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Human breast Milk: Nutritionally superior to Cow's. Why then not drink it every day?


The Return of the O.G
May 19, 2003
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It is scientifically proven that human breast milk is far more nutritionally superior to cows' milk, for us. Then why don't we drink it on a day to day basis; in our cereal, or put it in our coffee? If you think about it , we as humans are the only mammals that nurse our young on the milk of another animal. I mean come on, let's face it, you don't see Dogs feeding their pups on cat milk. Or see Whales feeding their calfs on camel milk. We as human beings are always doing things that don't make a lot of sense.

Can you actually see yourself pouring breast milk on your cocoa crispes every morning.? I know it sounds gross, but that's only because we've been raised to think that way. Nutritionally speaking, though, our bodies would appreciate the health benefits.

Your thoughts......
Meh, wouldn't care. Would be kind of cool. :(
I heard tha before. It feels even stranger when you think we are feeding on milk ment for a baby cow instead of what we were built to drink.

Personaly cant see myself doing it. I was grossed out ebnough from that thread that had the mother breast feeding her 8 year old girl
I dunno but it sounds gross. I'll never drink milk from some woman ewwww
the only time i partake of milk is whenever its in my cheese & mac. its 2% at that. no cow is going thirsty on my behalf.

Breast milk in my more cup of Joe? Strange, I feel like i've seen some type of porn that demonstrated this very thing. Wait, I did! :eek::up:
A lot of unemployed women could now have jobs.:rolleyes:
rogue_devlin said:
I dunno but it sounds gross. I'll never drink milk from some woman ewwww

But we all drink from a hay chewing, manure producing cow...:confused:
If I could get it "straight from the source", preferably a hottie...then yes I could see myself drinking every day. :up:
Even if there wasn't a stigma against it, there would be no way to produce anywhere near as much Human milk as we do Cow's milk (or rather, as much as the cows produce for us). And I doubt most women are going to want to feed other people directly who aren't infants (or aren't their own infants at that).
I'm not drinking breast milk from a human. That's disgusting.
ew, just think, instead of milking sheds full of cows, you'd have a factory full of lactating women, hooked up to milking machines. Think of all the saggy boobed women you'd get!
Like i said, un-employment for women would be down....
Just think about how they could re-design those 'Got Milk' posters!
I wouldn't be against it. Depends on how good it tastes. ALthough, I must say, it would be very unpleasent for the women who are milked on a daily basis for the stuff.
king_of_thehill said:
imagine some old lady in a "dairy" factory getting "milked" *shudders in fright*
Imagine some old lady in a "dairy" factory getting "milked" *pants get tighter*

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