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If you could write a What If? comic yourself


Feb 28, 2006
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If you could write a What If? comic yourself what characters would you use & what past events would you change?
What if Wolverine remained a horseman of Apocalypse?
What if they didnt mess up my origin? Starring, The New Avengers! ;)
What if Jessica Jones never retired as a superhero?

What if Sue Storm has received Ben Grimm's mutation?

What if Hawkeye had invested in quick-release buckles for his quiver??
slipalong said:
What if Jessica Jones never retired as a superhero?

What if Sue Storm has received Ben Grimm's mutation?

What if Hawkeye had invested in quick-release buckles for his quiver??

One more: What if Hawkeye stopped, dropped and rolled?
what if ben reilly never died...
what if Union Jack had recieved the uni power
What if Peter Parker had been the clone?

What if Spidey never split from Black Cat?

What if Jean Grey really died? For good. Finito.

What if Daredevil appeared in costume in his own comic??
What if Scarlet Witch took Midol?
What if Cable's costume had less pockets?
hrm...what if the xmen assasinated Prof. X...that would be kinda weird...kinda cool though...dunno why though...:doom:
What if Wolverine was just in the one comic?
Donnie Darko said:
What if Legion had killed Magneto?

They already did that one, they covered a lot of those since they covered every single possibility back in the 80's and early 90's
(My personal favorite was What If the Punisher Grew a Moustache?)

What If Juggernaut got the Infinity Gauntlet?
What If The Punisher had the powers of Captain America?
What If Johnny Blaze was still Ghost Rider?
What If Marrow had gotten Adamantuim bones like Wolverine?

They're not great, but still better than "What If The X-Men had Failerd their first mission"
hasn't Johnny Blaze been Ghost Rider in the last two minis? I'm not sure how they worked out the continuity, though.
I mean like if he'd never stopped being Ghost Rider, like instead of the whole Dan Ketch thing, it had just remained the Spirit of Vengeance criminal killing Ghost Rider.
What if Jean finaly left Scott for Logan. Permanantly, no take backs!
What if Jean would actually ****ing die and stay there?
What if Bucky was never revived into the Winter Soldier?
What if Sabretooth gave up his wicked ways, converted to catholosism, and became a preist? lol
Kurt Angle kills the Marvel Universe (Olympic gold medalist and wrestling machine Kurt Angle, suplexs his way through Marvel's heavyweights, watch him break Wolverine's adamantium laced ankle and make him tap)

What If Spider Man took the Glider in the back (Two seperate storys/universes, one in ASM 122 where Peter gets speared, and one in PP 75 where Ben doesn't save him)

What If? The Thunderbolts never turned good? Jolt is killed before she meets the Thunderbolts so they never turn on Zemo.
Olcanucklehead said:
What if Sabretooth gave up his wicked ways, converted to catholosism, and became a preist? lol

What if I shoved my foot up yer sorry........:ghost:
Here's one:

What if Captain America awoke in a world where the Nazis won WWII.

The scene starts quite similarly to the third issue of Avengers where Captain America apeared, except we neve get a good look at The Avengers. Captain America begins to awake, as we hear talk of "the empire" and "Dr. Zola" from the Avengers. Finally, the camera pans up, and we see a perfect recreation of the scene where they realize it's Cap, except Giant Man and The Wasp are wearing all black with lab coats over their uniforms, Iron Man is wearing all black with an "SS" symbol on his chest, and Thor is wearing a full SS uniform with a cape and a black mask with a silver skull with red eyes on the face.

Cap freaks, tries to escape, and they subdue him. They tell him of his situation, and Cap basically tells them to go **** themselves. He's taken to a holding cell, but the submarine is atacked by an unseen force. Cap is rescued, and taken to the resistance headquarters.

There, the leader of the resistance, a mutant named Eric Lensherr, introduces him to the others. The resistance consists of:

Matt Murdock, a former lawyer who was blinded as a child when nazi soldiers beat him near to death after killing his mother, who was holding religious services for Jews and Jehova's Witnesses in the basement of the tenament building where they lived.

Peter Parker, a super powered teenager who escaped from the Hitler Youth program.

Frank Castle, who's wife and sons were killed by soldiers after Frank, a soldier himself, disobeyed orders.

Scott Summers, one of Eric's protiges and a master stratigest who posseses the ability to emit powerful energy beans from his eyes.

Pietro, Eric's son who posseses superhuman speed.

Victor Von Doom, a brilliant scientist who's home country of Latveria was wiped out by the nazis, and fled here to America only to see it conquered aswell.

Ben Grimm, the leader of the Yancy Street Gang, who now serve as members of the resistance.

Wilson Fisk, a former gang leader who now seaks to reclaim his power.

Namor, an Atlantian Prince who fought beside Cap in the war.

Dr. Strange, a mystic who hopes to fulfil his oath as sorcerer supreme to make the world a better place.

They, along with the few hundred Americans and people from other countries who wish to see things as they once were, are the resistance. And, Cap becomes their leader.

I've got all sorts of ideas for nazi versions of vasrious heroes and villains. Also, Proffesor X and Jean Grey would be used, along with many other psychics, as human datas prosesors and are used to counter the resistance's actions.

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