been easily avoided with them after seeing the reviews of BvS delaying Justice League and getting the right script and director in place for the movie and then moving forward from there. However once they decided not to do that and once they sent Johns in to do a page one rewrite on the whole script they should've moved forward with Snyder's movie and wait for the publics reaction to the movie and then map out a plan for how to move forward after Justice League.
One of two things should have happened:

  • WB should have parted ways with Snyder after BvS and delayed Justice League. They then should have hired a new director (could have even been Whedon) to create the film from scratch. Then when promoting Justice League, had Whedon been WB's choice of director, they could have marketed it as "FROM THE DIRECTOR OF THE AVENGERS", etc. A delay giving them time to promote that this was a different kind of film to Batman v Superman too.
  • They should have let Snyder finish the film, the times to part ways were after MOS or BvS not after he;d shot the damn JL movie. Given what we know about the Snyder version the characters would have ultimately ended up where they did anyway.

My choice I'd have gone with the former parted ways with Snyder, delayed the film by 6 months and reworked it so the villain was Darkseid and made it more of a epic with a firm ending. It may have even made more sense to bring back Superman in a solo film with some supporting characters being some of the other superheroes, that way when you do make JL you can focus on it being a team up film and you don't have as much to set up.
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We’re on the same wave length. I’ve always felt that the original version would have been a more coherent and tonally consistent film, but I’m not convinced it would’ve been received any better.

I have always said, had they put out Snyder's version.. the money saved on everything linked to 'reshoots' plus the negativity around the cgi face etc, they would have probably made the same amount of money.

Then, a clean break after that and publicly state they are headed in a different direction - that's it, no excuses for this or that. That would have been evident with the Aquaman trailer and the WW84 and Shazam sneak peaks. Sure a lot would be up in the air like it is now, but less damage control.

Honestly I think all this could've been easily avoided with them after seeing the reviews of BvS delaying Justice League and getting the right script and director in place for the movie and then moving forward from there. However once they decided not to do that and once they sent Johns in to do a page one rewrite on the whole script they should've moved forward with Snyder's movie and wait for the publics reaction to the movie and then map out a plan for how to move forward after Justice League.

At the very least, putting JL on hold would have done nothing bad... besides stopping some execs get their bonus. It's funny how they rush out these movies, yet content to wait and wait and wait with Matt Reeves.
I'd be happy if they just re-shot Cavill's scenes without that terrible mouth-swap, added back the JunkieXL score, and added the cut scenes filling out Cyborg's and Flash's backstories. That's a week or two of work at most.
I'd be happy if they just re-shot Cavill's scenes without that terrible mouth-swap, added back the JunkieXL score, and added the cut scenes filling out Cyborg's and Flash's backstories. That's a week or two of work at most.
In theory, that's crazy enough to work...
In theory, that's crazy enough to work...

Also add in the original look of Zacks film. The finished result looked far to cartoony imo. Everything looked fake. Put a more grounded look back into the film.
Or how I would fix this film with the DCEU:

1- Diana's intro is first and it pretty much starts the movie off. Her intro is the same.

2- Arthur/Aquaman intro is next and it is mostly the same. No mention of the boxes. Bruce tells him that an invasion is coming. Aquaman of course declines Bruce's offer. I would also take out the shot of Aquaman jumping into the ocean backwards and then swimming away because there was no need for it.

3- Victor/Cyborg's intro would come next right after the 2nd scene of Bruce meeting up with Aquaman

4- Steppenwolf invades Themyscira. This would be the 4th scene of course. Would’ve liked if the Amazonian weapons glowed showing that they were magical which would hurt Steppenwolf.

5- Diana visits Bruce. She tells the story of the initial invasion. The Mother Boxes have a different purpose though. These three are special boxes that can’t be transported via boom tube. These three boxes together allow for a bigger boom tube to form, one big enough that it can transport ships or even a planet. Diana explains that Steppenwolf wanted to conquer Earth to harness the power of magic. The Gods fought back and after decided it was too dangerous to keep magic on Earth so they sealed it away. Bruce explains that a recent incident (Suicide Squad tie-in of June/Enchantress) might have caused magic to start slowly returning to Earth.

