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Viva La Revolucion!
Jun 13, 2007
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Okay, so I haven't started yet, but I always wanted to read THE LONG HALLOWEEN in prose (fan-fiction) form and was wondering if I could get any opinions or suggestions... ALL CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN TO JEPH LOEB & DC COMICS OF COURSE, but I just want to have TLH in prose!

Go for it, what's the worst that could happen?

Use the comic as your base obviously, but feel free to expand, that's what fiction writers do best.

Can't wait to hear it.
Exactly, he was clear, he wanted to novelize TLH, I say go for it, what's he got to lose?
obviously you'll be doing more than just narrating the action, so identify the main themes of the comic so you'll always know what to come back to when you start improvising. besides the plot, what was TLH actually ABOUT (i haven't read it in a while... love/loss/justice/compromise/duty/revenge... did it ask any difficult questions as a book, what did the comparison between the three 'heroes' Dent Gordon and Batman achieve?)

get to know the character motivations inside and out, since you'll need to expand their internal monologues, etc, and their dialogue will need to be more descriptive etc in a prose form (since dialogue is best when minimal in a comic, not necessarily so in prose).

Decide now what might not really work as prose, and don't be afraid to entirely change things. People talk about 'staying true' to the source material, but that shouldn't mean literally word-for-word, but staying true to the spirit and message of the story, while the actual plot can be edited and changed and definately extended.

good luck.
Just make sure that you firmly establish that Harvey did the first few killings.:cwink:
Mladen, thats exactly the right spirit, I say we give this guy a chance, at the very least we'll get some cool fan-fic out of it.

Take not of what Mladen said though, you need to re-read the comic and firmly decide on what themes your going to focus on, i'd reccomend the whole triumpharant of Dent, Gordon and Batman, focus on how Batman feels now that his close ally Dent has turned into an enemy.
Read the NML novel first. Try to emulate that.
Yes, I have to agree read No Man's Land first. Greg Rucka was able to put a lot more depth and detail into the story. There were some pretty big differences of the novel and the comics.

You have to give life to the characters and show that there are inner conflicts. I'd suggest also reading The Long Halloween a couple of times to get a good understanding of all characters involved.

I'm going to go re-read TLH as well. You got me interested in it again.
Mladen, thats exactly the right spirit, I say we give this guy a chance, at the very least we'll get some cool fan-fic out of it.

yeop, no reason to shoot somebody down for trying something, as long as its done with sensitivity and attention to craft, I'd read it.

besides, comicbooks have a LONG tradition of adapting novels. why not the other way around?

definately agree with others who've said No Man's Land, its a good novel. Its a good example of expanding, selective editing, and choosing what characters to focus on, and what to ignore. Also the added touch of Barbara Gordon's diary as a device to move the plot forward and summarise events not covered in the novel is a good choice.
I bought my copy of it brand new for $2, so I think you'll be able to find one cheap.
Excellent, I may look for a copy in the UK.

Re-read TLH over and over though, you need to have *such* a good knowledge of your base material...

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