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International Rock Songs [Post Yours]

I can't believe you don't like 99 Luft Balloons. :(
getting pitty is banned to, stop trying to get me killed you azzhole


O's L said:
getting pitty is banned to, stop trying to get me killed you azzhole. j/k
I see sexy avatars are also taboo in your strange land. :(
Wilhelm-Scream said:
So, America, England, and then Crap?
Weird thread.

I'm guessing you hated it. Anyway, anybody else have any comments?
I'm from the U.S. so the rock music from my country is pretty well known already. However, I bet I can come up with a lot of bands that are under the radar that few people have heard of. But I don't feel like doing that right now. Maybe later.
oh, no. I have no speakers at work. I'll check it out at home. I was just joking about the fact that Rock bands from any other country are notorious for sucking, although I'm going by, like, the 70's - 80's when Japanese, Russian, French, etc. Rock Bands were a joke.
they do as far as production goes, and musicians dont make alot of money in smaller countries so people dont care about it.
This is from England


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