6- Bruce gets an alert about Barry visiting his dad. Barry's intro happens here and again it's a pretty good scene so I would not change it.

7- Silas Stone is kidnapped by Steppenwolf and parademons. Cyborg starts to hack the internet to find out if there is any chatter on his dad's location. He finds himself in the Batcave computer because he found files about the Mother Box, himself, and the parademons. He talks to Diana since she is there and they meet.

8- Cut to Aquaman saving that sailor. When he brings him back to the bar he notices that he has gills and green blood on him. The sailor wakes up and says that monsters have found out where the box is. Aquaman goes to Atlantis and the scene plays out similar to the one in the movie.

9- Batman recruits Flash and they along with Diana and Victor come back to Gotham. They see the Bat Signal in the sky and go to it. Scene with Jim Gordon is the same.

10- The Justice League goes to where Steppenwolf is interrogating the prisoners. Batman stops everyone from jumping in during the interrogation. They overhear Steppenwolf asking about the boxes and the Kryptonian that of course being Superman. This gets Batman curious. Batman gives Flash the same speech; to save one and then he’ll know what to do. Diana says she can take on Steppenwolf for a few minutes while Batman and Cyborg take care of parademons, and Flash gets the prisoners out.

11- During the battle Steppenwolf's axe breaks the wall. And water starts to slowly leak in. When all the prisoners are out Batman gets into that vehicle and saves Wonder Woman. Steppenwolf attacks the machine and Batman escapes via smoke bomb, a few batarangs, etc. Cyborg comes in and instead of integrating with the vehicle like in the movie he temporarily integrates with the vehicle's weaponry onto himself. The guns now fires lasers instead of bullets since cyborg is now the source of ammo. The League start to gain the upper hand so Steppenwolf opens a boom tube to allow more parademons in. Aquaman who had a change of heart saves the day by bursting in and starts to flood the area even more. He has giant sharks, fish, and sea monsters follow him and start destroying parademons. Aquaman wants the Mother Box back.

12- Steppenwolf sees this as a waste of time and exits. The group meets up and debriefs Silas Stone. He mentions how Steppenwolf kept referring to Superman as if he was weak but alive, and how he wanted superman to go through his “unity process” meaning turning Superman into one of his parademons. This gets everyone thinking Superman may still be alive. They visit his grave and Cyborg scans the body. Superman looks dead but is actually still alive. He is in a state similar to a coma. His heart beats once every few days hence its why the dirt moved in BVS. Cyborg looks through Lex Luthor's notes in the Batcomputer and sees that the Kryptonian ship should be able to heal him.

13- They bring his body and Superman is revived similar to how it was in the movie. Superman is confused and fights them still. I would have the League put up a much better fight though. Aquaman and Wonder Woman should be on a close enough level to where it isn’t a stomp. Batman brings Lois Lane and it ends the same. The Mother Box was activated to bring superman back to life, which is how Steppenwolf was able to know where it is. He takes it uncontested during their fight with superman.

14- Next scene is Bruce hiding that he had his shoulder displaced. The Diana/Bruce scene happens still but without batman being a dick bringing up Steve beforehand. They go back to the team and Bruce mentions that they will coordinate a sneak attack onto Steppenwolf and try and steal the boxes back. Cyborg mentions that the world has gone radio silent. Steppenwolf traveled by ship, but it was not noticed because its purpose is for stealth and breaking communications. Now that he has all three boxes he has started to shut down Earth's communications. Since Cyborg is symbiotic with the Mother Box he can get through and communicate with everyone. The world is in panic.

