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Nov 17, 2005
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April 26, 2006 08:00 AM US Eastern Timezone
Hands-On Mobile Launches New Superhero Game in Its Leading Marvel Mobile Product Line: The Incredible Hulk Rampage; Giant among Mobile Games Gives New Meaning to ''Beat-Em-Up''
SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--April 26, 2006--Hands-On Mobile (formerly MFORMA), a leading global publisher of mobile lifestyle, games and personalization products, announced today that The Incredible Hulk(TM): Rampage, a new mobile game based on Marvel's iconic comic book character, is now available to mobile users worldwide. The game follows the well-known story of Bruce Banner whose radiation-mutated body morphs into The Incredible Hulk when he gets mad. You'll want to be mad most of the time when you play this game because the smashing and pummeling are so much fun. But you'll need to control yourself and let Bruce Banner help out when finesse is required.

"This game has everything fans will want to see," said Brian Selzer, senior director for Marvel Mobile, a division of Hands-On Mobile focused exclusively on creating Marvel-themed mobile products. "It has awesome graphics and sound effects, tons of moves, seven levels, lots of variation and of course unbelievable destruction, explosions, and general freedom to destroy pretty much anything you want. The Hulk has never had a game this good."

The Incredible Hulk(TM): Rampage combines brains and brawn for a thoroughly exciting and satisfying mobile game experience. The goal of the game is to save the world from evil Super Villain, The Leader, who is trying to take over the minds of everyone in the world. As the mean, green fighting machine you get to smash up everything in sight, pummeling your opponents with your fists or picking them up and using them as weapons. You can pick up and throw exploding fuel canisters or cars and otherwise smash, crash, punch and kick your way through seven levels of destruction. You can even create new pathways through the levels by smashing your way through walls and obstacles. When you really need to be clever, you can play as Bruce Banner who is needed to solve intriguing puzzles and open up areas the Hulk alone could never reach.

"When playing this game, your emotions will run the gamut," said Selzer. "You've got to be calm and clever enough to unlock doors and solve tricky puzzles, but then you get to smash and crash through everything in your path and engage in huge battles, facing multiple enemies all at once. Talk about stress relief and unleashing your inner fury--this game is a tonic!"

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