In Bruges


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Mar 8, 2004
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Saw this trailer with Legend...the audience got a few laughs out of it. Colin Farrell actually speaking in his regular voice...who knew? It somewhat comes off as another Lock Shock Barrel Snatch-fest thing, but that stuff sells.
Yeah, and it sells to me. This looks great, and better that most of the stuff out at that time of the year.

If its either this or Meet The Spartans, what are you guys picking...
Yeah, this was pretty cute. I think I saw the trailer with Atonement.
I plan to give it a watch. I love midget jokes. Not to mention Clemence Poesy and the rest of the Potter cast. First Sweeney, now this. They stick together.
I watched the trailer before Juno and A) had no idea what the movie was really about and B) didn't laugh once. Probably has potential, but not my cup of tea.
God help me. A Colin Farrell movie that MAY actually be good. The apocalypse must be near.
I hate how you couldn't tell the title because they used the same 'font' for the tagline, following "In Bruges".
This looks hilarious. But It's probably one of those movies that will be released about a year later or never here in Holland.

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