15- Steppenwolf thinks the world can not unite to stop him like last time. Bruce, however, put a tracking device on Steppenwolf with a Batarang during the Gotham Harbor fight. With Cyborg's help, they can listen in to what Steppenwolf is doing through the tracker, know where he is, and communicate with government officials to coordinate an attack on Steppenwolf. This is where the Justice League officially becomes the Justice League to the government or at least to the rest of the world.

16- Steppenwolf's plan is a two pronged approach. . Dual invasion on two different sides of the planet.

17- Superman scenes at the farm are mainly the same. This would not be taken out and it would be included right in the film right after the 16th scene.

18- Cyborg learns that he has access to the boom tubes, so he transports them onto Steppenwolf's ship while the military tries to coordinate an attack and they try to take out Steppenwolf's base on Earth. The base on Earth is the same location as the one in the movie and we find out it was chosen because it was far away from any fish life. Suicide Squad members cameo in this scene during the Earth attack on the base.

19- The League end up fighting parademons and end up taking them out one by one working together as a unit which leaves Steppenwolf alone by himself having to take on the League all by himself single-handedly. Steppenwolf is stronger now. He is evenly matched with the Justice League and just when he has the upper hand and just as he is about to finish them off Superman arrives and turns the fight around saving the day. I also would not make Superman stronger than Steppenwolf but more even in a 1 on 1 fight. However, all the JL members fight Steppenwolf at once including Superman.

20- Steppenwolf is defeated but escapes Earth through a boom tube. Cyborg then takes control over the ship. He brings back communications on Earth and has the ship block all unwanted boom tube activity into earth. No more sneak invasions from Apokolips without taking down the ship first. We cut to Steppenwolf boom tubing next to where Darkseid is. We see Darkseid for the first time in the DCEU much like how we saw Thanos for the first time in 2012's The Avengers. Darkseid is standing over a bunch of dead Green Lanterns. Darkseid is enraged by Steppenwolf's failure and kills him in one shot of his omega beams.

21- Final scene is of the Justice League all together at their new headquarters which is Steppenwolf's ship which becomes the Justice League's ship since any government that has control, this would be stronger than the other governments of the world. The movie ends with the league looking down on a beautiful shot of the earth and some nice speech.

  • Mid credits scene- Green Lantern tease...Guardians of the Universe discuss the invasion of Earth. It is Guardian protocol to promote any planet its own set of lanterns when it is a target of Darkseid. One guardian lambasts on having two more earthling lanterns, saying that three was already enough. We see the rings fly out and we see the Lantern rings find its way to Hal Jordan who finds his ring and John Stewart who finds his ring. Mid credits scene is over.
  • Post credits scene- Justice League go their separate ways and Arthur specifically finds his way home where he is met by not only Mera but Vulko as they warn him about Orm but also about impending danger in Atlantis.
Another way I would fix this film

Act I

We start out meeting Batman and Robin training. Robin would of course be introduced here in this film along with Alfred as they are at Wayne Manor talking about the events of what happened in BVS. Of course, I would alter BVS to where Robin would not be dead and he would have been introduced there but as Dick Grayson ultimately becoming Nightwing. However, Bruce and Dick are talking and Bruce of course says he senses a threat from far away and they need an alliance to defend themselves that whole spiel. Next scene we have a big metahuman summit where we meet Lois Lane, Maxwell Lord who would also be introduced and Diana Prince, all in attendance. Maxwell announces the League and Bruce tails Lois back to her secluded remote home where he finds Clark/Superman hiding out. Clark of course would still be alive after the events of BVS in the sense that Clark after the funeral would have rose up from out of his grave but he would not have amnesia but more or less would still be weakened after all that went down. They have a chat and Superman rejects joining at first, giving him the theme/speech that power creates fear, because the world is right makes right and no matter how kind you are, you matter how many people you save, the world will always be afraid of you taking over basically referring to himself. Basically Clark would tell Bruce that because of what happened he's staying out of it.

