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I'm confused!


Spiderman's sidekick.
Jan 28, 2005
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didn't The guy who played nightcrawler leave on bad terms? :confused: Y is he voicing Nightcrawler? didn't he cry about the make up and they gave him the boot? Help please! http://www.gamespot.com/news/6148143.html

As the gaming industry grows, movie-based tie-in projects are handled with increasing care. Original assets and 3D models from the film are used in the game's development (as in the Lord of the Rings games), directors are beginning to take a more hands-on approach with game projects (Peter Jackson hand-picked Michel Ancel to helm the King Kong game), and the original actors are increasingly being used to provide voice work for their digital counterparts.
Activision's series of games built around the X-Men film trilogy has been a perfect example of this, enlisting Patrick Stewart in the past to reprise his roles as Professor X. However, where corners were previously cut (prolific voice actor and former Skywalker Mark Hamill played Wolverine in X2: Wolverine's Revenge) in past X-Men games, Activision has snared the original film actors for all three of the leads in its upcoming X-Men: The Official Game, according to The Hollywood Reporter.
Hamill is out and Hugh Jackman is in as Wolverine, while Shawn Ashmore and Alan Cumming provide voices for Iceman and Nightcrawler, respectively. Cumming's presence is particularly interesting as he won't be appearing in the film it is helping promote. However, the game takes place between the events of X2 and X-Men: The Last Stand, and will shed some light on the character's absence from the third film.
X-Men: The Official Game is rated T for Teen and is scheduled for release May 16 on the Xbox 360, GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox, PC, DS, and Game Boy Advance.. X-Men: The Last Stand will follow on May 26.
yeah I was wondering about that aswell, it probably pays good money to do the voice over.
He actually HATED the X2 experience
He also hated waiting for x-3 cause it messed up his schedule.
CapBeerCino said:
He also hated waiting for x-3 cause it messed up his schedule.

as if he had anything better to do, damn drama queen :down
Aiden said:
He actually HATED the X2 experience

Well not all of it ;)


CapBeerCino said:
Well not all of it ;)

My mind is so scarred by that image, it doesn't bother me anymore
CapBeerCino said:
Well not all of it ;)


I'm scared right now only because I naturally assume that they are both naked in there....why do I have to think like that?!? Someone help me!
See next to last question.


Killer Charm: Alan Cumming

By Boris Kachka

Hollywood has pegged the Scottish actor Alan Cumming as a stock villain and a mutant for hire, but New Yorkers know him as an impish man-about-town and a Broadway darling whose last big role, as the emcee in Cabaret, brought the show to new levels of tawdriness. He returns to Studio 54 this week as Mac the Knife, the slinky inveterate criminal at the center of The Threepenny Opera. Cumming talked to Boris Kachka about his new role and life after 40 (which looks a lot like life before 40).

You’re known for revealing your backside in almost all the theatrical productions you’ve been in. I admit I was disappointed not to see it this time.
Someone once wrote, “Is it some sort of contractual thing that he has to show his bum in everything he does?” But no, I mean, there wasn’t really any place for it. And also those trousers are so tight, you’ve got a pretty good idea of everything downstairs anyway.

What was Mac’s appeal for you, then?
It’s one of the great modern European theater roles—and also, you’ve got to make people want to **** you even though you’re a horrible rapist and murderer. So it’s got all those challenges.

Yet you’re playing another dark character from the Weimar era. How is it different?
Cabaret was more cheeky. The phrase I think of when I do Cabaret is, “You know you want to.” This is more like, “You want to, or I’ll ****ing beat your head in.”

You said that when you turned 40, you might slow down your partying a bit. You’re 41 now.
I hope I’m still going to clubs when I’m 65.

Where do you go?
I’ve been loving the lesbian nights at Starlight. Lesbians are so gorgeous nowadays. Maybe it’s just me, maybe I’ve just noticed them. And the Russian Baths. I was in there steaming my voice, because I was a bit hoarse, and these old men were singing in Yiddish, and they were like, “Join in, sing the harmonies!” So there I am humming along.

You also said that after 40, you’d stop doing so many movies you didn’t like.
Oh dear, did I say that? Gosh. Well, I’ve not really done anything I’ve not really liked for a while. I probably will have to because I’ll be bankrupt. So I’m on the lookout for things I actively don’t like.

Weren’t you supposed to be in X-Men 3?
They had an option on me, and they didn’t pick up my option. I was delighted, frankly. I didn’t enjoy [X-Men 2] at all. It was horrible.

And what’s been the worst thing about Threepenny?
The worst thing that happened is last night Nellie McKay stood in my doorway with a Hillary Clinton mask on singing “Moon River” on a ukulele, whilst me and a couple of people, including Jessica Lange and Mikhail Baryshnikov, looked on amazed. We wondered when she was going to stop, and she didn’t for quite some time.
Naked? I doubt but it's still scary.
I wouldn't be surprised if it had something to do with the fact that technically, Cumming was still contracted to the X-Men franchise.

Afterall, he didn't walk. The studio didn't pick up the option, because there wasn't a place for him in the story. But he's still contracted to the franchise. Meaning if a 4th movie is made, and they want him, he has to come back.

At least that's my understanding of how movie contracts work, and despite the fact that the game isn't a movie, it's still official movie merchandise, so they can probably loophole him into it or something.

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