Batman and Wonder Woman begin the League and go recruiting. Batman hides his files and works from Lord's. Wonder Woman recruits Flash who introduces her to this Starro tech that's been popping up in weird crime waves done by people without priors. Wonder Woman attempts to compel the truth out of Barry with her Lasso of Truth and Flash says he has nothing to hide, but does she? He then uses his high speed thinking to point out she has a double life Sherlock-style. Basically this would be a comedic scene but Barry would accept joining. Batman tracks down John Stewart at his small business and he also has been working on tracking some alien tech that's been going around. John Stewart accepts joining as well. Aquaman (Momoa) shows up on land and begins to wreak havoc on the military looking for answers about these Starros until Maxwell Lord tries to bring him in. Batman seeks out Giovanni Zatara and Zatanna attempts to join the team, but is rejected by Batman as Bruce thinks she is too out of control. Wonder Woman meets Flash and Green Lantern at Lord's Hall of Justice and they hit it off on their cases but all disagree on how to handle it. Do they kill people who have been infected with the Starro tech? Do they arrest them? Do they tail them to find out more information? So they go work separately.

Meanwhile, Superman sees all this on television with Lois Lane who is revealed to be pregnant, and they talk about the world they're going to create for their child. Zatanna uses her magic and appears in the Batcave and meets Dick Grayson and Alfred. She of course still knows about the League now and even though they rejected her, she still wants in because she sees just how big the threat of Starro is.

A monster attacks Midway City and the League, now acquainted are called together to stop it. Comics fans recognize the monster as Despero and he is crazy strong cracking Green Lantern's constructs, creating shockwaves to throw off the Flash's footing, withstanding the Lasso with his brutal violent honesty and facing down Aquaman's brutal tidal wave and dangerous water creature attacks. The League goes full out on him, and Despero seems to be about to win when Zatanna arrives and through luck and power, helps throw him off. Ultimately Diana is the one to kill Despero. The end result is Midway City has been hit with flooding, giant green weapons and while Flash is exhausted running around saving people, he wasn't able to save everyone. Maxwell Lord does PR work, and the League meets for the first time officially.

Act II

Everyone is at each other's throats, blaming each other for the failures of the fight. Flash running away when engaging could have saved more lives, Green Lantern not being creative using his talents so directly, Diana killed the monster instead of letting them gain intel, Batman useless, Zatanna destructive and untrustworthy. Diana manages to pull them together enough by presenting them with the Starro that was attached to Despero's head. Flash goes to track down more Starros and agrees to babysit Zatanna showing her the ropes. Green Lantern heads off world by going to Oa for answers or more importantly to get more info on this alien tech and a mysterious flying figure tails him. Aquaman returns to the sea to seek out allies, only to find his people have been overrun. Aquaman seeks out ancients such as the wizard Shazam, who claims he has no champion currently. Batman and Wonder Woman track down Martian Manhunter, who gives them a whole spiel about the hopelessness of humanity but Martian Manhunter is more or less a side character for now. He will not be joining not in this film anyway but he has been watching their escapades which of course leads to a very vulnerable conversation between Diana and Bruce about: reconnecting with the world and just who both of them truly are but doing so leads to the deaths of people closest to them in their life.

On Oa, John/Green Lantern finds he's been tailed by Clark/Superman, who is there to find records of Krypton while John learns the true secret behind what Starro tech is, and says they need to return to Earth asap. Batman, Wonder Woman, Zatanna and Flash meet to share findings. Aquaman contacts them for help. Wonder Woman and Zatanna return to Paradise Island only to discover Starro has overrun the Amazons as his soldiers and they are preparing for war. They scarcely escape, with Diana's help as Zatanna fumbles her powers. Meanwhile, Batman and Flash use their combined detective abilities across several cities to track Starro to its source: Maxwell Lord.

Batman and Flash head to Lord to confront him as Aquaman, Wonder Woman and Zatanna arrive saying they need to free their people. When Maxwell Lord comes in throwing accusations, this becomes a conflict, as Aquaman and Wonder Woman cannot be sure the masked heroes are Starro-free, nor do they trust them enough to reveal their identities. Batman neturalizes Zatanna near instantly using adhesive to shut her mouth and dragging her out of the fight. Flash evades Wonder Woman and Aquaman until Superman and Green Lantern show up, Flash getting caught in an ever shrinking bubble before vibrating through and high tailing it out of there. Green Lantern and Aquaman want Lord dead. Superman and Diana want him alive. Green Lantern and Superman think Lord is a pawn and Aquaman and Diana hold him responsible. This creates a four way battle that lays waste to the Hall of Justice before it even gets used well. Superman dominates but Diana can hurt him. Batman ends the fight with a yellow batarang, a Kryptonite batarang, a hand held booster jet to remove Aquaman from the field and getting his hands on the lasso to reveal that he truly is on her side. This is where Bruce is forced to reveal his identity, that he is Bruce Wayne to show that he is Starro free. Flash returns with Zatanna, and shows likewise. Everyone gives up on their identities, though some don't even hide them. The League is formed, and they know who their real enemy is: Starro the Conqeuror, and according to Lord's final words, he's already poised to sweep the world.

Batman and Superman have a heart to heart as they go to recruit whoever they can. They make it to Star City where Green Arrow gives them an earful, but Black Canary teaches Superman a pitch that will cause Starro's to release their hosts. Green Lantern and Flash go to dismantle some known Starro staging grounds in the military and have a good time, but realize that Starro is in more places than they anticipated. Wonder Woman and Aquaman talk about leadership and ancient times and new kinds of threats and have a little romantic tension, but Diana reveals she is feeling someone else. Zatanna attempts to find Starro's core on her own using her abilities, which takes some time. Starro takes the US Government and Media and trashes the Justice League, calling them would be dictators. Superman and Aquaman head to Atlantis, only to find it abandoned. Flash and Wonder Woman on Paradise Island find similar. Green Lantern and Batman manage to sneak into the White House and free the President, not because they need him, but because they need the information he has, which prompts an insane debate about ethics between Batman and GL and the POTUS, who we'll say isn't Lex Luthor for now. Zatanna finds Starro without messing things up too much.

Zatanna manages to find Starro's core, which turns out to be in Antarctica, this is where the armies are assembled. Zatanna then assembles the League and tries to rally them. They cannot decide on how to handle the situation, nor do they trust each other. The League verbally tears each other apart. Cards get pulled, threats get made. Everyone has their own MO and no other MO will do when the stakes are this high. As the argument escalates, Zatanna intervenes and brings them all to Antarctica anyway.

Absolute chaos ensues. The Justice League is fighing each other in their fight against Starro. Zatanna pushes herself too far and starts wreaking havoc on a worldwide scale by accident. Starro confronts the League by saying that he has so many of their family members hostage, and he calls them as Lois and Alfred to let them know how serious he is. This sends the Justice League into overdrive as they spread out across the world trying to save everything and everyone, and they are failing. Their separateness is highlighted, and their weaknesses are clearly exploited on a world-wide scale.

Wonder Woman and Superman meet together when defending Metropolis from Amazons and they realize that they are tactically at a disadvantage, and they need to switch. They contact Batman who figures out how to amplify Superman's voice and clear Starro's voice throughout entire cities at once. This leads to Superman heading over to Central City to help Flash get some space and he agrees to keep the Starros at bay to free up Leaguers to converge on core Starro who is revealed to be incubating on Martian Manhunter. Batman is setting up these Starro-cleaning fields with Flash's help. This allows them to shut down Starro's armies as they come, only to bust the doors of Area 51 down to find Starro Nightwing who has been infected with Starro, guarding the heart of Starro. Batman overhears this and warns them about the lethal countermeasures, but it's too late. Dick has already neutralized Flash with an electricity-based mine, bound Wonder Woman to defend him by challenging her to an honourable one on one duel and besting her in combat, throws a yellow-tinted smoke capsule on himself to make himself yellow and KOs John in one punch. Dick then breaks Zatanna's jaw before she can react and has thrown a red kryptonite batarang at Superman breaking his inhibitions, leading Robin to go off on everyone and everything. Zatanna manages to spell out a healing spell and summon Batman, who proceeds to talk down Superman based on their previous antagonism.

With the other combatants out of the fight, Wonder Woman faces off with Nightwing and uses her lasso to interrogate Starro through him. Superman spaces the Red K and he and Batman join Wonder Woman in helping Flash, GL and Aquaman back to their feet. Starro reveals himself, a huge giant floating starfish thing, the world falling apart, and the team realizes his intentions, to keep himself safe by controlling its surroundings. Batman then tells them to give him ten minutes and intentionally Starros himself. Green Lantern and Flash use the speed force and world-sized forcefield to keep the planet together as Wonder Woman faces off against Starro through Batman. Aquaman holds off the accumulated forces of the world with a lot of water and Superman talks Zatanna through using her abilities well even under pressure, and the weight of using incredible power in a way that benefits the most people.

Zatanna manages to fix what she broke. Wonder Woman lasso's Batman from whom Starro learns the ills of control, how one destroys one's self, how one ends up alone. Starro sees the error of its ways and it hesitates. This allows Zatanna to disintigrate him without causing major damage to the Earth's population attached to him.

The world is saved. The Justice League is brought on stage at the United Nations, where Diana reveals that she is an Ambassador from Themyscira and that they will do whatever it takes to earn the public's trust, starting with the dissolution of the Justice League who will only assemble if the world calls out for them to. Superman returns to active duty in Metropolis, while he continues to live in private with Lois and baby Jonathan who they would name after Superman's adoptive father. Batman and Robin/Nightwing take to the streets in Gotham, with Robin playing lookout and errand boy. Wonder Woman works at the UN with Zatanna as her personal assistant, making things happen cleverly as she continues to practice her backwards magic. Flash and Green Lantern hang out at a bar until they both get calls and have to go handle their separate business. Flash encountering Green Arrow while Green Lantern carts off a lot of dead Starro matter. Aquaman holds a victory celebration with Atlanteans and Amazons while Martian Manhunter retreats into the shadows. The League is living their individual lives, but they know, according to the voiceover, anything that cannot be brought to justice by anyone else will have to face the one and only Justice League.

Roll to credits and then cue to our mid credits scene.

Mid credits scene being Superman and Flash racing with jokes and banter. Their race is much like the one on CWs Smallville when Bart burned Clark on Smallville, showing he can really turn on the speed when he has to.

Then our post credits scene is of Deathstroke breaking into a warehouse and taking out a set of necrotized Starros, using skill, cool bullets and a flame thrower. He gets claps and then an eccentric Luthor comes out of the shadows as does Amanda Waller. Luthor and Waller both are critical of Waller's previous Squad. Waller says she has some promising new recruits and she just needs someone impeccable to lead them, and someone to fund them. Luthor offers Deathstroke triple his going rate and Waller spreads out a folder which is basically a who's who of DC villains and Luthor says something something "Injustice."

Post credits scene is over. Then before we fade to black...we see on the screen saying The Justice League will return. Then on the screen it says the following:

Aquaman will Return in Aquaman (2018)

Wonder Woman will return Wonder Woman 2 (2019)

The Wizard Shazam will return in Shazam (2019)

Robin will return in Teen Titans (2020)

Green Lantern will return Green Lantern Corps (2020)

Zatanna will return in Zatanna (2021)

Superman and Batman will return in Justice League 2 (2021)

Flash will return in The Flash (2022)

Fade to black.
I finally watched this tonight. They need to start over with better writers, producers, directors, and in some cases actors.

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